May 27, 2020

I offer you $100 each.

Cash. Small bills. Clean serial numbers.

Adrian May 27, 2020
.com is sooo overrated.
Get the, or similar domains for less.
Looks funnier.

Miguel Alves May 27, 2020
It seems like is available for $15 *wink* *wink*

On a serious note it seems very difficult to get nice .com domains nowadays.

I was trying to recover an old domain I used to own but it got taken over by some dodgy company that seems to live by buying expired domains and pointing them to some random bitcoin scam page s.

Lachlan Kingsford May 28, 2020
Domain squatters are one of the lowest form of scum.

Nor Treblig May 28, 2020
Just get the TLDs, like .guybrush! I cannot guarantee that it will be cheaper but at least you won't have to pay such scummy companies...
...well, you would have to pay OTHER scummy companies...

Hmmmmm, scumm!

Sascha May 28, 2020
Well, is available, if you feel naughty ;-)

Paul Nicholas May 28, 2020
Did I spend too long on this?

Was it worth it?
I'll let you be the judge... 😀

Francesco Favia May 28, 2020
I explained my point of view in the TBW forum, I have the feeling Ron somehow got the IP and now is working on MI3a.

Elaine Marley May 28, 2020
I'll give you for free if you ask for it

Ping May 28, 2020
never pay more than 20 bucks for a domain

Thorwald May 29, 2020
Tell them that you have only 50 Dollar. It is all you have. Keep telling them, until they give it to you. Trust me it works ^^

Lux em bourg May 30, 2020
5625$ =   ?  Silver Piece of Eight

or in other words how many peg legs do I have to polish for that?

Carl May 31, 2020
I think the ultimate domain name would be guy.brush

longuist Jun 01, 2020 unfortunately also for sale

Jonas Jun 03, 2020
Time for a Guybrush Domain Purchase Kickstarter. Could have a too small T-Shirt as a $100 perk. Alternatively make a voodoo doll out of the domain squatter and force him out of business.

Richard Jun 04, 2020
Stick to your guns, my man!  I just checked, and today they've dropped to $1500.  100 US dollar more than fair.

Netrunner Jun 05, 2020
Hey Grumpy!

Check out this declaration of love for your MI-series (the trailer is very worth watching):

Guess what Ron-Gilbert-loving country this comes from? :)

Davide Jun 06, 2020
ICNN should defintely add a .scumm top level domain

Sam Jun 18, 2020
I bought a scummbar domain some years before, just to safe it and make a retro site out of it. MI for ever <3

Sam Jun 18, 2020
Uhm... btw... shouldn't it be Marley-Threepwood? Even if it's just shown on the start and he everytime says it's just threepwood.

Coach Jul 01, 2020
Try to check out "Stan's Previously Used Domain"

Monty Rohde Dec 25, 2020
Someone hopes Disney is going to sink money into a minor IP they vacuumed up incidentally.

Monty Rohde Dec 25, 2020
Sadly .brush is not a real top level domain.  I was hoping you could do guy.bru but Brunei feels no need to create a top level domain.  However there is the option to do  It might just be enough letters off to qualify as a legally distinct IP.