Mar 02, 2019

For your listening pleasure...


Mar 03, 2019
That was beautiful, thx for all this stuff, over the years


Mar 03, 2019


Mar 03, 2019
wow I love this! Thanks for sharing

Paul Nicholas

Mar 04, 2019
That was lovely.
Would be wonderful to catch a performance of the Monkey Island music live one day (and all the other Lucasarts/film games!)


Mar 04, 2019
Shoutout to Guybrush on guitar


Mar 04, 2019
Such a great theme! Makes for a nice morning, thanks for sharing. :)


Mar 04, 2019
Awesome tune and wonderful interpretation. The first one ( Jojo) is one of my favorites among all those  written by Michael Land for the Monkey Island series. Nice sharing!

Giorgio Novelli

Mar 05, 2019
Loved this! Thanks Ron. One of the reasons I still love MI so much is its music, Michael Land did such a great job.

Miguel Baptista

Mar 05, 2019
The perfect balance of adventure, abandonment and romance. This amazing game wouldn't have been the same without this soundtrack, and it deserves to be played by a full appropriate orchestra.


Mar 06, 2019
Lovely! Thank you for sharing!


Mar 07, 2019
Such a beautiful soundtrack, such epic games!
Could this mean release on switch? Please please please?


Mar 07, 2019
I like the Jojo The Monkey part best. I'm listening to other interpretations right now (w3sp).
That change in tempo is so cute and a little painful.

Francesco Favia

Mar 08, 2019
I am thinking about install it again and play... Ron, no news about Disney and the real money you want to offer? :D


Mar 09, 2019

Brian Goldberg

Mar 09, 2019
brings a tear to my eye. magic from my childhood


Mar 11, 2019
it always felt a little bit sad to turn this beautiful peace of music of for getting a monkey wrench


Mar 13, 2019
Is there any way to contact Michael Land to send all my huge gratitude and admiration for his amazing OSTs? I still listen to Monkey Island tracks a lot nowadays and I freaking love them and I really want to thank Michael for it


Mar 21, 2019
Absolutely loved it! Slightly crying.


Mar 24, 2019
Look behind you! A three-headed monkey!

Noah Falstein

Mar 25, 2019
Wake up, Ron!  It's still 1991, you fell asleep working on the skeleton dance and had a dream about some fantastic future world where games have become bigger than movies and people still venerate the old games.  It's just a dream.  But hey, that may give you an idea for how to end the game...


Mar 27, 2019
Listening to MI theme always feels like someone is squeezing nostalgia juice out of my heart.

The game literally cemented friendships that last since 30 years ago. My children are now enjoying the first two episodes and they wanted me to read them Treasure Island just for the sake of pirates...

And it fired my will to become a programmer. I wanted to make PNC adventures. I'm not but I founded a software company.

MI added so much to my life than I really can't imagine me without it.

Eternal gratitude for this!

Geoffrey Paulsen

Mar 29, 2019
Makes me want to see a Broadway Musical of Monkey Island!


May 02, 2019
I made my coworker play it on piano. Bliss

Joe Allen

May 06, 2019
This version has really hit home how good Michael land's theme is. It sounds like a folk music 'standard' passed down the generations.
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