Aug 19, 2019


Been playing a lot of Forager lately. I'm not a big fan of gather and build games so I didn't really expect to get into this, but I was wrong. I started off playing for around 20 minutes and put it down, figuring I saw what I needed for "professional" reasons, but a day later I was back, and then back again.

I can't place my finger on what is different about Forager. It might be the overly simplistic graphics give it a light, charm and whimsy that other game don't. When I was on Twitter, I followed @_hopfrog and I have to admit I was very skeptical. I was also completely wrong.

Forager is a great game.

I added it my short list of "I wish I'd made this" games.

Aug 16, 2019

People I Wish Weren't Dead

A complete list of people I wish weren't dead:

● John Candy
● My Dad

A complete list of people I wish were dead:


Aug 13, 2019

Not Okay!

Someone took the name Guybrush on my preferred Wow classic server. I don't see the point of playing anymore.

Okay, I'll play but only to hunt the fake guybrush down.

It's just a fad... dead in 5 years.