Guilty Pleasures

Mar 24, 2020

After 15 years of defeating one apocalypse after another, Sam and Dean are finally taken down by a real one. With only two episodes left in the 15 year run of the series, production has been shut down due to CORVID-19. Two episodes!

Supernatural has been one of my guilty pleasures for two episodes shy of 15 years. My guess is they will turn it in to a crappy comic book for the final two episodes. That would be a shame.

At a game design workshop 8 years ago, one of the question we all got asked was about guilty pleasures and I mentioned Supernatural expecting to get laughed out of the room, but to my surprise it was greeted with a huge round of "me too!".

If you've never seen Supernatural, you have 15 years of Netflix binge watching ahead during home confinement.