FU Dropbox

Jul 10, 2019

Dropbox used to be a perfect service. I happily paid them money every month. They silently synced files across all my machines (and with friends) with 99.999999999999% accuracy.

Good job Dropbox.

Then... Dropbox decided they needed there own app (for reason that I still have yet to figure out). Now at random time this stupid dropbox app shows up in my doc and I see no way to turn it off. I can close it, bit it keeps coming back.

Congratulation Dropbox, you ruined a near perfect service.

Why? Probably because they wanted more "engagement" from users. Netflix suffers from this by auto playing video and previews to create more engagement despite almost everyone hating it. They don't care because a) They get more engagement (even is that engagement is rage) and b) No one leaves their service.

Thing is, I don't want to engage with Dropbox, I want it to silently (and magically) run in the background.

What's next dropbox? A Dropbox social feed?

FU Dropbox.

It seems that wherever a company creates a wonderful service or product they quickly ruin it by adding features no one asked for in slave to their algorithms. AI isn't going to end the world via Skynet, they are going to do it by algorithming us to insanity and complacency.

Pro-tip: If you want to add features, give people a way to turn them off to create a perfect service for everyone (I'm looking at you Netflix).


If anyone knows how to stop the Dropbox app from appearing in my doc, please let me know.


I'm sure there are people who like autoplaying video and binge mode on Netflix. Fine, just give the rest of us a way to turn it off. Then everyone is happy.... hell, I'd even pay a few more bucks a month for this option.