Reagan W Jul 16, 2019
But... it's how everybody talked back then! Come on, Ron... play along!

Nicolas Deneschau Jul 18, 2019
finally, the important thing is that they drank grog and insulted others during swordfights, right?

Sgt Pepper Jul 20, 2019
Pirates ARE a pop culture concept. Nobody really cares about the historical accuracy :D that's why kids love them and that's also what the Monkey Island humor (especially in 1) is based upon. I love this concept and  I think it's pretty unique, pirates are the only "group" that actually existed, but are now seen entirely differently  and almost like fictional. Knights? Hippies? Romans? Always way more facts-based.

Alien426 Jul 22, 2019
> "Nobody really cares [...]"
Thanks for speaking on behalf of all of humanity.
> "pirates are the only "group" that actually existed, but are now seen entirely differently"
Vikings. Didn't wear horned helmets. Were not dirty savages. Didn't use skulls as drinking vessels.

Lucas Jul 23, 2019
To me ARGHHHH comes from a thirsty man at sea drinking just Grog:

"Sailors require significant quantities of fresh water on extended voyages. Since desalinating sea water was not practical, fresh water was taken on board in casks but quickly developed algae and became slimy. Stagnant water was sweetened with beer or wine to make it palatable, which involved more casks and was subject to spoilage. As longer voyages became more common, the task of stowage became more and more difficult and the sailors' substantial daily ration of water plus beer or wine began to add up."

So I am 100% positive that pirates said ARGGHHHH, because they were thirsty, and probably dragging Rs because they had to be drunk to be hydrated. So I believe the Hollywood talk for that reason.

Gothaggis Jul 24, 2019
Have you seen the Arby's monkey island tweet?!?!?!?!!

MP Jul 27, 2019
"...their Speech would have been that of an underclass British sailor..."  coupled with "...most of them came from London..." practically confirms that pirates spoke Cockney. Can't wait for the first brave soul who tries to implement that in a game or film.

Sumez Dec 06, 2019
I'm always fascinated by how much of pop culture pirates actually turns out to be accurate to the pirates of the time.
I always assumed "movie pirates" to be a caricatured approximation of how people assumed most British sailors spoke at the time.