Dear Facebook

Sep 08, 2020

Dear Facebook:

I am not on Facebook. Anyone on Facebook claiming to be Ron Gilbert and a game developer is impersonating me. It's frustrating because my friends think they are following me. They are not.

Akean Sep 09, 2020
Hi Ron. I love your publications, ups love sounds very strong, I really like your publications and I just want to ask something if you can answer me. Do you see a future for graphic adventures in this new era of micropayments and 2 minute gaming experiences? How would you reinvent it? I have read many of your essays these days to conclude something, and I would like to know your opinion or the opinion of another person on this blog. Thank you very much for reading, Akean and her bunny Cream.

Johan Windh Sep 09, 2020
Just like to chip in and say thanks for Delores. I like the new interface. Fun little puzzles (not finished yet)

Marco Sep 09, 2020
That Facebook page is so strange. Like a fan boy page possibly from Italy.

dada Sep 09, 2020
Whya a Ronno Gilberto from Itaalia a couldn't be makin a gameaa!!??

grumpycats Sep 09, 2020
no apple inc., no facebook inc.
whats next? dockduckgo instead of google inc.?  ;-)

blonde pretzel Sep 09, 2020
Who cares about 'friends' who use Facebook anyway?!
Same issue on Twitter, another Wannabe-Ron-Gilbert.

Ron Gilbert Sep 09, 2020
I've been using DuckDuckGo for years.  I recently ditched all my google accounts.

Ron Gilbert Sep 09, 2020
I care that my friends know it's not me.  Sometimes they invite me to something on FB (when it's not me) thinking that I've been invited.

blonde pretzel Sep 09, 2020
I was just kidding, I had a hard day. Have a nice one.
[But maybe you can ditch your amazon account too.]

Ron Gilbert Sep 09, 2020
But I love my Fire TV and where am I going to buy toothpaste?

blonde pretzel Sep 09, 2020
In autumn you 'borrow' it from your friends & neighbours.
In winter you get it from the three bears outpost in Alaska.
In summer you make it on your own, giving testing samples to your friends before (degree of lubrication, whitening effect, foaming and taste).

So, you're covered almost through all seasons.

blonde pretzel Sep 09, 2020
I have no solution for Fire TV though.

grumpycats Sep 10, 2020
>ditched all my google accounts.

Almost ;-) last step is to make this website and free.   (and if possible to stop thimbleweed park from connecting to google analytics)

Manuel Sep 10, 2020
Too bad. I was so proud to have Ron Gilbert as my facebook friend.

Noah Falstein Sep 10, 2020
The real frustration is that FB's tool for reporting it has 2 steps - the first one is to say that it's an impostor account, so far so good. Then they give you choices that include identifying the real person's FB account, or if they are a "public figure" - which means a FB account with that designation. If neither of those apply (as with you) they simply drop the report and don't let you file it. If someone is impersonating a non-FB user, I guess they would rather keep the impersonator to drive up business. Very frustrating.

Richard Sep 11, 2020
Many years ago, more than 10, Ron Gilbert asked to join the Monkey Island group on facebook.  I immediately approved, and dropped a line, and asked if {Ron} would like to be an admin.  There was no response.  I was saddened a bit, but figured you have more than enough to keep you occupied and mebbe you were just having a keek about to see who or what was out there.  I just checked all my fb messages from a thousand years ago and the group members, and that Ron is gone from facebook, whoever it was.  I am somehow made happy that whoever that Ron was all those years ago, it is not the same imposter as now.  As always, well-impressed by anyone who can completely eschew facebook, and while I also don't use google, duckduckgo search returns can sometimes be... not great, so I use 5 or 6 diffrent search engines, none google.  Startpage will give very different results from duckduckgo, sometimes superior to duckduckgo, sometimes lesser than, but always noticeably different.  Personally, I miss infoseek ultra.  No kidding on.

Ron Gilbert Sep 11, 2020
I do use google for fonts, but those could be self hosted.  Not sure where you're seeing

grumpycats Sep 11, 2020

referenced in CSS file. E.g. :|Ubuntu:300

Empty browser cache and re-load the page to see appear in the Network "tab"

MSilva Sep 11, 2020
It will be nice if grumpygamer also stop using

Ron Gilbert Sep 11, 2020
gstatic seems to come along with the google fonts.  I'm in the middle of redesigning this website and plan on self-hosting the fonts, so that will go away.

grumpycats Sep 12, 2020
>redesigning this website
while  you are on it... bring back the grumpygamer cartoon videos... 😀

Little Cat Sep 12, 2020
> redesigning this website
Awesome, maybe the RSS feed can finally generate new feeds properly  (right now, the feed doesn't even link to this post maybe until like the next post or a couple).

Brian Goldberg Sep 12, 2020
I'm also thinking about dropping off of FB. The one thing is that there are several older friends that I don't have another easy way to contact. I suppose that I can go through and gather emails for them, but I'm being lazy about it.

David Fox Sep 12, 2020
Yay, facebook removed the faux-Ron Gilbert account. I guess enough of us reported it that they thought maybe there's something wrong with it.

Ron Gilbert Sep 12, 2020
We just need to get them to remove the other 2.7 billion pages and our work is done.

Eli Sep 12, 2020
This reminded me of the recent move off of macOS - now that you're around two months in, has it been pretty smooth sailing? What did you settle on for an Xcode debugger replacement?

Ron Gilberto Sep 13, 2020
You must have some real stupid and retarded friends.

Glen Oct 12, 2020
But are you still on Twitter? Honestly I have not looked at your posts for a while (obviously since before 2018). I will have to make sure I come here in future for all my GrumpyGamer news ;)

Keep well