Grumpy Gamer v3

Dec 15, 2017

NOTE: This was 2 blug revisions ago...

Welcome to the all new Grumpy Gamer Blog!

It has all of the content from the old blog minus the stupid stuff. I removed a lot of the old posts teasing the lead up to my new games like The Cave, Scurvy and, of course, Thimbleweed Park. They were just noise.

Now that Thimbleweed Park is done and I won't be blogging there as much, it felt like I needed a new outlet to gripe and complain.

Also, for the most part, I am leaving Twitter.

It's a hostile crap-filled dumpster-fire of shit. I stopping checking and posting on Twitter a few weeks ago while I was on vacation and I realized how much better my life was. When I got back, I had no real desire to go back, so I haven't.

And no one has noticed.

Twitter is like an F2P game, they both tap into a horrible part of our lizard brain. F2P games trigger dopamine associated with gambling and the become an addition. You aren't playing them because you enjoy the game, you're playing them because you're addicted. You are just convincing yourself you're having (true) fun,

Twitter (and social media in general) is the same. You're addicted to likes, followers, and mentions. People have found the best way to get the proceeding is to post angry shit and enrage people. As we are seeing, this is not good for us as people, or us as a society. I'm tired of it and I'm not going to be a part of it anymore, at least until it (or we) change.

I do worry about staying connected to what is happening in the world of making a game. It seems like Twitter is a good place to do that, but it's also filled with hype and egos and bitching and probably not the "best way" to stay in touch.

The final straw for quitting Twitter was when I got back from vacation, there was a Twitter thread about Monkey Island being ranking 172 of the best games ever by some big website. My mentioned were filled with people dumping shit on the website and expecting me to jump in. Look... I don't care. It is of no importance to me where Monkey Island falls on some list. Lists are made by people and people have different opinions.

It just struck me how much pointless anger there was, and worse, they expected me to join in.

I. Just. Don't. Care. I'm done.

If you are on Twitter and want to know what's up with Thimbleweed Park (including the new Ransome unbeeped DLC), please follow @thimbleweedpark.

There are no comments on the new Grumpy Gamer blog. I haven't decided if I'm going to add them or not.

Update: 1) There are comments on the Grumpy Gamer Blog now. 2) New blog posts will be echoed to Twitter, but I won't be logging on, so I won't see your replies or likes.