Dec 25, 2020

Look what I bought myself for xmas:

It's Lego's largest set.

As a kid I played with and build Lego's non-stop. I'm sure it's like riding a bike.

I'll post regular picture of my progress.

Jarosław Dec 25, 2020
Merry Xmas!

Evan Dec 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Ced Dec 25, 2020
I have seen progress pictures of this thing recently :

Good luck!

Axel Dec 26, 2020
Oh, so the Millenium Falcon Collector's Edition is no more Lego's largest set? 😀 Right, this one seems to have a bit more than 9000 pieces while the Millenium Falcon Collector's Edition "only" head around 7500 pieces.

Have fun!

David 🏴‍☠️ Dec 26, 2020
Keep us posted!

Vassbak Dec 26, 2020
That looks fantastic! I hope you'll have fun. I'm looking forward to seeing it. Merry Christmas!

Carlo Grosoli Dec 26, 2020
I bought TP for Mac.
I know I'm a bit late, but it's never too late to dig into a great Point&Click™ adventure designed by you.

Congratulations and Merry Christmas Ron!

Fabien Dec 26, 2020
Have fun !

Francesco Favia Dec 26, 2020
Merry Xmas!
Next step is to see the real one in Rome :D
Let me know when you land ok? :D

Iron Curtain Dec 27, 2020
@Francesco Favia: I may not be Ron, but I _have_ seen the real Coliseum in Rome! It's just too bad that it's no longer in use; I would love to see concerts there. Oh well, at least Circus Maximus is still functioning...

Johan Windh Dec 28, 2020
Merry Xmas all.

Much to digest here.

Very cool set. Was glad to re-visit Rome last fall before everything went south.

@Francesco: Imagine how cool if your name had been 'Francesco FLAVIA', at least in this comment section.

@Iron Curtain: I'm pretty content with it being out of commission.. however, they had some kind of movie show projected on large sheets last fall, but that part was kind of lame. The building remains extremely impressive.

Elena Hitomi Dec 29, 2020
"Ma che bellissimo! Auguri di costruire il Colosseo su LEGO!" (yep, I speak a bit of Italian)

Blessed Christmas to you and your family!