Jul 20, 2020

It really boggles my mind when people refuse to wear a mask*. These same people don't refused to wear pants because it violates their freedom of express or first amendment rights.

These are the same idiots that gave us Trump. And yes, they are idiots.

I do like that masks have become a fashion statement for some. When I'm out and about, I'm always on the lookout for great and creative masks.

*Legitimate medical reason aside, but I have yet to hear of one put forth by an actual doctor.

Emma Jul 20, 2020
But don't you know that the world is run by a demonic cult and 5G is going to activate chips in our heads that control us all and masks and sheeple and something something something?

Delores (not that one) Jul 20, 2020
That's a nice one. Any chance for Thimbleweed Park masks? Say, Thimblecon '87 ones? (Also, any chance those t-shirts might be back in stock some day?)

Peggy Wicker Jul 20, 2020
Any chance someone has a pajama sam plush toy? In desperate need

Ron Gilbert Jul 20, 2020
I have a Pajama Same plushie... it might be the only one left in existence.

Steve Brown Jul 21, 2020
I hate pretty much everything about having a mask on....which, silver lining, gives me a reason to spend as little time as possible in the grocery store.

imprivis Jul 21, 2020
Weird, how'd I end up on Twitter again, I've been trying to avoid it

Ger Jul 21, 2020
It would not be weird to hear of people refusing to wear pants for those exact reasons. And they wouldn't even vote for Trump :)

Dex Jul 22, 2020
Don't understand the whole hatred for Trump. Fauci said that masks weren't necessary, then changed his mind. He wanted to close the border, he was called racist. It seems like Trump derangement syndrome is real. Maybe, speaking as a foreigner, I don't see the monster that the MSN is spouting.

Sam Jul 22, 2020
I wear my mask but there was an interesting local news report about deaf /hard of hearing people having a hard time now that everyone's lips are covered. Whether it be as a customer or as an employee.

DFF Jul 22, 2020
It's the result of a power system which lets people focus and vote for options it favors and so keeping itself in power: Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush (anyone some freedom fries?), Obama, all were waging war. Clinton ('We Came, We Saw, He Died'bitch) would have been into war too. Future candiates like Biden or Sanders, both more or less senile and who gave positive statements about war as well. So yeah, some might indicate Trump as the worst amongst these puppets.

The masks have less medical but primary political reasons. In about two to three days you have more deaths worldwide due to strokes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, sanctions, polluted water, natural deaths etc. than in all these virus months. Surprisingly we don't sacrifice our economies, personal rights and freedom for those.

I've never wearn a mask and never have been ill since this topic showed up. I do have a legitimate medical reason. I don't know a single person who died due to the virus and they also don't know others.

If you take a closer look at the data, how it got collected, the studies based on them etc. then there is more swindle and misinformation than a qualified scientifcal work. It serves multiple purposes.

It makes sense to take special care, like with any other Corona virus, if you're in contact with endangered people. Treat patients properly based on valid medical knowledge. Then you also better wear a proper mask, otherwise you could wear a fly screen as well. Desinfect your mask or single-use a mask only once in order to avoid to imperil yourself with bacteria infections.


I want a future like the ones, I read in so many SF books about and which inspired me to envision so many interesting things, fascism, iny any form, wasn't part of those worlds.

Dipper Jul 22, 2020
Ah sure, and Trump didn't wage war and never gave "positive statements" on it as well. I think particularly the Kurds will thank Allah for a dove like him. His expressed support for torture must have been a fata morgana then a and the killing of Abu Bakr too, or did that maybe never happen just like the "Bowling Green Massacre" or the uncounted other lies of this shipwreck of a government? Is it just another tale of glory just like the wall that was never built and will be never paid for by Mexico? Or "Trumpcare", that so beautifully replaced and repealed Obamacare? Or the Hurricane, that he so bravely nuked away? Or is there pride now among Trumpists that most of his body count is happening at home? Wondering now, did people maybe not inject enough bleach or Hydroxychloroquin?

"If you take a closer look at the data, how it got collected, the studies based on them etc. then there is more swindle and misinformation than a qualified scientifcal work. It serves multiple purposes."

Ah, the good old daily dose of "scientific expertise" by some random dude - who is just claiming things without a hint of knowledge. Wouldn't be a problem if there weren't so many of them and  and one these dudes would be the US President. Thats why the US has 130000 deaths and counting, and others don't.

AK Jul 22, 2020
> Thats why the US has 130000 deaths and counting

But DFF doesn't personally know any one of these people that died, so it must be fake. /s

some guy Jul 22, 2020
I'm not American so I don't have the political bias people who refuse to wear masks would think I have, and I'm totally baffled by them. I do prolonged aerobic exercise with the mask on. These people are obviously extremists.

AK Jul 22, 2020
I also do not personally know anyone that died from a car accident, so those car accident statistics must be fake as well.

Ron Gilbert Jul 22, 2020
In the US, you are legally required to wear a seatbelt.  Traffic deaths have continually gone down due to legally required items like air bags, better bumper, etc.  We don't just accept traffic deaths, we do everything we can to prevent them. My best friend was killed in a traffic accident. It sucks.

DFF Jul 22, 2020
You're dragging this a tiny bit away.

Middle East is a big chapter on its own. No one should have invaded and destabilised Syria or any onther country (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Yemen etc.) at all but then again there was all this yummy oil, the installement and defense of the petro dollar, the needs of Saudi Arabia and Israel, then such conflicts are good for selling many weapons and a couple of other things. Looking at her history, Middle East would have been a joy with Clinton, just how peaceful and upright she and her falcons are. (Maybe Obama is the best, drone war king with a nobel peace prize, on the other side Kissinger got it before him already.)

I don't argue about the rest because this would end up in a long discussion.

Back to Trump: I didn't say he is a saint or a good president at all, obviously he isn't, but who was within the last decades?! None of them was working for the people. They all lied, ruined other peoples lifes (within and outside of the USA) for greed and power of the elite. Due to how the system works and looking at the candidates: Do you really think this is democracy? Don't you think this is a joke, no matter who'll win?

Trump against Biden, think about it. Is this the best this alleged democracy can come up with? The reasons for what's going wrong are behind the curtain and Corona is a big blender as well as a gate opener for truly abnormal stuff (just think of the long term agenda with (not properly tested) RNA-vaccination).

It boggles my mind, how otherwise intelligent people, are falling into such traps. I guess you need to be rather uneducated and lack quite some instinct, to still believe all these stories.

It's only fair if I appear like some random dude to you but due to my background and position I know what I'm talking about.

These masks are utalised as the new swastikas. Causing fear, desocialize ... enjoy yourself.

Dex Jul 22, 2020
Thanks DFF for the info, I am fascinated by American politics, as it always reverberates around the world. My country has the highest number of elderly and retired demographic, so our lockdown is extended more than our neighbour. Yet the government here is not making wearing masks mandatory.
I am truly sorry to hear about your friend Ron.

Dipper Jul 22, 2020
"Looking at her history, Middle East would have been a joy with Clinton, just how peaceful and upright she and her falcons are."
Yea but you don't know that, its just the same old "conservative" rubbish; What would have been with Clinton in power? Would shmould! What did Trump achieve in Israel? We were close to the next intifada.

"Maybe Obama is the best, drone war king with a nobel peace prize"
You think Trump doesn't use drones? Every President now and in the future will use drones; did you complain about Bush using "smart" bombs? Not much more humane. Conservatives attacking Obama for a war that a conservative - one of their own tribe - has started is just so outlandish and idiotic; its so emblematic of a sick right wing culture that makes Trump their leader; a person who virtually has no moral compass, has never read a book in his life and thinks he can do and say whatever he likes because he has money.

"They all lied, ruined other peoples lifes (within and outside of the USA) for greed and power of the elite."
They're all the same, they're all the same. This is a very apolitical, passive stance, wrong on so many levels. And I also like the conclusion; "they all lie", so lets vote for the biggest liar of them all. Makes sense? Not at all, but that's why the US is now in steady decline, and god knows if it can recover. Not only from the Corona virus pandemic, which rages on without a faint sign of leadership on the horizon, but also the lack of investment into human development, lack of investment into schools and education, health and environment. Four lost years. I know, communistnazi Obama wanted to introduce healthcare for all, that monster. The only issue where Trump has excelled was the tax "reform", but that of course meant enriching himself and his friends. He shows a lot of energy when it comes to that, saving lives...not so much.

"Trump against Biden, think about it. Is this the best this alleged democracy can come up with?"
I agree with you on this one, this is sad and sign of a system that shows cracks. Anyway, I still prefer Biden over Trump by light years.

"It's only fair if I appear like some random dude to you but due to my background and position I know what I'm talking about."
Yea, I'm massively impressed, only I read the same lame-ass talking points from any old Fox News show.

"These masks are utalised as the new swastikas. Causing fear, desocialize ... enjoy yourself."
In many places they are used to protect oneself and therefore the community. But of course most of these "many places" don't have Trump as a President.

ArmstrongArcade Jul 23, 2020
THIS! Also, Epstien DID kill himself.

Ger Jul 23, 2020
All this thing about republicans vs democrats, and left vs right, it is just entertainment in my opinion. They have ties between them. They are related.

dada Jul 24, 2020
It boggles my mind as well, but it also boggled my mind when the us authorities were advising against masks. I think they shat the bed massively and now its hard to convince people about the significance of wearing them. Maybe also people are way more used to and at the same time more "sick" of the pandemic and reluctant to accept additional restrictions.

Where I live, masks became mandatory early on. People saw the nightmare that was unraveling in Italy and knew that our healthcare is much crappier, so virtually no one complained. After several weeks we had almost no new cases (until we reopened borders), avoided any major lock-down and now  masks are mandatory only in shops and public transport.
I care about liberty quite a bit, but wearing a mask is a pretty straight forward way to decrease the probability to spread infection and is far less restrictive than lock-down and not as invasive with long-term impact as mass surveillance.

Alessander Botti Benevides Jul 25, 2020
I'll avoid swearing people who doesn't use masks, though I want to. What I have to say is: a person in my family was selfishly careless, got infected, transmitted the disease to three other people, died, and then one of these three people died too. I'm quite strict about isolation and using masks since this pandemic arrived here in Brazil. If you want to deny this pandemic situation, good luck, and try to stay the fuck away of your beloved ones.

Carol Olsen Oct 01, 2020
I wear a neck gater instead of a mask, it's easy to pull up or down because it hangs on my neck. It covers my face to just below my eyes and keeps my ears covered too. It is super tight so when I have it on to cover my face I never have to adjust it once on.

Jared Oct 01, 2020
Ugh, I wish I could help myself but I can't stand misinformation. Wasn't expecting to find it on Grumpy Gamer of all places.

Fauci initially advised against mask use because

A) there were supply shortages in America at the time and without a centralized supply there were serious risks of healthcare workers losing access to them if there was a rush on buying masks
B) at that stage it was still believed that surface contact was the most common cause of transmission and there was scepticism about aerosol transmission. Subsequent research changed things.
C) further on that point it was only later that the extent of asymptomatic cases and how widely they spread it came to be known.
D) at the time he gave such advice the number of confirmed cases in the USA was literally measured in the hundreds.

He was pretty transparent on all these points at the time if you dug into the story. There's been no contradiction because circumstances change over time. It drives me crazy seeing this dumbass argument made again and again.

Bil Simser Jul 12, 2021
Here we are in 2021 and mask restrictions are beginning to lighten up. In any case I have a lot of different style masks and loved going out (about once a week) with them. My fav is my Space Invaders one. I should have got a Monkey Island one made up come to think of it.

Mee Aug 17, 2021
Never look up the political opinions of your heroes I guess.
Jesus man you are an utter embarrassment.
Personal freedom is above anything else. If you dont know this simple fact there is no helping you and you are nothing but an authoritarian in the making, that road only leads to pure evil.
How about leaving people alone?
For a "disease" that has a 99.99% survival rate no less. Im in shock you can be so incredibly dumb.
Wont even talk about the "muh drumpf" stuff because thats just another can of worms, but its obvious you are deeply brainwashed into "normalcy" and "having the right opinion"
Its so sad, when you are a kid you think adults must have their shit together, then you grow up and realize most adults are actually just children.