April Fools' 2021

Apr 01, 2021

For going on 17 years the Grumpy Gamer blog has been and always will be April Fools' day free.

Stay strong.

Rado Apr 01, 2021
Came here earlier to confirm this and check if your RSS is still working. It is. Cheers.

Artur Apr 01, 2021
Thanks for your work, as a game designer and an anti-April's Fool advocate.

Jonas N Apr 01, 2021
Thank you for giving us this online oasis.

Shorsh Apr 01, 2021
I remember reading about how fast players finished "The Cave" (all endings). Did you think about making a sequel? Well, not a sequel, but new 7 stories perhaps.

Martinland Apr 01, 2021
Too late, I'm weak: Did it to our daughter and love of my life during breakfast... ;)

Eigendrea Apr 01, 2021
Came here for the obligatory April Fool's annual post. Thanks as usual Ron! Btw, what happened to Scurvy Scallywags for Android? I loved that casual game, sadly it just vanished from the store.

Ron Gilbert Apr 01, 2021
Google made some changes to the store and the work to comply with them was too much.  We basically made zero money from the game.

Lindsey Apr 02, 2021
My RSS reader just showed me your last couple posts today, and that Sudoku post looked just April Fools-y enough that I was scratching my head for a moment. You might not be playing pranks, but your feed seems to be!

Ron Gilbert Apr 02, 2021
My RSS feed doesn't automatically update. I have to trigger it and sometimes I choose not to. Why is a mystery.

M Apr 02, 2021
Ahhhh, my April Fools' safe haven. Thank you, Ron.

Dimitri Apr 02, 2021
I'm glad you are still april fools free.

Eigendrea Apr 02, 2021
Thanks for the clarification, Ron! Sad but understandable, kudos anyway for making a match-3 game so interesting and even with some good narrative in it. Genius.

Bruce Apr 02, 2021
If Scurvy Scallywags is an APK, why not sell the APK on your own website? You might not make much money, but fans will buy it. I would.

I love your games, but I think you could monetise better. You should read 'The Curve' by Nicholas Lovell.

Ron Gilbert Apr 02, 2021
I have no desire to "monetize" my games better. The entire free-to-play market is gross.  I'd rather sell my game once for a price.  It's hard to see anything else as more than a scam.

Conny Torneus Apr 02, 2021
I have to agree with you Ron. If I would handpick my favorite games of all times it would be games I bought hands on. NOT any of the free-to-play games. Why? One word... Quality

Matt Apr 02, 2021
Thankyou Ron! I have go deal with this stupid tradition for two days because first I get the pranks in Australia folllwed by the fake news articles and "announcements" for the countries that are a day behind. Two whole days where I can't trust anything I read about movies or games, I got tricked with fake Monkey Island news twice because I forgot

Kroms Apr 03, 2021
Ah, the only sane place on the Internet on this accursed day. Although I'm surprised you haven't automated something that posts April Fool's Day updates.

Andybrown83 Apr 03, 2021
In these trying times I came here looking for one of the few remaining certainties that stand against chaos and will now leave satisfied. Thanks Mr. Gilbert.

Mine Apr 03, 2021
Every time someone writes "effectively monetize" an angel loses it's wings.

MANIAC RAM Apr 04, 2021
Some people are annoyed by April Fools but don't mind getting pranked by Corona, Masks, politicians, companies, religions ... 365 days a year. Okay.

jbaudrand Apr 05, 2021
I read your complaint about windows apple linux. How about going back to amiga workbench with a vampire V4 standalone from apollo team?

Brian Apr 06, 2021
Came for a LEGO update.


Grumpycats Apr 07, 2021
"pranked by Corona" -> OPT out of healthcare if you are 100% sure it is a joke
"Masks" -> Did not get a flue this winter 😀
"politicians" -> Get elected in e.g. a small local community and start "pranking" yourself...
"companies" -> You wrote your post on a device produced by one...
"religions" -> Oups... thats a tough one ;-)

MANIAC RAM Apr 08, 2021
a) Doesn't make sense (to me). I enjoy my healthcare system for real deseases, I need it for. The more Corona crazyness, the more expensive it gets, the more ressource get wasted without a benefit for the insurants, the less major deseases (definition by the death rate?) get covered, which results into a downward spiral.
b) Me neither, without wearing a mask. In the long run, the less you get confronted with dealable deseases, the less your immune system gets trained, the more vulnerable you'll be in the future.
c) This depends on how political systems works for specific elections. You might not be able to vote for politicians, who get their seats by lists, due to the percentage a party got. For some law-making institutions you can't vote for at all. Generally: Do valid options exist? How reasonable are elections, run by money, influenced by the media (owned by the rich), voted for by a large un- or disinformed majority?
d) There exits a wide range of companies: some can be a benefit (like the one I wrote this text on), some have no reason to exist, except, making money for their owners&stockholders and giving power to people, who misuse it for crimes against humanity (f.e. the arms industry).
e) Some religions can guide people, giving them stability and hope. Others can be dangerous because they're misinterpreted, aggressive, intolerant and misused by stupid and mean people (by intention), to subordinate others and control believers.

Mattiac Apr 08, 2021
Ron, a human guy named Alasdair made a funny skit about point and click adventure-games and I recommend it if you are bored and/or wish to take a one minute break: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goovFvN1hns

Natalia Apr 09, 2021
Ahh, I'm 22 and I keep coming back here for april fools for 5 years.. Thank you, Ron! Growing up playing your games has been a pleasure!

fancypants Apr 09, 2021
Came here to check if the world is still in order 😀 (anyhow I have to check on you for every year Ron, as this all might be your 20 year master trickery plan to fool us all on april 1st 2024 with something like: "april, april... there was an april fool hidden in wallpaper on my site for every year, fools!!!"

Boii Apr 09, 2021
I'm missing the old look of your website, it was simple but stylish with a great font. This new style looks like a bland school project by first year Software Engineer student.

Johan Apr 09, 2021
@Boii, still going on about that? XD

Conny Torneus Apr 23, 2021
I wonder what happened to Ron's LEGO report?

Gianpaolo Apr 27, 2021
I have no desire to "monetize" my games better. The entire free-to-play market is gross.  I'd rather sell my game once for a price.  It's hard to see anything else as more than a scam. --> Totally agree!

panos Apr 02, 2022
Hmm...always will be? I await a further announcement in a few hours!