I Was A Teengage Lobot

Jan 09, 2015

This was the first design document I worked on while at Lucasfilm Games. It was just after Koronis Rift finished and I was really hoping I wouldn't get laid off.  When I first joined Lucasfilm, I was a contractor, not an employee. I don't remember why that was, but I wanted to get hired on full time. I guess I figured I'd show how indispensable I was by helping to churn out game design gold like this.

This is probably one of the first appearances of "Chuck", who would go on to "Chuck the Plant" fame.

You'll also notice the abundance of TM's all over the doc. That joke never gets old.  Right?

Many thanks to Aric Wilmunder for saving this document.

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I would have liked to play that. Was that with the C64 in mind? I also really like your Murder House idea. Hope to see that one day.

Should have read to the end...

This would be a great amateur game to do because you would only need face images, and a map.  Let's see.  I was a teenage street sweeper bot.

The dialog on the first page reminds me of the Live Organ Transplants scene in Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aclS1pGHp8o :D

Also reminds me of Robocob quite a bit. And of course if anyone got inspired it was Paul.
I don't see why this one didn't get made or why you haven't picked up on the idea since. It seems brilliant, simple to do and still very original even though the basic idea is of course lifted from Suspended (maybe that's why it wasn't made?).

what boggles my Mind is .. what is a Mr. PoData Headâ„¢ Routine ?

Most likely a routine for generating faces from different  features. Just like Mr. Potato head.

What interests me more is how the scaling routine worked.
Scaling down with only 16 colours on a 6502 is no mean feat.

Patrik Spacek
When I finish my game, I will start on this one. :)  or maybe not

Lobot on a hot tin roof!

I'm old and also cranky, but it feels like when everything was text it was easier for games to be more erudite.

That looks like it was TeX, or LaTeX.  Do you remember which it was?  What machine was used to do the word-processing?

Leo Friend
Love the pun, and the story! Would make an interesting movie. Would serve as a nice injection of humour to accompany all the other sci fis that seem to be popular right now.

Hopefully a daring independant game developper will have the idea of picking this up and develop it.