Monkey Island Game History

Oct 15, 2020

The Video Game History Foundation is working to save the history of the making of video games.

On Oct 30th they are doing a live stream special event to help raise money and I'll be a guest talking about the making of Monkey Island where you can ask me questions (as long as it's not about the secret because after 30 years I've completely forgotten what it was).

Josejulio Oct 15, 2020
Can we ask you about the secret here? :)

I saw that they posted an unseen(?) image/room. Was that taken from your archive or Lucas Arts archive? (or maybe I have to wait the 30th to get my answer?)

Thanks for accepting being a guest on that event!

Johan Windh Oct 15, 2020
Great stuff Ron. Once again Happy Birthday Guybrush, and thanks for such a great game.

Shaya Oct 15, 2020
I'm excited! Thanks for doing this.

Ashnobe 6d ago
How does it feel to have Monkey Island in your backpack?

Thorw4ld 6d ago
Happy Birthday Mr. Thriftbert!

wysiwtf 6d ago
I know you don't like birthdays and speaking about MI every day and thats all fine and very understandable.
But Thank You Ron, you made our lives much better - with all the games you did.

Ping 6d ago
Happy anniversary, and thank you Ron for ALL the wonderful games you made.

David 6d ago
Diego Velázquez in disguise! 🤣

Not that far fetched as the actual Secret of Monkey Island is a mistery akin to "Las Meninas"

Ariel 6d ago
Got my ticket already!

Nico 6d ago
Time to nag the greedy mouse again..... give back Monkey Island to its creatorrrr.. ahhhhrrrrrggg. mortis estis vos

Dave 6d ago
Looking forward to joining you at the event Ron, I hope we will also get little info on your new adventure too :)

Thomas 6d ago
Hi Ron, I'm really looking forward to joining that event. Thank you for creating the game I enjoyed most in my early teenage days. Fun fact: Back then I didn't own a computer so I played it on a PC in my mom's school's computer room. And by doing that I carried in a computer computer virus. And had to learn of course how to remove it. And that was probably the earliest influence driving me into what became a remarkable information security career. I enjoyed also all later versions of Monkey Island, including the special edition. So thanks for all the joy :)

Andy 6d ago
Headlines in the austrian news (no kangaroos in Austria) - 30 years Monkey Island (german):

mute 6d ago

Johan Windh 6d ago
Got my ticket.

Evan 6d ago
That's awesome.  I hope there's a way to stream it after the fact...I'll be on the road pulling a camper with my wife and daughter.  They would not want to listen to this and would quickly tell me to turn it off.

Sigurd 5d ago
My heart skipped a beat..
For 1 second i tought this was an an annoncement of a new monkey island game:)

Dan 5d ago
Gonna grab a ticket just to ask Ron what was the meaning of MI2's ending :)

Guy guy 5d ago
Best game ever! Fond memories! I've learned english playing Lucas games adventures, thank you!

David 🏴‍☠️ 4d ago
My carefully crafted comment is now forever lost 😥

Ron Gilbert 4d ago
Yeah, I moved servers and nuked a bunch of recent comments. I'd appreciate it if everyone could go back and recreate them. Thanks.

Ron Gilbert 4d ago
And they are back!

Zak Phoenix McKracken 3d ago
I don't know what else to ask that I haven't already asked ...
What's the weather like?

Charlie 3d ago
After 30 years I played part 1 and 2 this weekend again and WE JUST NEED A REAL PART 3(a). Guybrush needs to be freed from the spell or my heart will never be at peace. :(

Johan Windh 3d ago

Eigendrea aka Rum Rogers 3d ago
See you there Ron! Can't wait - that cannibal village lost room is jaw-dropping. Hope to see more stuff like that.

David 🏴‍☠️ 2d ago
Actually MI would make for a great movie. And it would be a must watch for us 'geeks'.

Redbeard 2d ago
Concerning the "Secret" I always asked myself: Isn't a giant monkey head which provides an access to hell enough of a secret?

some dudey dude 2d ago
Ron, have you played/seen any vids on Beyond a Steel Sky? If the powers that be gave MI back to you and you made a new one, would it resemble its gameplay? (spoiler alert: not enough pixel hunting). I know you've talked about what you'd do and wouldn't do in other posts; I just wanted to mention BASS.

deater 1d ago
Have you seen the Apple II+ demake of Monkey Island?  Not the full game, but a look at what the intro and some of the gameplay might have looked like on an old Apple II system in lores mode.

Eric 1d ago
I forgot to ask this during the last AMA... however I was wondering how long does it take to develop a game like Thimbleweed park compared to the original Monkey Island / Maniac Mansion games?

Is it faster because we have such a solid foundation now? Or perhaps the same because we just expand more on the world/what's possible/voice work.

I'm not sure this will be covered in the upcoming Monkey Island history event so I thought I'd ask here!


frisby 1h ago
Hope they actually show the artwork in the correct aspect ratio...  So many 'game history' projects just shove everything into 16:9.

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