Jul 06, 2019

What are some good dungeon crawl roguelikes or roguelites released in the last year?

  • Must be a roguelike/lite
  • Must be a dungeon crawl
  • Must have been released in the last year

Kragil Jul 06, 2019
Turrican II

Mindiell Jul 06, 2019
1. Go to roguelike database :
2. Search for all categories
3. Display field "release date"
4. Display results
5. Order by release date
6. Done !

Tramboi Jul 06, 2019
Don't even try Ron. Please don't botch a RPG.
Design more adventure games.

Morph Jul 09, 2019
Dead Cells

blombo Jul 12, 2019
I'm sure you don't need it, but the naysayer(s) need a counterbalance: go ahead Ron, make the wonderful game you want to make!

Alex Jul 12, 2019
Book of Demons
The Swords of Ditto
Wizard of Legend
Stoneshard (not release yet but you can play a demo? - Stoneshard: Prologue)
Void Bastards
Risk of Rain 2?
Darkest Dungeon 2 is coming out

MOX Jul 14, 2019
Rogue's Tale, this is pure magic...

Tony Jul 22, 2019

Johnny99 Jul 30, 2019
Can someone tell me what's so great about roguelikes? It's so annoying to play the same stuff over and over again just to get little progress. I also hated the Shmups in the 80's were you had to do the same (although I still try to beat R-Type from time to time).
For me there has to be real progress like in JRPG's or Wizardry were you start with damage of <10 at Level 1 and end with >10000 at Level 150.

Guimero Sep 21, 2019
Noita is coming soon and seems wonderful. It adds physics to the mix.
I believe Witchmarsh has some roguelite elements but is still not out.
The Curious Expedition and its sequel plus I think they were working on A Curious Case, a roguelike detective game but there have been no news recently.

Johnny Walker Oct 18, 2019

Drew Taylor Dec 12, 2019
Tangledeep is pretty fun.  Not sure how long it has been out, but I believe it is relatively new to the Switch, which is how I've been playing it.