Guild of Dungeoneering

Jun 07, 2021

I loved this game... all I want is for it to be on the Switch.

FL Jun 08, 2021
Ron, you will be at E3 this year?

Ron Gilbert Jun 08, 2021
Nope. I have never understood the point of E3.

linuxuser Jun 08, 2021
no linux :(

Looper Jun 08, 2021
I forgot the name of this game and was looking for it for ages!

Thank you and I hate you! I will be spending the next couple of weeks exploring the dungeons....

Luca Jun 09, 2021
Ron I just wanted to thank you for all your games!gonna buy all your next))!!

Conny Torneus Jun 09, 2021
Hmmm, looks interesting. I'll give it a try. Besides, if Ron loved it, it should be good right? πŸ˜€

Never been to E3, but I can appreciate the purpose of showcasing/validating new games that way. I think livestreaming and poor journalism made it look less useful for some. Then again, since I've never been to E3 perhaps I should just be quiet...

Brian Goldberg Jun 12, 2021
What's so special about the Switch? Why not just play on a PC?

FL Jun 12, 2021
Ron, can I ask you why you are so secretive this time with your new game?

Ron Gilbert Jun 12, 2021
I'm not "secretive". I'm just tied of feeding the hype-PR machine. I just want to build it in peace. Maybe that comes with getting older.

Conny Torneus Jun 12, 2021
"Guild of Dungeoneering" turned out to be Awesome, thanks for sharing Ron πŸ‘

@Brian Goldberg, I'm fairly certain it boils down to the fact that Nintendo Switch is more portable/comfortable than sitting/laying with a laptop or (God forbid) a stationary PC πŸ˜€

I am curious though as to why the game only supports Windows and MacOS.

Thimbleweed Park for example was ported to PS4, xBox and Switch. That's all three of the "Giant" Consoles. It was also made available on Windows, MacOS and freaking Linux ❀.

I remember Ron talking with David Fox and Gary Winnick in one of their Thimbleweed Park Podcasts and Ron mentioned that porting to the consoles involved a bit more "paperwork" and some tweaking/adjusting of the game to better fit each respective platform. Is it possible that it's too much of a hassle? Or perhaps too costly?

Ryan Newbury Jun 14, 2021
Did you see the Sea of Thieves collaboration with Pirates of the Carribbean at XBOX E3?

It makes me want a Monkey Island Collab so much.. I'm sure the Devs at RARE would love to do something with Guybrush now that they have Disney on board.

Conny Torneus Jun 20, 2021
@Ryan Newbury
Haven't played Sea of Thieves, but if they're bringing Pirates of the Carribbean into the mix it generally makes me feel that they are running out of ideas and/or piggybacking the success of said movie and adding Guybrush into it would make me cringe a bit. Unless its just a cameo, then I would probably smile a bit first before cringing.

Monkey Island is Ron's "Baby" so for better or for worse I would still prefer seeing him driving it forward than anyone else.

Although, on second thought I wouldn't mind if the IPs landed in the lap of David Fox. Then would have excellent games such as "The secret of Zak McKracken" πŸ™‚

Casey Muratori Jun 25, 2021
If there really is a new Ron Gilbert game in the works, that is the first cause for celebration I've had in a while...

Conny Torneus Jun 27, 2021
@Casey Muratori
Yes, indeed πŸ™‚

I'm sure Ron hears (or reads) a lot of this but...

... In my mind, Ron Gilbert is first and foremost an amazing Storyteller who just happened to be able to write it down in code rather than writing it down in book form.

So whatever project you're doing Ron, keep it going πŸ‘ And don't fall into the hype-PR machine πŸ˜‰

Jaap Jun 29, 2021
Really enjoyed that game too, very laid back: perfect for the Switch.

How about a port of Scurvy Scallywags? Perfect for the Switch, although a challenge to port with the wide screen (which also might give some ideas for new possibilities)

Ligretto Jun 30, 2021
Sadly the presentation kills it for me. I'm also no fan of 'playing cards' in such ways in video games but there was a cute tune.

Conny Torneus Jul 10, 2021
How about actually playing it first?

I know what you mean though, it's easy to judge a game by only watching a trailer/presentation. Quite a few Good games have passed me by because of that

Ligretto Jul 13, 2021
@Conny Torneus
No, not this one. I watched a playthrough for getting an idea of the mechanics. It's not a perfect method for judging games but mostly it works, for me. Chances are higher to misjudge good looking games where the videos lack the β€šinvisibleβ€˜ attributes of a game or games in VR (at least in the beginning). It's also hard to enjoy games, where the presentation puts you off already.

Which good games did you pass on a first view?

Conny Torneus Jul 17, 2021
From the top of my head, Brutal Legend. You can really thank EA for that one. And if course Dead Space 2, that ad they had for it made me cringe. Great games, they just weren't marketed properly.

Ligretto Jul 18, 2021
@Conny Torneus
Dead Space 2 was an intense ride. I tried to enjoy Brutal Legend, but at some point I stopped playing. I misjudged Deponia (I got the wrong vibe, whilst it's fun and has a soul) and Shadow Point (the locomotion and repetition of the riddles put me off, on a second try I was hooked, a gem, except for the narration).

Marcin Smolarek Oct 29, 2021
I wonder why so few of Double Fine games find it's way to Switch, those games are perfect for this platform.

maxleod Nov 22, 2021
Haven't played Guild of Dungeoneering (because not available for Linux), but i stumbled upon this:

GoD available for free, offer expires 11/25/2021.

Thank you kind sir! Nov 23, 2021
Stumbled on this and got it for free thanks to the comment above!