Game Postponed Indefinitely

May 15, 2019

I just wanted to make an announcement here, but my new game will be postponed indefinitely on August 27th.

I apologize to everyone that was looking forward to playing it.


Evan May 15, 2019
You and a bunch of my friends...
I never could get into WoW.  All I wanted to do was explore the world but there were all those pesky quests, enemies and other players getting in the way.

dudey dude May 15, 2019
Ok... but what about your old game?

LichiMan May 16, 2019
So now you can show us a screenshot. Or is it also postponed indefinitely?

Jochem May 18, 2019
Just finish it on the 26th then :)

Mark Bauermeister May 20, 2019
Hi Ron.

I just noticed something. Not sure if that's intended, but your "Grumpybot" (Twitter/RSS feed bot) hasn't been tweeting updates to your blog since August 2018.

Ron Gilbert May 21, 2019

I3arana May 22, 2019
Thanks for the heads up,Ron.
And apologies accepted. I don't know what's going on in your world,but I doubt you've just arbitrarily and capriciously ended it.
  I've just clocked T.P. for the second time on my switch,ten minutes ago.  *Really* enjoyed it for the second time.
I came here to see what your next C= style/Adventure project would be (4 hads  maybe?)
I hope you get some rest,  and I look forward to your next project. I do really hope it's another adventure game.

Mark Bauermeister May 23, 2019

Gotcha. Same reason I'm leaving Facebook next month.
I could write an entire book about my experiences. It involves a busty blonde with a deeply flawed personality that makes Le Chuck look like the good guy, a real life Herman Toothrot, and a horde of angry monkeys.

blombo May 24, 2019
I'm pretty sure this is a joke on Ron's part, IIRC he said he was a WoW addict.

brice Jun 23, 2019
Regarding leaving stuff: I left Facebook and recently WhatsApp... for Facebook, I did not miss it a second since I left it. Its a drug and it makes you dumb... look at alle these drunk people holding their phones with FB and missing their life.

Maik Jul 09, 2019
Ok ok, but one question left... horde or allie? Hm? >😀

Eric Aug 09, 2019
Hey, I just finished playing your last game and it was great, thanks! I was wondering if you could hint at how far are you into the development of your next game?  (Since we're almost near the 26 of august, I figure this is appropriate!) I'm looking forward to playing whatever your next game is!

Thanks Ron