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Oct 16, 2020

git switch - is my new favorite command.

David 5d ago
Git us back MI, you greedy Disney!

David 5d ago
0h well.

NRG 5d ago
I don't use GIT because I'm afraid of commitment.

Johan Windh 5d ago
Yeah, I'm gonna git Switch for my son for Xmas.

Miguel Alves 4d ago
There seems to be a PHP error on the main page at bottom. By the looks of it seems  mbstring functions was not enabled (

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Ron Gilbert 4d ago
Thanks... I just moved to a new server and am working though all the little things that need to be installed.

Little Cat 3d ago
That feeling when git switch is now a thing and serves better context than git checkout.  Thanks for reminding me to update git.

bxm 3d ago
Not entirely sure what `switch` is doing for me over `checkout` ... and `git checkout -` is also a "thing".

I am also slightly put off by:

Tom 2d ago
I'd also like to know how this differs from checkout.

My ideal switch would be "git stash ; git checkout <branch> ; git pull" (been meaning to create an alias for that).

bxm 2d ago
Reading around a bit, it seems there's a conscious effort to split the functions of `checkout`, into `switch` for where it refers to branches and `restore` for where it's file content.  Seems logical.

CptHarlock 6h ago
git reflog and git bisect are the superheroes

Fun times 46m ago
For your next trick, try 'cd -'

It's even more useful!

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