Aug 13, 2019

Not Okay!

Someone took the name Guybrush on my preferred Wow classic server. I don't see the point of playing anymore.

Okay, I'll play but only to hunt the fake guybrush down.

Jason Kay

Aug 13, 2019
I would say name yourself Lechuck and hunt him down, but he always fails to kill Guybrush so that's not such a good idea.


Aug 13, 2019
If you really want to kill Guybrush, name your character Disney.

Nor Treblig

Aug 14, 2019
You could name yourself 'Elaine', but it would be another kind of hunt :D


Aug 14, 2019
Try Mancomb


Aug 14, 2019
Flooring Inspector


Aug 14, 2019
"Someone took the name Guybrush ..."

No! I haven't! :-D


Aug 14, 2019
You can still call yourself Threepwood and create a guild with Guybrush


Aug 15, 2019
Have you tried 'Mancomb Seepgood'?


Aug 16, 2019
Steve Purcell probably took it!


Aug 17, 2019
Oh man, I am so sorry, I never thought of that. I have been using GUYBRUSHTHREEPWOOD for years now as my Avid Media Composer User name. If you ever  get into freelance video editing over here in europe, call me up, I will stop that immediately ^^

some guy

Aug 17, 2019
So what, it's a perfectly normal name.


Aug 19, 2019

Ron Gilbert

Aug 19, 2019

Damn straight! I was just creating GB on alliance to hold the name.  He just doesn't fit any of the Classic Wow horde races.

Ron Gilbert

Aug 19, 2019
All the good Monkey Island names are taken, I guess I should feel some pride in that.

Björn Tantau

Aug 21, 2019
Serves you right for creating an immensly popular game loved by millions of people!


Sep 07, 2019
Dude! The first capital letter! Thank god it was already taken.

Helge Frisenette

Oct 14, 2019
Have you tried Smear West‽ ;-)


Dec 16, 2019
I was just like you, but then I took a red arrow in the knee.


Jan 13, 2020
Yeah, I have a good habit of using MI names in nearly all the games I play.

Herman Toothrot is doing a cracking job in Diablo II at the moment lol.

I also like renaming Generals in Total War, Fester Shinetop has done a grand job raiding the Roman Empire recently.
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