Jan 01, 2022

Well, it's 2022 and everything is turning out exactly as I predicted back when I was 7. Self-driving cars, space stations, the internet. Nailed it.

Favorite TV show of 2021 was Only Murders in the Building.

Favorite game of 2021 was Loop Heroes.

Favorite book of 2021 was Einstein's Fridge.

Favorite rediscovered joy of 2021 was reading physical books.

Favorite movie of 2021 was Dune.

Favorite time waster of 2021 was watching physics videos on YouTube.

Least favorite movie of 2021 was anything with f**king superheroes.

Favorite pandemic of 2021 was Covid-19 (three years running).

See you in an exciting 2022 where everyone will be nice and respectful and personal agendas are put aside for the greater good and we all come together and save the planet.

Either that or a horrific dystopian post-apocalyptic world where we hunt each other for food.

2022 could go either way.

Lego Report 8

Dec 27, 2021

That didn't take long to fix and rebuild. I don't know what is taking the city of Rome so long.

Start to finish, it took just over a year. I blame Limited Run Games.

Lego Report 7

Dec 27, 2021

Placing the last piece.

And then disaster stuck while moving it.

Most of the debris is still assembled large chucks, so it shouldn't take long to fix. I'm sure this happened to the real coliseum.

The Twelve Days of Crunch Time Again

Dec 26, 2021

Holiday repost!

Clayton and I did this back in Dec of 2004. Interesting how much hasn't changed. We'd have more "male" spouses now, something about loot crates and IAP, kissing up to steamers, and maybe change the last verse to be more "indie", but its shockingly accurate years later.

The Twelve Days of Crunch Time

A poem by Gilbert and Kauzlaric

On the twelfth day of crunch time, My project gave to me...

Twelve cents in royalties,

Eleven kiss-ass previews,

Ten nerdy testers,

Nine patent lawsuits,

Eight unplanned for features,

Seven frames a second,

Six angry spouses,

Five focus groups!

Four unstable hacks,

Three days without sleep,

Two surly artists,

and a crappy publishing deal.

Lego Report 6

Dec 22, 2021

We should be done in time for the upcoming gladiator '22 season. Tickets are still available. I hear Ferocianus Maximus is going to do well this year.