Guybrush Fact vs Fiction

Nov 28, 2020

I remember the first time I read this I just chuckled. That was 10 years ago and the myth keeps going. It's been printed (well, web printed) so many times that it is slowly going to become fact and I want to set the world straight.

What is true

During the early days of Monkey Island I didn't have a name for Guybrush. We just called him the "guy".

When Steve Purcell was doing concepts for "the guy" he was doing them in dpaint. In dpaint you could select a section of the screen called a "brush" and save it out.

It was these files I got from Steve. I saw the file names so many times that the name "guybrush" stuck.

What is NOT true

I have seen multiple places recount this story (most recently) but they get one fact wrong.

The file I would get from Steve was called guybrush.lbm not guy.brush. All artwork on Monkey Island was done on the PC under MSDOS[1]. MSDOS had a limit of three letters for filename extensions. It could not have been .brush. One of three things is going wrong here.

  1. People are forgetting or never knew that MSDOS had a three letter file extension limit and the files dpaint saved out where .lbm or .bbm files.


  1. The Amiga allowed longer filename extensions and people assumed we did art on the Amiga. We did not. It was all done on MSDOS using dpaint or dpaint animator.


  1. It makes a better story and screw the facts. Facts are so 2015.

If you read this incorrect fact anywhere, please direct them to this link.

[1] For Monkey Island 1 all the art was gone in dpaint on MSDOS. For Monkey Island 2, the backgrounds were scanned on a Mac using Photoshop 1.0 and then moved to a PC and finished on dpaint.