Jul 06, 2019

My new favorite YouTube channel

Frank Sands

Jul 06, 2019
Real Lawyer is really amazing. Specially his Ace Attorney one

Kevin M Vance

Jul 07, 2019
Yes! His always sunny lawyer reacts videos are great too.


Jul 08, 2019
I just finished Thimbleweed Park tonight. I wanted to send through my thanks for such a great game. The only part I found frustrating was finding a way out of the hotel, but I decided to progress on other characters to do lists, and eventually was able to escape the hotel. I hope you make more games. I am very happy I found your new game. I grew up with Monkey Island which gave me my lifelong love for gaming. my brother spoiled all of Monkey Island for me so I couldn't solve it for myself but I loved it anyway. Much love Ron. You are a talented man.

Zak Phoenix McKracken

Jul 08, 2019
LOL!! 😀
Didn't know, thank you for sharing!!
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