Current Status

Oct 16, 2020

git switch - is my new favorite command.

David Oct 16, 2020
Git us back MI, you greedy Disney!

David Oct 17, 2020
0h well.

NRG Oct 17, 2020
I don't use GIT because I'm afraid of commitment.

Johan Windh Oct 17, 2020
Yeah, I'm gonna git Switch for my son for Xmas.

Miguel Alves Oct 17, 2020
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Ron Gilbert Oct 17, 2020
Thanks... I just moved to a new server and am working though all the little things that need to be installed.

Little Cat Oct 19, 2020
That feeling when git switch is now a thing and serves better context than git checkout.  Thanks for reminding me to update git.

bxm Oct 19, 2020
Not entirely sure what `switch` is doing for me over `checkout` ... and `git checkout -` is also a "thing".

I am also slightly put off by:

Tom Oct 20, 2020
I'd also like to know how this differs from checkout.

My ideal switch would be "git stash ; git checkout <branch> ; git pull" (been meaning to create an alias for that).

bxm Oct 20, 2020
Reading around a bit, it seems there's a conscious effort to split the functions of `checkout`, into `switch` for where it refers to branches and `restore` for where it's file content.  Seems logical.

CptHarlock Oct 22, 2020
git reflog and git bisect are the superheroes

Fun times Oct 22, 2020
For your next trick, try 'cd -'

It's even more useful!

Amadeus Oct 24, 2020
I like gitk in old big project's. Is colorful like german subway.

Mariano Oct 25, 2020
Thank you very much for giving me so much joy, especially in my free moments in college, when I played monkey island. I hope my children have the same joy

Fabien Oct 26, 2020
Didn't know about this command as I'm used to git checkout -b , you save me in the future, few keystrokes ! :)

Danny Oct 28, 2020
Git switch and restore make so much more sense than checkout.

Travis Oct 31, 2020
Git pass da bridge troll in MI wit a red herring.

MonsieurPaul Nov 05, 2020
CptHarlock is right!

And you should have a look at `git worktree` to checkout many branches of the same repository in many directories :)

spectre Apr 05, 2021
mine too