Grumpy Gamer v3

Dec 15, 2017

NOTE: This was 2 blug revisions ago...

Welcome to the all new Grumpy Gamer Blog!

It has all of the content from the old blog minus the stupid stuff. I removed a lot of the old posts teasing the lead up to my new games like The Cave, Scurvy and, of course, Thimbleweed Park. They were just noise.

Now that Thimbleweed Park is done and I won't be blogging there as much, it felt like I needed a new outlet to gripe and complain.

Also, for the most part, I am leaving Twitter.

It's a hostile crap-filled dumpster-fire of shit. I stopping checking and posting on Twitter a few weeks ago while I was on vacation and I realized how much better my life was. When I got back, I had no real desire to go back, so I haven't.

And no one has noticed.

Twitter is like an F2P game, they both tap into a horrible part of our lizard brain. F2P games trigger dopamine associated with gambling and the become an addition. You aren't playing them because you enjoy the game, you're playing them because you're addicted. You are just convincing yourself you're having (true) fun,

Twitter (and social media in general) is the same. You're addicted to likes, followers, and mentions. People have found the best way to get the proceeding is to post angry shit and enrage people. As we are seeing, this is not good for us as people, or us as a society. I'm tired of it and I'm not going to be a part of it anymore, at least until it (or we) change.

I do worry about staying connected to what is happening in the world of making a game. It seems like Twitter is a good place to do that, but it's also filled with hype and egos and bitching and probably not the "best way" to stay in touch.

The final straw for quitting Twitter was when I got back from vacation, there was a Twitter thread about Monkey Island being ranking 172 of the best games ever by some big website. My mentioned were filled with people dumping shit on the website and expecting me to jump in. Look... I don't care. It is of no importance to me where Monkey Island falls on some list. Lists are made by people and people have different opinions.

It just struck me how much pointless anger there was, and worse, they expected me to join in.

I. Just. Don't. Care. I'm done.

If you are on Twitter and want to know what's up with Thimbleweed Park (including the new Ransome unbeeped DLC), please follow @thimbleweedpark.

There are no comments on the new Grumpy Gamer blog. I haven't decided if I'm going to add them or not.

Update: 1) There are comments on the Grumpy Gamer Blog now. 2) New blog posts will be echoed to Twitter, but I won't be logging on, so I won't see your replies or likes.

Sam Dec 19, 2017
W00t! Comments and the math quiz is back.

Mario Dec 19, 2017
You're totally right Ron. We've got to re-evaluate our values (forgive the redundancy). Sometimes I also want to quit Twitter, but as you said, it's a good way to 'stay in touch' with your interests. Sooo much people use it... and that makes us prisoners of the system.

Kolzig Dec 20, 2017
I have never understood Twitter, took me years to even login there and still I don't get it, it's a mess to follow anything there so I just end up reading whatever is in the daily highlights and at that one moment when I log in daily and whatever is in the top of the message flow. It really is a hostile place these days so I'm getting less and less interested in it.

Thank you Ron for reactivating your blog!

Jeff Dec 20, 2017
"Social media is a hostile crap-filled dumpster-fire of shit"
That's my new favorite quote!

Federico Dec 21, 2017
Good to see this blog alive again.
I saw you in Argentina and was a great experience. Keep on the good work and making the world a better place

David Fox Dec 21, 2017
I miss you on Twitter... but you're willpower to leave is inspiring. I'm still having a lot of fun there interacting with people who've played our games... still something totally new to me. So I'll stay on for a while, until it's no longer fun. Hope you can drop in occasionally.

TheSpaceNavy Dec 22, 2017
Ha ha, Ron, the irony here, is that I really had no interest in Twitter until I started reading your tweets.  The ones that are meant to be are pretty darn hilarious!  I think the only reason Twitter is working for me now is because I'm engaging it as a heavily aliased wannabe game developer, and I am actually interacting with a circle of folks who love the classic adventure games and  I wouldn't come in contact with otherwise, but even so, the likes and followers are pretty heady stuff, especially when people like David Fox start liking your tweets, .  Like everything else in life though, either I'll keep balance or can it.  Currently, it does seem to help me slog through the workday as an Enterprise Developer though!

Kacha1286 Dec 22, 2017
I came here because I worried about your absence on Twitter, and you're totally right. Twitter is full of hate. I hope you're alright, and I hope you will continue to make great games 😀
Ps: my first point and clic was MI2, I was 7, and I really enjoy the unexpected ending, haters will always be haters.

Benoit FOULETIER Dec 22, 2017
Is you want to stay connected to gamedevs, maybe try this:
A not-twitter open source thing started by a Unity guy also fed up with twitter. Maybe it will not spiral into chaos this time, who knows?

Andrea Dec 23, 2017
I missed this blog.
It's the place where devoted non-casual hardcore fans have always been following you LONG before TWP.
Welcome back!

Drew Dec 24, 2017
Hurray! Grog for everyone, it's on me! I have been checking the blog-a-reno every now often and I had almost lost all hope. So lovely to have you back, Ron.

George Broussard Dec 27, 2017
Ron, I noticed and missed you. Assumed you were taking a break. I largely agree with you. I've limited my feeds mainly to people that post creative work I like and positive things about making stuff. Endless outrage is depressing and bad for all of us.

Be well :)

Artyom Dec 28, 2017
I, for one, have missed this blog dearly.

Big Red Button Jan 02, 2018
The blog looks fresh now.

I like the artwork at the top. Did you create it yourself?

Bon_Antza Jan 02, 2018
When I started following the TWP dev blog and podcasts, I was immediately enormously disappointed that I could follow your endeavours (mostly) only in Twitter. I swear I get symptoms like rash every time I navigate there...glad to see you back writing this blog!

Have a great new year!

Stefan Gagne Jan 03, 2018
Makes sense to me. Longform writing has more nuance and capability, and by echo-posting to Twitter without collecting replies, you can keep using it for people who just need a live news feed to your blog without repeatedly returning to a bookmark. Best of both worlds, really.

I wish you only the best in all your future games, and your future writing.

Ayime Jan 03, 2018
What about your RPG video game? Any news?

Bowen Jan 03, 2018
Hey, thanks for all you do. It's terrific and we appreciate you for it. Best wishes for everything you're going to do next.

Kevin Jan 03, 2018
Ahh, I thought you had gone missing! Well, I'll be bookmarking this place!

Jonathan Brooks Jan 03, 2018
You should install grammarly

George T Albanis Jan 03, 2018
Whether it's Twitter or forums etc. I find that most people that post anything anywhere are the rabid fan angry ones and normal happy people rarely post anything. They are happy. Anyway I saw this by John Carmack just as I saw your Twitter post, something to think about cuz there's a lot of good people out there that don't say a thing.

John Carmack

Verified account

56m56 minutes ago
Unlike apparently so many people, I find twitter inspiring! So many smart people and interesting things — a little pruning required now and then, but it is more a problem of limiting the amount of quality versus finding it.

Ron Gilbert Jan 03, 2018
I don't find Twitter inspiring. It's a dumpster fire. I can do without it, and I am. You are free to do whatever you want.

Colin Jan 03, 2018
Hopefully this can help spark everyone back towards personal content and feed-sharing. Maybe I'm just old. Where will you be getting news from, considering most news sites are heading social-media's way of clickbait and crowd-content rather than journalistic integrity?

Also, was there a typo there of "grip" instead of "gripe"?

That Tom Hall Jan 03, 2018
Yeah Twitter is best as a one-way street.  It is nice for game announcements, but already following all that.  Long form is better.

That Tom Hall Jan 03, 2018
Yeah Twitter is best as a one-way street.  It is nice for game announcements, but already following all that.  Long form is better.

Alexander Preymak Jan 03, 2018
Now I have a blog to read!

Duncan Jan 03, 2018
Wait, you mean I can't like/retreat/clap/fist-bump you in a public show of mutual bro-itude? How will I ever self-afirm my meaningless online existence?

Nico Jan 03, 2018
I agree with you Ron! I would also say that it´s really significant the anxiety it causes to people... that´s the firts symtom of an addiction

Mabec Jan 03, 2018
I honestly agree with you Ron but I also think It's important to reach a wide audience, hopefully your track record from the past is good enough.

Penpen Jan 03, 2018
I regret this decision :/ for my side, I was following you on Twitter and really liked that. I admit I never commented anything, but I was reading most of your posts. But I really think blog is a media from the past (I am a blogger myself) , people have lot of interests and making the effort to check regularly x blogs to see if something is new is time consuming and not something I want to do. (I know rss but it's also a tech from the past)  Also I don't think Twitter is the problem, it's more how you use it, and what you expect from it.  I admit it must be different when you have huge number of followers and probably some haters though. But it's the same in real life, you have to filter and not listen to all the crap you are exposed to. If you are more happy like that, it's cool for you,but it's not the right answer from my point of view.

Vicent Jan 03, 2018
As smart as always. ;)

I would like to do the same, but currently Twitter is the best way I have to keep contact with some international devs I met in past.

Ricard Jan 03, 2018
Wise decision! As you said, Twitter is just a dumpster where everyone feels they have the right to say anything they want. Excited to read your blog from now on! Adding your blog to my Feedly right now!

Vulkaj Jan 03, 2018
The only way for don't getting insane in Twitter it's using it like a news feeder only for stay tuned.

It's the way that I use it and sincerelly, read a long post as a pile of short messages it's bullshit.

Congrats for back to the old way.

Patrick Jan 03, 2018
Couldn't agree more, Sir. You are very wise in your decision. I too have noticed the change towards toxicity and how much better I feel without the Facebooks and Twitters in my life constantly telling me how I should feel (usually worse). On to new adventures here!

Pete Jan 03, 2018
There are so many people who care about what you do as a game designer and what you have to say as a human being. I used to read this blog before and now I will check back more often - I play your games, I think your blogs are funny and insightful. Get going!

Pete Jan 03, 2018
P.S. I giggled at the small print... which is wrong really, considering what it implies!  What have I become....

Kisai Jan 03, 2018
Aw, sorry to see you leave twitter, but you are right, it and all social media taps into a part of the brain that wants ~validation~ that they aren't wasting their life. The minute brands and major celebrities jump onto a new thing, is typically the same moment it stops being useful for everyone.

The first thing I did when I created a twitter account was proactively block the one person I know that would make using it impossible, and the second thing was to turn off all the notifications and only sometimes look at the messages tab to clear the notification counter.

I do not see how people equate likes with anything but the discovery algorithm. It seems like there is an entire business model for automated social media search manipulation, to turn public opinion. Maybe we should all opt out.

Lalolana Jan 03, 2018
You really give me a power to delete alot of social media apps thank you so much

Xtooph Jan 03, 2018
Hi Ron, sorry to see you leave Twitter, I for one enjoyed reading your tweets, be they linked to video games, politics (esp. the ones related to some orange-haired, small-handed, red-button pushing monkey), or society in general. I hope we'll keep hearing your voice here and on other channels too! Fare well!

Dan Jan 03, 2018
Spot on, deleted my personal account ages ago for exactly the same reason. The only thing I miss is our Speck of Dust interaction, that was fun!

owen Jan 03, 2018
You have got to fix that "addition" spelling ever! Its driving me nuts!

Grifter Jan 03, 2018
Hail to the king

SuperBunnyBun Jan 03, 2018
It will be a bit sadder on twitter not to have you on there. Apart from political stuff, I always enjoyed your posts. And you once even replied to a bad pun I made with a "haah!". It meant so much to me that I brought a bit of mirth to someone who brought so very much of it to me. While your twitter may be abandoned, I will look forward to reading what you put here.

George Jan 03, 2018
Basically you don't like humans. You blame Twitter and you quit it but that really doesn't solve the problem.

Felix Jan 03, 2018
You've escaped, and I'm so happy for you. See you here!!!!

Nicolas Reibnitz Jan 03, 2018
That is sad and I actually did start using Twitter because of you, too! With the good guys leaving the bots and trolls already won (and will eventually loose cause they are suddenly alone, but...). As long as the announcements are coming via Twitter and David stays on I guess I can live with your decision. I bet you are glad to hear that. ^^
Good luck with the blog! Would love a podcast.

giuper74 Jan 03, 2018
Hi Ron, I have also deleted my social accounts long time ago. But then I reactivated them, being careful not to overdo it. It's like when you try to stop smoking, you occasionally light a cigarette. Currently I use Twitter for news in real time, Facebook for distant relatives, and that's it.

@DaxHalo Jan 03, 2018

Foo Jan 03, 2018
Congratulations on breaking free from the scourge of Twitter. I jumped off Facebook a few years back and haven't looked back. Twitter is still my go to to see quick trending news but I applaud you. Look forward to your posts on this site.

Derrick Reisdorf Jan 03, 2018
I'm fine with social media. I mostly just read news/updates from those I'm connected to. Any objectionable or offensive stuff I see I mostly ignore.  I just don't let it get to me.

Daniel Jan 03, 2018
I use twitter only to read what people I like write and comment.
So I will follow you here.
Thank you Ron

Matthew Ritter Jan 03, 2018

Helenski Jan 03, 2018
I left Facebook on Monday and you've now articulated exactly what I was struggling to explain to my friends. Here here, sir.

Chrepp Jan 03, 2018
I totally understand your decision but at the same time I'm sad because you were one of very few people on Twitter I really enjoyed reading from. Maybe it's time for me to quit Twitter too...

SlackMonkey Jan 04, 2018
That's the second biggest hostile crap-filled dumpster-fire of shit I've ever seen!

Cynixy Jan 04, 2018
Welp, I'll miss you. Maybe I'll join you if I can kick the habit . And I'll still come and say awkward hellos at cons ^^

Lukas Jan 04, 2018
I never really understand when people complain about social media X and social media Y. I love using Twitter and pretty much never run into toxic people. But I guess the more "famous" you get, the more stupid comments you receive. Twitter just makes it very easy to tag people, so you'll end up being in random threads whether you want to or not. Marking the a whole social media platform as "hostile crap-filled dumpster-fire of shit" however is not fair. Guess I can just be glad to only have a small number of followers.

scumm_boy Jan 04, 2018
I, for one, noticed, but I 100% get why you want off Twitter. At least now I know where to find your musings once more!

longuist Jan 05, 2018
I resisted the urge to sign up for twitter and facebook, so i used to stay informed. Only used twitter as a news reader for very few people. But RSS is here. Hooray to internet 1.0 :)

honglepongle Jan 05, 2018
Good for you. But the irony here is that, both your post and this comment section is full of hate and anger pointed towards social media and its users. Maybe learn to not always focus on the negative side of things, and you may live a happier life. Have a nice day.

Dom De Re Jan 05, 2018
Good luck avoiding hate and trolls on the internet (im not entirely being sarcastic).

I'm completely sympathetic and hope you find something that works, and hope that the auto posting of the blog post links to Twitter isn't enough to drag the worst elements of Twitter to your comment section

W. Gary Bestman Jan 08, 2018
I won't miss your naive politics, cherry-picking of facts, or the endless threads of gamer sycophants that think you can do no wrong. Best of luck to you in 2018 and beyond.

Gzurl Jan 11, 2018
Guys (and Ron), you *must* read this:

It just sucks...

sebastian tomas Feb 22, 2018
what's the secret of monkey island?

Jimmy Jones Aug 20, 2018
In B4 Twitter becomes the next MySpace

Guillermo Jan 03, 2021
Hi Ron,I am proud to introduce myself to the man that marked my childhood in front of a computer with the BEST GAME EVER called Monkey Island.
A big hug and I hope you continue taking adventure games.