Linux First Post

Jul 23, 2020

Here is my first Grumpy Gamer post from my new Linux laptop!

Installation basically went OK. There was some confusion because I don't want to dual boot into Windows, I want Windows gone gone gone from this laptop. I had to disable a thing call RST and turn some stuff off in the BIOS I don't understand, but in the end it's all working with a minimal amount of swearing.

Two issues I see right away is I really miss Little Snitch. It's a great Mac firewall that monitors all out going internet connects by program and allows you to selectively block them for a given duration (with a nice UI including a map showing where in the world it's trying to connect to). If you've never run with something like this, it's damn scary how many programs try and connect to the internet. Not sure if there is anything like it on Linux.

I use One Password a lot. There is a Linux version, but it seems to only be available with their horrible subscription. I'll have to investigate more.

Update 1

I miss dropbox. That might be an issue for working the game as we rely on dropbox a lot. It's not that there aren't other services like it, it more that the entire team uses it and I can't make everyone switch. I might be stuck using the web interface.

Slack won't run. It launches and then quits. I can use the web interface if I have to.

I really miss the cmd key for copy/paste in the terminal. My laptop has one of those silly Windows keys, I want to remap that so it can copy/paste/undo across all apps.

It's going to be at least a week before the machine "feels" right.