Quit Twitter

Jun 01, 2019

"But new evidence shows that the platform may be inflicting harm at an even more basic level. It could be making its users, well, a bit witless."

I quit Twitter and haven't post or even logged on in over a year. I can safely say I have never been happier. Twitter is a complete dumpster fire that consumes you and everything thing the demon touches. If I was a religious person I'd say with complete confidence that Twitter is a product of Satan run by one of this minions.

Just quit.

It will be hard for the first few months. It's like a drug you have to detox from.

Just do it.

I've heard all the excuses for not quitting (I made them all), just substitute the words "heroin" or "booze" for "twitter" and see if your excuses make sense anymore.

You will be a happier person.

Just quit.