Jul 22, 2020

My linux Laptop (Dell XPS 13) arrives today. I tried to order it from Dell, but ended up canceling the order twice. Every time I order something from a on-line store not named Amazon I'm repeatably shocked at how bad it is. I eventually canceled both incorrect orders and just bought the same laptop from Amazon for the same price and it took 2 days to arrive, not the 9-15 days directly from Del. There is a reason Amazon is eating everyones lunch.

Enough ranting about Dell. On a lot of levels, Amazon is also a crappy company in that they don't pay taxes, screw over Seattle, refuse employee attempts to unionize, etc, etc, etc. But they do know how to ship stuff and run a website. If I had 140 billion dollars I'd sure as hell be super nice to my employees.

I digress again...

Anyway, my Linux laptop arrives today... wait it's not actually a Linux laptop, it's a Windows laptop because Dell doesn't make a Linux laptop with a 512GB SSD, so I had to buy a Windows one and will install Linux as soon as it arrives.

My goal is to see how far I can get developing my new game on directly on Linux and not the Mac (I haven't developed on Windows in years). Can I ditch the Mac and go 100% Linux?

For working on the "game", this shouldn't be a problem once the engine runs on Linux. The few custom tools I use (Wimpy, for example) and all built from the same code the engine is, so once it's working under Linux, they should compile as well.

The real issue is going to be developing the "engine", which I spend most of my day doing. Writing C/C++ code in a nice text editor and compiling it isn't really the issue. It's mostly that I've gotten very used to the visual debugging found in Xcode and Visual Studio.

It seems that Linux IDEs are really behind in this. Once I get started I'll explore it deeper and I hope I'm wrong.

I've been a full-time Mac user for 20 years but Apple seems to get more and more paranoid and authoritarian as time goes buy. I would love to move to Linux, but I don't know if I can without making a lot of productivity sacrifices.

I'm going to install Ubuntu Budgie going solely on the fact that I like the looks. I've resigned myself to installing Linux several times before I find something I like.

We'll see... I have my finger crossed.