May 09, 2018

New Game Idea

It's my Battle Royale game for introverts. Players parachute onto an island then scramble to find a nice quiet place to handout with a small group of close friends and chat.

Andrea "Rum Rogers" Serreli

May 09, 2018
Rad idea, do you see it working as a classic graphic adventure or with a The Cave-y approach?
Or something totally different?


May 09, 2018
How about a Battle Royale game that has historic royal persons fighting for a piece of land?


May 09, 2018
I've played this game! It's called Improbable Island.


May 09, 2018
I love Improbable Island


May 09, 2018
What about finding a nice quiet place where to be alone with nobody around? THAT would be for real introverts :P


May 09, 2018
The play circle could start really small, so you have to know the map really well to find solitude, then the circle starts to grow until encountering other players (outside of your small group) is nigh impossible... Last person to find a quiet comfortable place is the 'loser' (if we must be so crass as to codify such arbitrariness)

Zak Phoenix McKracken

May 10, 2018
"... close friends and chat"
And relax. The goal of the game is: to relax. I like this idea.

Milan Fahrnholz

May 10, 2018
Call it Hippie PUBG™


May 10, 2018
I think it could work, if you can also commit suicide in several fanciful ways..


May 10, 2018
Would the environment be hostile?

Big Red Button

2d ago
Sounds like a virtual regulars' table for Monkey Island fans.
I'm afraid it would be too much a niche, though. Nonetheless, I think that your next game ought to take place on an island indeed - even if it's not a pirate game.
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