Delores Podcast

May 18, 2020

Back by court order, it's the Last Thimbleweed Park Post + 1.

Today, David and I chat about the new Delores game.

Francesco Favia May 18, 2020
Jefferson.... damn... :D

Ping May 19, 2020
Oh My Guybrush! Finally!
You are awesome ^^

Kiwi May 19, 2020
Thanks a lot for this. The hour flew by like nothing.

Ricard May 19, 2020
Great podcast! It was so much fun to listen to!

Shawn May 19, 2020
Great podcast. I don't know why you ignored my conspiracy theory that Ransome was once employed by Big Whoop, though!

Ron Gilbert May 19, 2020

Nick May 19, 2020
Really enjoyed that! Thank you for doing it! (twice haha)

Helge Frisenette May 20, 2020
Always good to hear your voices, and that you are still on speaking terms. ๐Ÿ˜€
You do such great work together!

Loved Delores! Amazing good fun for something made in such a small amount of time (though still drawing in exciting assets).

Would critique (good and bad) and discussion here, be helpful/interesting?

Gianmichele May 20, 2020
Would love to see the engine in action now. Love the thimblescript wiki while it latest :P

bo J. May 20, 2020
ron, can we crowdfund another minigame? please?

Ron Gilbert May 20, 2020
Sure... send $15,000 to my paypal account. ๐Ÿ˜€  David and I talked about ways to do that and they all involve an enormous amount of work for something that might fail.  It's such a short project that we'd spend more time setting up a crowd funding campaign then making the game will take.

bo j. May 20, 2020
So not to be verbose, but I envisioned a Thimbleweed Park prequel that fleshed out each characters' backstory vis a vis their childhood home on A & B Street(s). This is probably a terrible/stupid idea, but you could develop the relationships of the townspeople by interconnecting their "neighborhood" and introducing new characters through their "childrearing..." including (but not limited to) parents, siblings, extended family, etc..) What would Ransome's parents be like? How about Doug's uncle for instance? Or perhaps I'm overthinking everything. It was just a thought, but it's almost like Twilight Zone meets Thimbleweed Park. Thimbleweed Zone. I'd love to play a game where the same characters were kids who knew each other, stayed over at each others' places, went to school, etc and there was a mystery to solve....but, I'm also not a game developer...and I don't know "f*** all about storytelling. Thanks again for the game, Ron.

Ron Gilbert May 21, 2020
There are a lot of fun ways to do a TWP sequel. Delores explored that a little with the timeline split Ransome did.  Going back in time is another.  Of course, it would have to be in 3D using Unreal 5.

Bo J. May 21, 2020
Thimbleweed Park meets Twin Peaks. ThimblePeaks. ThimblePeaks meets Oregon Trail. ThimbleTrail. Thimbleweed Park meets Carmen San Diego.  Thimblediego

Nina May 21, 2020
Thank you! It was great! Could have listened to you guys for hours :)

Andrei May 21, 2020
Last second troll move on the credits... IยดM SO SALTY!!!

Thomas May 26, 2020
Thanks for all the efford and the insights

Fuz Jul 18, 2020
Backer for Thimbleweed and long time fan here!
FInally found the time to play Delores, I get it on GOG, install it and super hyped I launch up the application...

"You Need at Least Windows 10"

Man, why did you do this to me? :(

Ron Gilbert Jul 18, 2020
It does say Window 10 on the GOG webpage.  It's too bad both GOG and Steam will let you buy and download a game if you don't have the right machine specs.  I can kind of see why they do it since the game is part of your account and not the machine, but a warning would be nice.

Fuz Jul 18, 2020
Well, it was free so no harm done. Just bummed that I can't play it, I really loved Thimbleweed Park. Thimbleweed worked perfectly though, that's why I was surprised Delores didn't.

Thanks for your answer!

Ron Gilbert Jul 18, 2020
As stated in the podcast, it's a new engine for a game that won't be out for 1-2 years, and we're looking at dx12 for some of the reasons stated in the podcast.  There is a good chance we'll back port to dx11, but it's down on the task list.  Delores was a prototype for the engine.  I'm sorry you couldn't play... it is a fun game.  I was a little surprised at the number of people on Win 7, maybe I shouldn't have been.

Fuz Jul 19, 2020
My bad then, I didn't listen to the podcast, my spoken english isn't good enough. I'll wait for the eventual back port, if that's gonna happen =)

Again, thank you for your time.

Mister T May 08, 2021
Pretty late for the show, but I finally switched my OS to Windows 10 which enabled me to play Delores, just in time before the end of the pandemic would keep me from lingering at home that much (at least that is what I imagine the aftermath to be like: me getting out, doing stuff, outside and such things).

It is funny how recently several designers explored the idea of mission based adventures.
Dave Gilbert talked about implementing RPG elements in some interview (which slightly reminded me of Maniac Mansion, where one can change a character value by training on the weightlifting machine).
And Don't Escape: Four Days To Survive combines point and click with a non-linear vibe and some ressource management involved (in fact once more reminding me a bit of Zak McKracken, where this had been done with the credit card).
I wonder if a holy grail is hidden somewhere in that concept which will revive the classic p&c genre with a twist, by setting assets and reusability into a better relation and bringing the genre back to the open world of early adventures away from the single-room puzzlers where one would just carry the only item to the only hotspot in a non-puzzle only existing to have the player cross the room twice before moving on...