Who Are These Pirates?

Apr 29, 2014

This has always bugged me. Now that I've pointed it out, it's going to bug you too.

They look very much like pirates you encounter, such as in the scumm bar, or duelling. I just don't know what they're doing on MI. Come to think of it, what is Marley doing there?

There's a lot of confusion going on in that image.

Aren't they the three pirates in MI1 with the rat and in MI2 near the old deaf laundry-man?

I always thought they were the Men of High Moral Fiber, before they became the Men of Low Moral Fiber.

I think they are extras. They are not allowed to talk, hopping to be discovered and waiting for stardom!

Ron, you could write a novelisation of Monkey Island, and give these characters the background they deserve.

I'm not sure, but aren't they the three-headed-monkey?

Joe Martin
I always assumed they were the Men of Low Moral Fiber too. Could have been the pirate kings, but: no big beards.

Don't they also show up on the Copy Protection wheel?

I guess they are Lechuck and two of his sailors. Lechuck beard was mighty when he was alive !

They put on a few pounds (grog is high on fast carbs and ethanol after all) and went on to form the great pirate/thrash metal band Swashbuckle! http://youtu.be/BC8WwySPReg

Well they must be pirates that Guybrush practices  his insult sword fighting on...or just really big MI fans.

So I would think this would be a question for Steve Purcell no?


I have to agree with the others on this - I think they're either the pirates in the SCUMM bar, or the men of Low Moral Fibre.

I like how the monkey is holding a banana like he has a sword too.
what is three + one?