A Little Something

Mar 14, 2018

A little something I've been messing around with.

Side note: Tiled is a great tile editor and come a long way since I first used it many years ago.

This is a map section (SPOILERS) for the main map. It started out as a cute little story about what religion means and does to us, but the narrative is taking me in odd directions and I don't know if it will end up there.

It's interesting to build an RPG (using the term very loosely) where you have the option to play the entire game with no combat and it's still fun. Undertale did this but in a subversive way. I want to do it more in a normal choose-your-own-playstyle way. Fight if you want, don't if you don't and it's equally as fun but it affects the narrative. A passive player won't see the same game as a combative one, but won't feel like they are missing anything.

I posted some previous screenshots of this prototype, but since then I've ripped out all the tile graphics and started over with a much simpler (almost icon) art style. I found that during prototyping, as soon as the art started to look too finished and refined, it would distract me and I'd spend all my time trying to make it better, rather than working on the game or story.

But it can't be crappy, or I get distracted with that. Kenney's tilesets were perfect. Simple, but also really good.

Currently, it's just something I'm messing around with for fun and relaxation, I don't know if it will become a real project or not.

Someone Mar 15, 2018
Is the game engine the/a modified TWP engine? Or is it possible to use the Python API in Tiled for the game logic?

yrface Mar 15, 2018
Sounds like a great idea... an RPG that stays fun without being a murder simulator.  Don't rule out insult battles though, they seem to be very popular.

Michael Mar 15, 2018
Never really got any pleasure out of any RPG. It's never stopped to amaze me how people can get hooked on them. If this does become a real project and eventually a playable game, I will probably give it another try, though.

seguso Mar 15, 2018
It's great to know what's keeping you busy.

Yes, I believe a game must work in text form. If it does not, no point adding graphics. :)

Ron Gilbert Mar 15, 2018
Yes, I remember playing an early prototype for DOOM with just text, you could feel the potential!

Alessander Mar 16, 2018
I really like the concept of avoiding fights. The game Kona also did this, in a simplistic way. I'm looking forward to news on this Little Something!

Andrea "Rum Rogers" Serreli Mar 16, 2018
DeathSpank in: Give me back my third dimension!

Howard Mar 19, 2018
Can I recommend considering integrating ImGui into your engine for inspecting and live-editing game state. It looks like Tiled might supplant  Wimpy for this project but it could still be a time-saver https://github.com/ocornut/imgui

Benoit FOULETIER Mar 23, 2018
+1 on dear imgui, really powerful and unintrusive tool!

ogreatgames Apr 07, 2018
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