Jul 01, 2020

What the hell happened to Boing Boing?

They used to be a great counter culture site and now they are just a shopping channel. I'm sure it makes them a lot of money, but they have lost all respect and authority in my eyes. They have joined the ranks of sell-outs. I'm sure they all drive BMWs.

Jun 21, 2020

Static website converter?

Does anyone know a good tool that can convert a dynamic website into a static website?

The Thimbleweed Park blog was built using PHP and a MongoDB database and it's quite complex. The website won't ever change and I like to turn it into a static site so I can host the files somewhere else and can shut down the server.

Ideally it would be a tool that you just point at the url and it scrapes the site, producing a bunch of .html files.

Does such a thing exist?