The Twelve Days of Crunch Time

Dec 23, 2017

Clayton and I did this back in Dec of 2004. Interesting how much hasn't changed. I might have more "male" spouses now, something about loot crates, and maybe change the last verse to be more "indie", but it's shockingly accurate 13 years later.

The Twelve Days of Crunch Time

A poem by Gilbert and Kauzlaric

On the twelfth day of crunch time, My project gave to me...

Twelve cents in royalties,

Eleven kiss-ass previews,

Ten nerdy testers,

Nine patent lawsuits,

Eight unplanned for features,

Seven frames a second,

Six angry spouses,

Five focus groups!

Four unstable hacks,

Three days without sleep,

Two surly artists,

and a crappy publishing deal.