Current Status

Jan 01, 2020

Zak Phoenix McKracken Jan 02, 2020
What game is that? Thanks

Splitradix Jan 02, 2020

blombo Jan 02, 2020
And what would that devilish contraption be, my dear Sir?

Nor Treblig Jan 02, 2020
Yes, it's called Wavelength and is from a Kickstarter campaign which just recently shipped.

Ron Gilbert Jan 02, 2020
As others have said, it's called Wavelength.  It's a lot of fun, but best played with 6+ people so you can endlessly argue about stuff.

Zak Phoenix McKracken Jan 04, 2020
Thanks Nor and Ron.
I've read the game's description, it's a simple and genial idea!
Can't wait to try it.

Johan Jan 05, 2020
Boring Hobby. LOL

Sumit Jan 29, 2020
I just played this at a boardgame meetup last week. It's a lot of fun. I think one of the clues was "Casual to Fancy" or something like that and the person said "Tuxcedo" .. one was "Overrated letters of the alphabet" and they said "M" .. one of those is relatively easy and the other is kinda insane.

It's a fun party/starter game for sure. I enjoyed it.