Things I Hate About Roguelikes (via)

Aug 27, 2018

This is a great four-part series about Roguelikes from the GOLDEN KRONE HOTEL website.

Part 1: Burden of Knowledge
Part 2: Identification
Part 3: Terrible Controls
Part 4: Bog Standard Dungeons

Roguelikes are one of my guilty pleasures, although I don't play a lot of different ones and I can safely say I've never heard of most of the games mentioned in this series (my first experience with Rogue was on a UNIX machine when I started at Lucasfilm).

One of my many side projects is working on a roguelike. I've never made one before, so it's a fun exercise. Technically it's not a roguelike (no random dungeons, no permadeath (not like it's traditionally used)), but it feels like one. I guess they call these roguelites. Or maybe it's the other way around?

It's been fun to try and deconstruct the genera and see what is important and what is just legacy cruft. But much like deconstructing adventure games to "just the fun parts", it's easy to boil them down to something that isn't an adventure game anymore. Not that that's bad, but don't call them adventure game (or roguelikes) anymore. Maybe you've stumbled onto something new.

Lachlan Kingsford Aug 27, 2018
You could consider joining us for the 7 day roguelike challenge one year. Some really really cool stuff gets made each year (and each year, I make something really really mediocre). That said - people can get a bit funny about 'roguelikeness' so - you know - your mileage may very

Jeremiah Aug 29, 2018
Totally agree with Lachlan. Please do 7DRL with us in the spring! It's a great time push the boundaries of the genre and not getting hung up on rules anyway.

suejak Sep 22, 2018
No random dungeons and no permadeath put you on a long road to calling your game a roguelite or roguelike. Us RL fanatics are gonna be very suspicious of such a game, but if it's from you, I'll probably try it. Good luck!

David Mehrmann Oct 23, 2018
Maybe it's not a "real" rogue-like, but I had so much fun with Crypt of the Necrodancer -- how it sounds, feels, plays, that I'm probably going to sink hundreds more hours into this over time. I can't believe how addicting this simple music rhythm fighting is.

Patsy J. Moore Feb 11, 2019
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