Thimbleweed Park Dev Blog

Feb 20, 2015

If you're wondering why it's so quiet over here at Grumpy Gamer, rest assured, it has nothing to do with me not being grumpy anymore.

The mystery can be solved by heading on over to the Thimbleweed Park Dev Blog and following fun antics of making a game.

any news on monkey island 3?

Hey Ron,

would you ever have considered a "not so" retro game with voice over and stuff or would your monkey island 3 also be like thimbleweed park? I love it, but would also be curious, how  Lucasarts would have developed, when you were still with them.

Love and Peace, Daniel


There you go Ron did you know games could potentially be funny Zoe Quinn has just educated you she's a cutting edge game expert.

Ron Gilbert
What she said is completely right. What is the issue? Or are you just trying to stir up trouble? Don't bother.

uh ... she could have said that 20 years ago and it would've been a new idea then. Indies just remake 2d games that were cutting edge 20 years ago. But I guess you're indie now so hmmmm...

can't wait until Zoe invents "gunpowder" and think it'll revolutionize warfare.

Apparently I've been incorrectly calling your games "Adventure Games" all these years. From now on I'll make sure to call them "jazzpunk."

Hi, I'm sorry if this is considered spam.
I just wanted to promote my game which is really awful, but has
a nice take on what I think is the Secret of Monkey Island, I mean,
the secret of it. If you don't want to watch the game just watch the video number five, that explains the "secret". The game as you can see is nothing but an homage to Monkey Island.

The day has just begon and I'm already searching hard for a place where I can hide from all the annual april fools nonsense that is all over the internet.

Is this the place to stay like it used to be for the past few years? Or would you rather suggest to seek shelter on the Thimbleweed Dev Blog?