Lego Report 2

Dec 27, 2020

Almost done. Much like making a game, it's just polish from here on out.

Eric Dec 27, 2020
You obviously appreciate a good lego puzzle.

I'd imagine that the biggest disappointment of being Ron Gilbert is that you never gets to do a fresh playthrough of a Ron Gilbert adventure puzzle game.

Because you created it, you can't enjoy it for the first time like the rest of us!

spektrum Dec 27, 2020
Let me guess, in your head it's already done, all that's left is to actually put together the pieces ;)

Ron Gilbert Dec 27, 2020
all that's left is to actually put together the pieces

That's what interns are for.

Martinland Dec 27, 2020
Haha, thanks for making me laugh out loud...
...and a lot of fun with the polishing.

Zak Phoenix McKracken Dec 27, 2020
The amphitheater is capable of 50,000 persons -- did Lego include the same number of men?

Andre Scheffler Dec 28, 2020
Yeah, the first 80% are always easy to achieve, now to the hard part.

Elena Hitomi Dec 29, 2020
Just like the old saying "Festina Lente" (Make Haste Slowly) . Very excited for the outcome and the stories behind the construction

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