Game Informer 2017 Adventure Game Of The Year Awards

Jan 09, 2018

I knew a lot of people would hate the ending, but a lot of people love it as well. I don't find things everyone loves very interesting. They tend to be boring and not tell me much. The ending of Thimbleweed Park doesn't come out of nowhere. It's kind of the whole point of the game (and before the game). It only bugs me when people call the ending lazy. It was very purposeful and anything but lazy. You can call it stupid, dumb, pointless, or anything else, but don't call it lazy. Of course, hating my endings is nothing new.

Gameinformer 2017 Adventure Game Of The Year Awards

Best Ending – Thimbleweed Park

This homage to older adventure games pokes fun at the genre as well as embraces it. Thimbleweed Park feels new and nostalgic at the same time, and it has one of the best endings we've seen this year. Seeing how just the story wraps up and how it takes its self-aware jokes to crazy levels, makes this a wild ride.