Mike McP Jul 01, 2020
If you're buying a BMW, you already hate money.

Ron Gilbert Jul 01, 2020
I would never have bought a BMW in the first place, but this totally seals the deal.  The other car I will never buy is a Tesla. Elon Musk is a horrible person.

dada Jul 02, 2020
I guess since the car will have hardware that you're not allowed to use, it means you buy an expensive car as a service?  

It seems future is getting shittier only for people who don't like living their lives on subscription with whole storage rooms of EULA toilet paper rolls stuffed up their ass, selling off their freedoms one by one just to feel like they fit and don't miss out on anything new and don't choose only to worry about what they're sold to worry about. Which is not that many as it seems unfortunately for them/me.

I don't think Elon Musk is a horrible person though, certainly not more than e.g. Steve Jobs was.

Winfried Maus Jul 02, 2020
I'm German... And I drive a Japanese car (Toyota) with a hybrid engine. There's a joke here in Germany that says "BMW stands for Bring Mich Werkstatt" (take me to the repair shop). I've had a bunch of BMWs and other German cars in the past, and all I can say is that it's an expensive sport. Toyotas, in comparison, are "boring": They're fucking reliable and just drive. They only see the garage for the regular inspection and for changing from summer to winter tires.
As for Elon Musk... I think I agree with dada: He certainly isn't a worse character than El Jobso was. His companies do incredible things, especially SpaceX, and regardless what kind of person he might be, at least he deserves some credit for that. And Teslas are amazing cars. Too expensive for me, and since I live on the country side and my job is 80km away from my house, so this whole electrical car concept doesn't really work for me, yet. Nonetheless, I think Tesla has forever reshaped the automobile industry and they've only just started.

Evan Jul 02, 2020
They aren't all bad, but I wouldn't buy one newer than an e90.  If you stick to the non turbo motors and FAR away from their V8s as well as ignore their terrible factory recommended oil change interval, they can be very reliable, fun cars.

The newer BMWs are just shiny junk for people with too much cash these days...and subscriptions for features is insane.  I'm already pissed I need to subscribe to Adobe and Autodesk.

Ron Gilbert Jul 02, 2020
> I don't think Elon Musk is a horrible person though, certainly not more than e.g. Steve Jobs was.

Musk's billionaire ego was so bruised that he called a person who help rescue kids trapped in a cave a "pedo".  The monument he did that, he lost all respect.  Steve Job could be an ass, but would never would have done that.  It's rare that I've met a rich person that was not disconnected from reality.  They tend to lose all empathy.  Musk was more concerned with his ego than those kids.

Em Jul 02, 2020
Elon Musk sucks and I rarely come across a BMW driver who doesn't also suck.  I like my cars subscription free and my billionaires, erm, fired out of a cannon without a pot for protection :)

LeafNode Jul 04, 2020
Oh, what a bright future lies ahead! Imagine speeding along the Autobahn with 180 km/h, stepping on the brakes because the Autobahn is about to end in 2km and a message pops up in your HUD : "You BMW SUPERBRAKES™ subscription has expired! To renew, please enter your 24-digit subscription code, authenticate the payment with your fingerprint on your smartphone in the BMW Payment App™ and confirm the subscription confirmation email you will receive when you successfully solved the 'find all specks of dust in these images'-captcha. Thank you for using BMW online services....<CRASH>" ... and later when you finally got pulled out of the wrecked car "Ehm...sorry, no hospital for you, your EMS subscription has expired, here is some preserved blood and a band-aid. Bye." Love it!

dada Jul 04, 2020
@Ron: It seemed to me like he reacted more to the way the diver dismissed him as just a deluded disingenuous billionaire, rather than to the fact that he wasn't allowed to play with his submarine. I don't think it was an attempt to mislead people into thinking that he was an actual pedophile.  I can also see how it can be incredibly unpleasant for someone being called that so publicly, but I'd still categorize that more as being an ass rather than horrible person.

The billionaires that increase my blood pressure are those who wouldn't say anything like that only because it could put their bottom-line at risk, billionaires who built their empires by methods bordering on con-artistry, then used their power to impede competition as opposed to attempt some real innovation and then turn their product into overpriced spyware holding vital applications hostage, not by virtue of its superiority, but by owning vast share of the market conquered by whatever means possible. Or billionaires that use their oil money to spread misinformation that blocks any attempts to avoid major environmental crisis, the billionaires that lobby to make life on this planet more miserable.

Dave Jul 08, 2020
I have the same suspicions about about Musk, though I admit I don't know much more than was in the news at the time. Power tends to corrupt unless you have some serious moral character within, and I hate to pull it out, but "with great power comes great responsibility." Calling someone a name like that not only shows you have a middle-school maturity level, but choosing a word which can cause people to suspect something like that is a whole other level of disconnect from reality.

DIeSkaarj Jul 10, 2020
I am a Scotsman and I have heard many other Scots talking about effing children especially growing up. I realize I am playing devil's advocate here but in this instance I think it may have been a bad case of cultural dissonance where a hot heated Scot might exclaim things and not everyone would understand that it is purely a magical Unicorn-like context. Who knows what really transpired.

But anyway I just wanted to make a "Let's talk extras, Stan" joke but I think like The Sea Monkey and Elons' sub it would sink.

Jan Jul 18, 2020
In the early '90s, I was told this story: "After the university paid IBM to double the mainframe's memory a technician came over, put his hand into a compartment and flipped a switch. That was it."