Stephen Jun 28, 2022
This looks awesome, music and graphics are awesome, can't wait, hope it's releasing everywhere at the same time

Antonio Jun 28, 2022
Just LOVE It. Great work Ron, and awesome art, cant wait to play It.
LOVE the official webpage too, very funny to Talk with Stan :)

Rum Rogers Jun 28, 2022
I'm speechless, this looks, sounds and feels extraordinarily good!

The Legend of Monkey Island Jun 28, 2022
I love it! thanks Ron and the whole team.

Sam N Jun 28, 2022
This is basically perfect. I'm beyond excited :)

Sven P Jun 28, 2022
Wow. This looks great. I am looking forward to play it. Thanks for reviving the memories of my childhood.

yay Jun 28, 2022
I like it. Some scenes and characters look great. Others ... nice update on the website too.

Pixel precise release date? GOG? How much?

Rita McLusky Jun 28, 2022
That art style is very, very off-putting, but I have high hopes for the game.

Margit Jun 28, 2022
Glad you're getting this done and having fun.
But not feeling the art. At all. It looks like corporate memphis, hard on the eyes and too busy while also communicating way too little important detail.
This late in development any constructive feedback for the art style would probably be too late anyways, so let's just leave it at that.

Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art Jun 28, 2022
Monkey Island ... by Ron Gilbert ... in 2022. This is going to be bigger than Big Whoop.

Wait ... how did Stan escape from the coffin!!!

german pointnclicker Jun 28, 2022
waited 30 years for this.
just when i wanted to say, whatever you do dont make it a leftist multiculti gender bs, i saw this ill graphic style.
this cant be saved anymore.
will definately not buy it.

Klaus Jun 28, 2022
This. Is. Simply. AMAZING! Loving the art style, the music, the atmosphere... This is going to be a blast to play! Ron, you're a hero!

Kroms Jun 28, 2022
That looks terrific. Terribly excited!

Wayfarer Jun 28, 2022
@german pointnclicker
Oh well! Can't please everyone – I'd imagine it'd be even more difficult with right-wing, pro-white, LGBT-phobic bs, regardless how popular it seems in an echo chamber. It probably says more about the audience and what some have been consuming for the past 30 years between the sequels than what this series is actually about.

Ger Jun 28, 2022
It looks impressive. Bravo!

Greg Jun 28, 2022
I hope that there will be physical edition aslo to put this next to Monkey Island Aniversary collection!
I started with Monkey Island 2 on Amiga in 90s in Poland.
This will be great continuation!

Marc Jun 28, 2022
@Ron Gilbert, will the new MI come out on IOS?

Ger Jun 28, 2022
I need to ask forgiveness for my previous criticism, you were right.

Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art Jun 28, 2022
1 minute 16 seconds in the Trailer:

Guybrush underwater and the sign says:

Monkey Island - 6 minute walk.

Definitely waiting 10 minutes!!

Dave Jun 28, 2022
The only thing I want now is a physical and/or a collector's edition. Don't forget about it, Steam is alright, but then there's... fandom. It'll be good besides the Limited Run anthology for my 4 year old daughter (already a fan of guybrush herself!)

Thanks Ron for all of this, it's a dream come true.

Ps. I think that after pixels, cartoon, 3D (gone wrong) and other 3D (gone.. ok) this is a nice evolution, I like it

grog Jun 28, 2022
Psst! Disney is monitoring this. The more positive feedback there is, the higher the price will be, so, taking a deep breath.

'Buhh! Ron Gilbert, you completely lost it. This is even worse than Broken Age. You'll lose your independence to Microsoft. You'll never ever make another successful adventure. I'll pirate it anyway. No one will buy your game. Buhh!'

Puh. I hope that's enough.

Ger Jun 28, 2022
@Stan Previously Owned Pixelart
"Wait ... how did Stan escape from the coffin!!!"

How did he get inside it again? He should do it in order to keep the canon.

Kit Jun 28, 2022
This looks amazing. So hyped

Leo Jun 28, 2022

Gary Stu Jun 28, 2022
I really hope the Morgan LeFlay cameo at 0:14 isn't just a cameo. She's a good character, and I'd love to see her again.

And the Elaine clip at 1:03! I know you've plainly stated there isn't going to be a playable Elaine segment, but idk, I really want this to be a playable Elaine segment.

You've also plainly stated that the secret of monkey island isn't in this one, but this trailer implies it is. Very intriguing. I don't think the question "what is the secret of monkey island" needs an answer, but I'm fine either way.


The artwork is gorgeous. The colours and environments are so beautiful and rich. The colours, man, I love them.

The character art suits the rest well, but I'll need some time for it to grow on me. I'm sure I'll be fine.

The little animated Stan on the ReMI website is so charming. He's the cutest slimey salesman this side of Spamton. I'm sure the rest will win me over once its in my hands.

Marc Jun 28, 2022
This is so awesome... I am as excited as when MI2 was coming on stores and I was 12 years old. After these last 2 years of pandemy that took away my job and made me loose my direction. Now I have again job as a singer and your 3d game of Monkey Island is there after 30 years. Thanks so much for this, Ron!!! The game looks awesome and I cant wait to play it

Guythreep Brushwood Jun 28, 2022
looks absolutely awful. What were you thinking? This looks like a F2P flash mobile game.

Tum de dum. Jun 28, 2022
Can't wait Ron! It seems really amazing, I hope you and the team are happy with the result.

I add two things:

1. I think that a Linux build is a must.
2. Drm free on GOG would be great

Thank you!!!

Remi Jun 28, 2022

Siraolo Jun 28, 2022
Great Trailer, nice artwork, too. I will definitely love it!
But what happenend to Guybrushs nose? Is he an alcoholic now? ;-)
Please redesign the nose, every other character is way more pretty!

Johnno75 Jun 28, 2022
Looks Amazing! This brings me back 31 years in time when I played the first one on the amiga. Can't want to play this one.

Martin Jun 28, 2022
I just can't get used to the artstyle :(. However, when I close the eyes and just listen, I get the Monkey Island vibe :)

hidralisco Jun 28, 2022
Bless you ron & team. You're all national treasures

Mac! Jun 28, 2022
I'm going to wishlist your pants too but please... release it for Mac also!!!

Punman Jun 28, 2022
PC/Switch at launch... will there be a Mac version?  I know Ron has been a big Mac user in the past.

Ron Gilbert Jun 28, 2022
It will be released on the Mac. 90% of the programming team is on the Mac. Windows is the "port".

Marc Jun 28, 2022
What about IOS?

fancypants Jun 28, 2022
State of the art!
Return to Monkey Island™ seems like a masterpiece to me.
I wonder how good/bad Guybrush´s swordfighting is after 30 years...

Aleksi Jun 28, 2022
Probably gonna take some time to get into this graphical style. Although it reminds me of Guacamelee, which I loved. But honestly it doesn't matter how it looks, it's a new Monkey Island!! From Ron and Dave!!!

Aleksi Jun 28, 2022
Eh.. meant Ron and Gary obviously, just got too excited I guess.

mar Jun 28, 2022
@Ron: So no LINUX version?


Ariel B. Jun 28, 2022
It looks PERFECT and I've never waited for a video game as I did with Monkey Island 3 by you. All I've seen so far points to be beyond what I was expecting.
I can't wait to buy it, play it and then thank you once again.

Rum Rogers Jun 28, 2022

It's actually from Ron and Dave. Gary isn't on this one.

Brian Goldberg Jun 28, 2022
Looking forward to it.

What is your (the art team's) inspiration for the art direction? Is it supposed to be like Paper Mario?

Maxi Jun 28, 2022
Ron, are we going to see any of the islands from MI2 in RTMI? I'd love to see that with the new art style

Jose Jun 28, 2022
And Linux? :D

I love all the new stuff. I'm so happy!!

Wayfarer Jun 28, 2022
In case it isn't common knowledge, Rex introduced Guybrush's new look and color palette on his blog back in 2009, but the in-game version has slightly more detailed features, all the better to emote with.

D.C. Jun 28, 2022
This week looked bleek and then this trailer happened! I love everything I see and hear and am so hyped! Thank you Ron, Dave and all the great artists contributing to this game! I would love a link to go buy the soundtrack too.

Gcsorba Jun 28, 2022
Atmosphere perfect! Environments perfect! Great mix of familiar faces and exciting new characters (the judge in particular)! Also, the amount of exciting action on display is incredible for a comedy point-and-click adventure. New website with Stan already made me laugh twice! :D Keep up the fantastic work and thank you!!!

Ps1.: Is that shot in front of the fantastic redesigned Monkey Head a hint of a playable Elaine? If so, hurray!
Ps2.: The only thing I'll need to get used to is Guybrush's nose... Everyone else's nose looks natural and fits with their abstract style, but his seems to just be glued on. I'm sure it'll work when immersed in the story, we trust you! :)

25-30 years worth of progress Jun 28, 2022
I feel like the animation is a backwards step. Curse of Monkey Island came out 25 years ago (!) and it looks as though it has better animation. I'll reserve judgement until I'm actually playing the game, I have had similar reactions to other games only to find it is fine when playing, but initial reaction is underwhelming. (To be clear, I do like the art style, not so hot on the animation.)

Enchantermon Jun 28, 2022
I'm excited! Can't wait to see the final product!

Björn Jun 28, 2022
Great, I'm looking forward to Christmas. ReMI Is my only wish this year. Will never forget Christmas with Monkey Island 2 for my Amiga. I love the trailer and really hope there will be a box, vinyl soundtrack, poster etc. too. I'll buy everything. Is there a small chance for a promotion tour in Germany like 2017 in Berlin??

Your biggest fan from Germany


Manicus Jun 28, 2022
Great! Looking forward to try it!
Greetings from Spain

Minty Jun 28, 2022
I would have spent serious money on a monkey sequel, I had hopes from the glimpsed we had so far it wouldn't be so bad but I'm really sad to say this isn't monkey island, this is the product of a person who hates what he created and is proving to all you A$$ lickers that he never wanted to make another. I loved every single monkey game even tales, they all captured the right spirit but this just looks and feels like a really poor adult swim cartoon rip off.... I'm so so sad, the one thing I truly love and its been reduced a poorly animated poorly designed throwaway game. Shameful.

Les Jun 28, 2022
This looks great! Can't wait!! Huge thanks to Ron and his team for making this happen.

Guybrush Jun 28, 2022
Please do a German audio synchronization with Norman matt.

Minty Jun 28, 2022
His nose looks like a c0ck ffs, and the lifeless eyes.

Libby Jun 28, 2022
Oh my gosh. I am just so excited to finally see more of what this game is going to be. I love the look of the game and Guybrush. And I can't wait to play this game, I can hardly contain my excitement.

Rankles Jun 28, 2022
Oh well, can't please everyone I spose? Really looking forward to this and going another round with LeChuck

Lorenzo Jun 28, 2022
Thank you for your quick answer on the Mac release. I love everything about this. Great trailer!! Can't wait to play the game, please don't make us wait too long eheheheh.
btw, the website is also great :)

Thank you, from the 13 y.o. that is still alive in me and waiting to finish this saga.

Lennart Jun 28, 2022
Love it. So looking forward to playing it!

Frase Jun 28, 2022
As a huge fan of LeChuck's Revenge especially (and particularly the Special Edition, too!), I have to say that this looks rather ugly.
Sorry, but it really looks like 2002 Flash animations, and the character and scene designs are disturbingly bad. Looks very flat and the colours are garish and weird.
Just my opinion, but I will look forward to the game anyway! I'll maybe get it during a sale :D

Jake Jun 28, 2022
Any plan for android version?

Stevenut Jun 28, 2022
I will buy it, because the old games were fun. I want more of that and want to see also how the story will go on. Everything ok here. I'm happy it will happen.

But the art style... I was afraid it would have that flash animation feeling and it has. A lot. Everything looks very less detailed also. Just cheap. Sorry.

I will say the following sentences without any hatred, but value-free:
"It's ironic that the people who don't want me to make the game I want to make are some of the hard core Monkey Island fans."

There is nothing ironic about it. They are fans of the product you made before.
Not of you.

What I find ironic is when someone doesn't question what their customers wants, just going their way, but then be sad when people maybe don't like the result (and maybe not buy the product, which can lead them to not being able to continue on their path in the future at all).

And the fact that comment sections under some posts were completely deleted shows, that you not have enough experience with this situation (or you are ignoring it). It is really not a good idea to do that. I can only give you the advice to get a consultant for your page or close comments completely.

DieSkaarj Jun 28, 2022
Those stylised characters are just asking for a paper doll realisation. I'm not going to be buying the plans as DLC though. Just sayin'.

Wirrbart Jun 28, 2022
Oh man, so disappointed by the look. What happened to Guybrush? Looks like a dead doll drawn by Picasso himself. Man, these days games easyily can look like comic movies only could in the past. Now, MI could realise the dream of having the look it really deserves - and it is technically possible nowadays... And we geht this cheap looking... whatsorever that is. Honestly, count me to the long time fans who won't buy it.

Pumple Ghoo Jun 28, 2022
As an arty educated type and not an entitled gamer person, this looks amazing.

25-30 years worth of progress Jun 28, 2022
Just been looking back at MI, MI2 and CMI. I changed my mind about the art style. Looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds, but I don't think I'll be able to enjoy looking at it. I guess the budget just wasn't there for this.

Tomo Jun 28, 2022
@Ron I don't want to write this only to be on the "I like the graphics" side. But really because looking at the trailer and images it gives me the exact same feelings I had 32 years ago as a child. In a strange way it just comforts my soul and I can't wait to dig into this world!

So, hopefully playing this game on 15th of October. Would be a good date looking at the release date of the first game 😀


Vinny Testaverde Jun 28, 2022
Tbh this looks campy and childish. Not what I was hoping for.

IAmBatman Jun 28, 2022
This is not the game we need but the game we deserve.

Steven Spielberg Jun 28, 2022
The world is not lost, there is hope in humanity.

Stan Jun 28, 2022
It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.
- Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate

Dustin Jun 28, 2022
I cannot wait for this. I was speechless on the day it was announced, and this trailer has put me over the top. I feel as excited as I did on my 7th birthday when my dad got me LeChuck's Revenge from our local PC shop!

Rum Rogers Jun 28, 2022

I think Ron stated multiple times that the October 15 release date just somehow made its way to Wikipedia and became a de-facto thing, but it's not true. Back then there wasn't an actual release date as nowadays, the release date was when the game actually hit the shelves of the particular shop it was sent to.

Tomo Jun 28, 2022
@Rum Rogers Yeah I know. But then I was like looking it up anyway and just posted it. Maybe Ron wants to turn the date into reality this time 😀

Basto Jun 28, 2022
I love that it feels so epic.

Scottie Jun 28, 2022
Ron, This looks so amazing 🤩. LOVE the art style. Great choice!

fancypants Jun 28, 2022
@Steven Spielberg
Wow! Hello mr. Spielberg. Ron always said you were a massive gamer.
Thank you for all the great movies you made. I realised when I watched your movies aswell as playing Ron´s games, the craft you both are masters in is not directing or programming... No! It is story telling. We love to hear your stories and we want to hear them over and over again. Took as long as making this game to figure that out, But I figured out. Thanks!
PS: Looking forward to the new indy movie :D <3 Jippie!!!

Kincklich Jun 28, 2022
This is way too abstracted, my brain can barely recognize these shapes as human (faces). Takes a moment for each new scene. I'm deeply saddened :(

Also looks very corporate, as some others already mentioned.

Idol of many hands Jun 28, 2022
Use wax lips with quarrelsome rhinoceros

Matteo Jun 28, 2022
This is great! You guys have exceeded expectations... I like it so much!

Rob Carlson Jun 28, 2022
@25-30 years worth of progress
The thing about hand-drawn, traditional animation is that it's unavoidably an extremely labor-intensive process, and nothing in the last 25-30 years has changed that. There's no reason to expect a 2D game in 2022 to look more like a Disney Renaissance movie than one in 1997.

Fogle Jun 28, 2022
It looks really bad. I so not like the art style

Marc Jun 28, 2022
I think the art looks a bit weird. Takes some time getting used to. No big deal though - at least it's not freaking pixel art!

Winfried Maus Jun 28, 2022
I would love to say "shut up and take my money", but the game is not on GOG and the Nintendo eShop does not allow me to wishlist (or pre-order) the game, yet.

And I do hope there will be a version for Xbox?

KestrelPi Jun 28, 2022
Ron, the game looks tremendous and I'm incredibly excited to see what you and the team have done with it, speaking as someone who first played the game around 1992 and considers the series a formative thing for me.

I already suspected that the game's art would show off much better in motion, and I think this trailer proves it. It's so full of character and fun, and all the little animation touches in the foreground and the background are just lovely. It's definitely a departure in style from the other games, but I remember that always being true. MI2 didn't look much like MI1, CMI didn't much look like either of those, and EMI wasn't even in the same number of dimensions. So it's not surprising to me that we yet again got another art style and I'm thrilled you managed to get someone who so obviously grew up with and cares about the series as Rex.

I'm super intrigued about how the context sensitivity will be implemented, and what 'reactive dialog trees' actually means, so I can't wait to find out more!

jas1965 Jun 28, 2022
Not crazy about the art at first blush, but man you know how to make a great game, Ron!  I'm fairly certain that a few minutes in and the art won't ever be a thought in someone's mind for the remainder of the game.  Your games are FUN!  And that's why we play them, right?!  Insta-buy for me!

Neonis Jun 28, 2022
This looks awesome. Really crossing my fingers that this will get an equally awesome physical edition (big box would really make me happy)

Fred Jun 28, 2022
Bold new style. Still have to get used to Guybrush, all the other characters I already like very much. Music sounds fantastic. I'm really looking forward to play it.
Wouldn't mind, if there was a rerelease of the first 3 Parts of Monkey Island somewhere on the way, too.

Michael Jun 28, 2022
Will there be a physical Mac/PC release as well? :)

@Rob Carlson Jun 28, 2022
The point I was trying to make is that after 25-30 years, the animation shouldn't be worse than the original games should it? If what you say is true and no improvements have been made it should be at least as good, not a backwards step. Just my opinion I guess. There's plenty of people that appear to love it. I'm one of the unlucky ones that don't.

Outraged Jun 28, 2022
Ron, those curtains at the locksmith's aren't animated. It was very important to me that they'd be animated.

Michael Jun 28, 2022
...and to add... I love the graphics and visual style :)

Kim Jun 28, 2022
What other platforms will it be released on? Will it come out on mobile?
Please say yes to mobile.
I need this game for old time sakes.

Rune Jun 28, 2022
As an old-school die hard pixel art guy I have to say...


I love this!

Absolutely beautiful and sophisticated style! Can't wait to return to Monkey Island! And I'll be starting on them voodoo dolls if there is no physical release ;)

Ale Grazz Jun 28, 2022
This is awesome. Beyond the stupid discussions about the artistic style, this moment is unique. We should be thankful that we have a new story of Guybrush Threepwood's adventures in the year 2022, when no one else expected it. Thank you Ron for spending your time and energy, true fans will forever appreciate it. We can´t wait for it.

JkayR Jun 28, 2022
Love it, such wonderful art. Manages to bring back memories while pushing forward at the same time. Phenomenal job! Can't wait.

S. Yun Sunn Jun 28, 2022
This looks like the cell phone game. I very like the music of the Monkey Island games, and so please tell me that the music will be the same. I do not like the graphics and I am sorry. Like the cartoon that is canceled becausfe is lazy! It's not look good sorry.

S. Yun Sunn Jun 28, 2022
I still have all my big love for the Monkey Island games! <3

GogoRiderMan Jun 28, 2022
I love the art style. And the music is absolutely perfect - gives me chills every time I listen (I've seen it about 15 times now)!) I can't wait to Return!

Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art Jun 28, 2022
Three things are certain in life: death, taxes and a Ron Gilbert Monkey Island becoming an instant classic!

I would just like to point out an error on the website. For some reason it says:

"The exciting conclusion to the Monkey Island series ..."

No way is this the end. This is just the beginning!!

Lorenzo M. Jun 28, 2022
I hated the art style when it was first revealed, and unfortunately my opinion hasn't changed at all with this new trailer... We were told seeing things animated would definitely not make it feel like a Picasso-y flash game, and I'm afraid that just isn't true: the animations do look very cheap, and we got the worst looking Guybrush in history. I also feared it would look and feel like Guacamelee, in movement, and I was saddened to see it was exactly that.

I'll still buy the game because it's you, and I've waited for "your" game for 30 years ahead more. I'll just have to figure out how to play it blindfolded, though, as I'm most definitely not going to like to look at it...

Mark Jun 28, 2022
I agree that the original Monkey Island parts were not pixel-art, but state-of-the-art tech and art. So it was the best decision to use state-of-the-art tech and art also for the new part.

To all who do not like the new art, it was only one part what made Monkey Island so amazing. The big picture was the combination of art, sound, atmosphere, gameplay, texts and jokes and this combination will also make the new Monkey Island amazing.

I only hope that there will be german audio, as I want to enlighten my kids with Monkey Island.

ddaymace Jun 28, 2022
Really not liking the block-y art style.  Budget constraints maybe?  Anyway hoping for the best but would rather have either real pixel art or the "curse of" style.

ddaymace Jun 28, 2022
"To all who do not like the new art" ... you don't either, you're just rationalizing your nostalgia lol.  Pixel mod in the future?  LMAO

Patchwork Jun 28, 2022
Grim Fandango had a setting that allowed players to switch back and forth between the original and updated visuals. Given that everyone outside of this specific comment section seems to think the new art style looks like clip art garbage, maybe this would be worth considering.

Marius Jun 28, 2022
I love it Ron. This is incredible! Thank you for returning, and making something you and your team wants to do. I can't wait.
One of my favorite parts: The monkey head looks really scary. Looking as those eyes males me super uncomfortable. That's what I look forward to in a Monkey Island game :)

butz Jun 28, 2022
Trailer looks and sounds great! Have you considered supporting Steam Deck? Personally hoping for native Linux version, wink-wink nudge-nudge.

goldcd Jun 28, 2022
Take My Money

N Jun 28, 2022
Fix your awful artstyle, godamn no-taste cuck

Irishmom Jun 28, 2022
I like the style in general. Pretty wacky for someone not beeing into the "wacky" Chuck Jones style ;-).Guybrush himself needs some getting used to though... That "nose"

Sad Guybrush Jun 28, 2022
This game is going to fail so hard. Nobody wants to play a game with such an awful art style.

RIP Monkey Island.

Rob Carlson Jun 28, 2022
@25-30 years worth of progress
RtMI as I understand it is a smaller production than CMI. That's the difference. There's no forwards or backwards with how many animator-hours you can afford. It isn't a matter of improvement or dis-improvement because these aren't the same companies or teams.

Vyse Jun 28, 2022
Some comments in here remind me about when The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was first shown to the public. Almost everyone complained about the artstyle and how they hated it. Now it is celebrated as one of the most unique and possibly best games of the series. Having mixed reactions like this shows that the artstyle is not boring. Don‘t let it get to you Rex. You did great :) you too Ron!

Wayfarer Jun 28, 2022
"Attention, 𝘔𝘰𝘯𝘬𝘦𝘺 𝘐𝘴𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘥: your unexpected new art style scares us. You stole our hearts as a pixel-art game, and so shall you remain, or else!" Kidding.

It looks unique and distinctly its own, and there's no longer any separation between animated objects and backgrounds. I also like how LeChuck's crew has ghosts and zombies, both.

StrumTheory Jun 28, 2022
The art style is very reminiscent of Jenny LeClue.  Like Joe Russ' art from Mografi.  Great stuff!

Gins Jun 28, 2022
I'm happy that the trailer didn't show too much of the game. I can't wait to play it and see what you guys came up with for this one!

I like the art style, just don't like Guybrush's ... head? It reminds me of the situation with the Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition Guybrush (the one that got a fan patch to fix his hair). Everything else really works for me with this art style.
The Stan-dialog on the website was a cool idea :D

I hope there will be some info about how this (r)evolutionary interface works, soon, or maybe I prefer to just go in blind and experience it first hand?

Andrew McCarthy Jun 28, 2022
I love this trailer! The art looks amazing and Guybrush looks especially good. I can't wait to finally play it!

DM Jun 28, 2022
I was one of those old fan who was at first disappointed with the style, but now, seeing all in motion with sound...IT'S GORGEOUS!


Mono Jun 28, 2022
omg :(

JB Jun 28, 2022
Excited for the story. But can't help feel like the art is having a Sonic Movie character design moment. There is something really off here. The faces and the contrast between characters and backgrounds is rough. Not a fan.

Tommy B Jun 28, 2022
Absolutely buzzing to be back controlling Mr Threepwood. All I hope for now is a big box release like all the previous games. Or at the very least just a purchasable hard copy to complete my collection!

I-Didn't-Build-A-C*mray Jun 28, 2022
"I wanted the art in Return to Monkey Island to be provocative, shocking, and not what everyone was expecting"

Well it certainly does provoke a negative feeling within me, I'm shocked it looks as bad as it does, and I was certainly not expecting the aesthetics of this series to crash and burn the way it has. Thanks Ron!

Konstantinos Konstantopoulos Jun 28, 2022
The game looks awesome!
Return to Monkey Island, at least for me, is not about reliving my childhood. It is about staying young and playful now, today, as a grown-up.
Ron, thank you and warm regards from Athens, Greece!

Rob Carlson Jun 28, 2022
It's definitely not a Sonic Movie moment. The Sonic thing was a WiP design that got rushed into a trailer by impatient studio execs, whereas everything here is by all accounts a deliberate aesthetic choice. (Also, I'm not seeing the contrast between characters and backgrounds that you are. On that front it looks remarkably coherent to me.)

I won't say I'm an instant fan of the art direction, but I wouldn't be surprised if it all gels for me while playing.

David Jun 28, 2022
Thanks for building the Monkey Island game you wanted, I look forward to playing the story in the way you wanted it done and in the style you and your team have come up with. I cant wait to see what adventures are instore for our plucky hero.

Geoff P Jun 28, 2022
YAY!!! I'm so happy!  Now I've got to accelerate my boys' playing of 2-6.  Any chance you can include all of the other games inside of this game, Day of the Tentacle style?   If not, perhaps a Spin off Netflix show?  If not at least some cool merch?

PK Jun 28, 2022
This is amazing in so many ways - the bright colors, the music and orchestrations... it is such fun just to identify characters, situations and allusions from the previous stories in these few minutes. Just feels great. Thanks, Ron, for your courage. That is not a comeback - it‘s definitely a return!

Captain Jun 28, 2022
The characters look largely indiscernible from their backgrounds. Nobody seems to actually have any facial expressions. That 'swordfighting' scene in the trailer just looked like two stick figures stiffly animated to flail at each other. All detail looks flat, the little of it that there is. Every character's silhouette looks interchangeable. There's no atmosphere. Penis noses. Etc.

"I wanted the art in Return to Monkey Island to be provocative, shocking, and not what everyone was expecting" If the intent of your art is just to subvert expectations and nothing else, you don't have art, you have a picture that says 'Bet you were expecting some else, huh?' which isn't something anybody goes to the art museum to look at. It's fine if you like this Microsoft clip-art style, but the impression being given off is that you like it for being DIFFERENT alone, which is going to only further incense disappointed fans.

At any point in that trailer it felt like the characters were about to start talking about how easy it is to get car insurance, or how I should talk to my doctor to see if Monkey Island is right for me. It's truly unfortunate that your brave, out-on-a-limb artistic decision just so happens to be visibly indiscernible from cheap, off-the-shelf, contract-to-the-lowest-bidder corporate art; it makes you come across as callous to the fans and the game come across as yet another cheap cash grab taking advantage of people's little remaining good will towards franchises that haven't been completely despoiled for profit. A lot of people see this as giving the game the least expensive coat of paint available to be able to sell it again, and the justification of "Well maybe I was trying to upset you! Ever think of that?" does little to alleviate the sentiment.

earlyreview Jun 28, 2022
looks designed for smartphones and 5-year olds. Story and gameplay will be probably 9/10. Music 10/10, voice 9/10, sound effects 8/10, background designs 5/10, character designs 1/10.
Total score: 6/10

Iron Curtain Jun 28, 2022
I looked on GOG and it wasn't there. Fortunately, it's going to be on the Nintendo Switch.

Rum Rogers Jun 28, 2022
@Konstantinos Konstantopoulos
"Return to Monkey Island, at least for me, is not about reliving my childhood. It is about staying young and playful now, today, as a grown-up."

Very well put, sir. This x1000. Thanks for stating this.

TT Jun 28, 2022
Ron, how do you think the artwork of this compares to the original Monkey Island 3?

My theory currently is that Guybrush wakes up in hell (without knowing it) and it is a version of the MI reality where everything looks like crap and then in the second act he portals back to normal MI reality and it'll switch to the good looking design? Maybe he has to portal between the two realities/designs? Kind of like the old school Zelda games?

Malleys Jun 28, 2022
can't wait to play!

Johnny Walker Jun 28, 2022
I was definitely someone who felt let down when they first saw the new designs on announcement... but honestly now I've had time for them to sink it, and finally watched the new trailer... I'm SUPER EXCITED. I think it looks great. It's completely its own thing. And so it should be. I think I'd actually have been a little disappointed if they'd gotten Purcell and Chan back (which is crazy talk considering how much I love their work). But this looks NEW and DIFFERENT. Ron was totally right to push the series in a new direction after all this time.

So consider me a Grumpy Curmudgeon converted to Excited Evangelist. I'm sure the rest of the grump sods who still can't get over the fact that the series hasn't looked the same twice in 30 years will come around eventually. I sure have. I CANNOT WAIT!

Shocked Monkey Island Fan Jun 28, 2022
I hope the gameplay is good, because the art style and animations certainly aren't.

Anyway, good luck...

Christian B Jun 28, 2022
I like it.

Christian B Jun 28, 2022
The Loom Guy! Maybe the next project from Ron and Moriarty? 😀

AlsoaGrumpyGamer Jun 28, 2022
Happy at the announcement.
Skeptical at the teaser.
Disappointed at the trailer.
No purchase from me.
My Guybrush will not return to Monkey Island.

CaryMGVR Jun 28, 2022
JUST PC & Switch ...??
C'mon, man ....
8* (

Yarhar707 Jun 28, 2022
CalArts and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

Fuz Jun 28, 2022
Gone through all the stages of grief already.

It's definitely dead.

I'm selling these fine leather jackets Jun 28, 2022
Don't listen to the entitled crybabies, Ron! Bravo for all your hard work. I for one am really looking forward to it.

frisby Jun 28, 2022
Hi Ron, I hope you'll include a 'text only' mode so we can play the first 3 without voice altogether :)

Chris Jun 28, 2022
Exciting trailer, I am sure it will be fun, well written, and I will definitely buy the game.

However, I feel like something was lost by choosing this art style. It's not about nostalgia, I don't feel any particular attachment to pixel art. I just feel like this very geometric (composed of basic shapes and polygons) design is a bit cold, hard, and expressionless (the character faces especially, Guybrush and the Voodoo Lady look look like complete strangers now). There's a lack of nuance and detail and softness. The music is great, the voice actors sound fantastic, all the old characters coming back is pure joy but it still doesn't quite feel like Monkey Island anymore. That's fine, and it is ultimately the creative decision made by Ron, but I am not surprised that so many people have strong reactions to it.

Nathan Jun 28, 2022
Just beautiful.  The love and passion for Monkey Island is so evident. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this.  Will there be a physical edition?

Rachel Jun 28, 2022
Still excited... but the art is genuinely hard to get around, and this is from someone who was determined to go in with an open mind. Here's hoping the gameplay and especially the story itself are up to the usual quality you expect from a Monkey Island game.

Dion Jun 28, 2022
The art looks absolutely gorgeous....I love it, I don't know what people are on about. Can't wait for this!

Jeremy Jun 28, 2022
Absolutely love it Ron! Thank you so much!!!

Siv Jun 28, 2022
I am so flipping excited for this! I haven't been feeling great today, but this is a happy glow I just keep coming back to. I've watched the trailer multiple times now. So many familiar faces, getting to hear Guybrush again, the look, the music, all the new characters and things to come, Murray's laugh always gives me joy haha. Just happy happy happy and can't wait to play it.

Nino Threepwood Jun 28, 2022
Hi Ron!

I consider Monkey Island my nº1 absolutely favourite game! I have been dreaming for a sequel of the game with trepidation for years! Googling is there any MI incoming yet since Tales of MI installment was over.

One day I wake up by the wonderful news in your blog that my hopes are finally coming through. Buzzing w ith excitement! Today, I woke up to see it all crushed...

I'm disappointed by the approximate looking design. That's not on par with MI 1/2/3/5. I tell myself maybe it's just going to be fun playing. Yet, shot after shot an horrific realisation that I've seen those scenes, I've seen those characters, the settings seems to be devolving diachronically.

It smells like cheap booze! I'll buy it to get hangover once, but I'm afraid it's going to end up being a day after resolution of never drinking again...

Thank you for the efforts put so far!
Please, please, please: don't make this just another reboot!

J. Sulzbach Jun 28, 2022
I was in Seattle this morning and wondered, "What's Ron Gilbert up to today?" Why, releasing the first full Return to Monkey Island trailer, of course! Thank you for making this happen.

Spider Jun 28, 2022
Love that we're getting something new and different. All the pissy babies going on about "what the fans want" and earnestly suggesting that scrapping all the assets and starting over with completely new art direction a few months before release is a real possibility if they just throw a big enough tantrum are cracking me up. You don't want a game--you want a magic spell to take you back to when you were a child and the world wasn't so scary and complicated, when everything seemed like it was made special just for you because you couldn't grasp how adults had to work to make things happen, and having to confront the fact that not only can you never go back, but your childhood idols wouldn't want to go there with you if you could, is a stark, slate-colored reminder that the world doesn't even notice you, and you'll just keep getting older and more confusee until you eventually die. Keep trying to turn back the tide by bitching at people who approached their limited time on Earth as a challenge to shine as brightly as possible instead of as an injustice. I bet that'll work out great for all of you.

Stan Jun 28, 2022
Graphics a are nice but sorry... Can't unsee that penis nose on Guybrush..

score Jun 28, 2022
The first web-thing i do in the morning is checking monkey island news, SO, what a morning!! This looks ... GREAT! TOP NOTCH! NEW! SKULLTASTIC! (Bombastic but with Murray in it). Elaine is adorable. The webpage is a great idea, love it. So many vibes everywhere. Conclusion: Wanna play!

score Jun 28, 2022
rather a fungi, a mutinus

Dario Jun 28, 2022
I tried to like the art style when the screenshots came out and I almost managed to feel ok-ish with it. But seeing it in motion destroyed my efforts. I can't relate to characters, they just don't communicate any emotion. You could have known almost anything about Stan just by looking at his first three frames of animation, now all characters are looking the same, expressivity is gone and they hardly look humorous. I understand it's what Ron wanted, but imho it could have worked for other games, not for Monkey Island.

Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art Jun 28, 2022
50% of fans:
Love the ending of MI2. Genius.

50% of fans:
Don't like that ending. What were they thinking.

50% of fans:
Love the art style. Looks great.

50% of fans:
Don't like the art style. What were they thinking.

"Sometimes, when it's quiet... I can still hear the monkeys"

Maybe the answer is to get some Grog (or Near-Grog) ... sit back ... and just enjoy the ride.

jepf Jun 28, 2022
I'm just sad. The characters dont't speak to me. At all. The faces look repulsive. At the moment, I sadly cannot imagine having fun with this.

Adamlaurent Jun 28, 2022

Thank you!!!
Thank you!!!
Thank you!!!

Really pushes the boundaries. Jaw droppingly good!

My inner Monkey Island fanboy child and adult is going wild for this.

Can't wait to play!

Manny Jun 28, 2022
The comments both here and on youtube lend credence to the theory that most people are actually not real but NPCs. 28 instances of "art style" here, even far more on youtube.

I can understand that not everybody is going to like it but why are they all using the same exact wording like some programmed robot? Like someone who reads the news and then reiterates literal talking points verbatim at cocktail parties.

What about "graphics", "the look and feel", "the design", "the animation", or just "art" or just "style"? Everyone crying "art style art style art style" like Polly hacked their computers and forgot all about crackers.

Please people, have just one independent thought of your own sometimes. If you say the same thing as everyone else and even  with the exact same wording, it just makes everyone think you haven't given it any actual consideration. You're a parrot!

Personally I think it's great. It look modern but the characters are still immediately recognizable. Nobody can tell me these graphics look worse than Monkey 1 or 2. They had their charm but they were also extremely crude.

Let Ron do his thing! One way to guarantee a crappy game is to interfere with his creative process. If you interrupt your barber in the middle of your haircut and tell him all he did wrong, you'll walk outta there looking like a broom.

Return to Monkey Island is the best news of 2022. "art style art style art style" is the funniest news of 2022. People are literally NPCs... Hilarious.

Matt Jun 29, 2022
I guess the problem with the art style and animations are that they look improper and cheap. Maybe this is all due to budget constraints. Adventures are small indie projects nowadays.

Adamlaurent Jun 29, 2022
@score lol same as me, story of my life atm. At the beginning and at several points of each day in search of updates...
1) Check Ron's blog
2) Check Ron's Twitter
3) Check the wider development team and Devolters Twitter
4) Check RTMI website
5) Check the Lucasarts Discord group
6) Watch the teaser trailer
7) Repeat

Yesterday's news was wild. My employer would never understand the drop off in production for that afternoon! (For the record and potential employment tribunal purposes 'drop off' is very loose terminology with a no clear definition) :)

JT Jun 29, 2022
This looks absolutely lovely! Shame on this community for literally looking a gift horse in the mouth with negativity on the art style. Can we at least wait to play the game itself? I'll be playing it regardless of my thoughts on the art direction, and I have very high hopes for it! 36 year old man over here ready to be transported back to his childhood...

Leonid Jun 29, 2022
Every great music band has a strange and divisive album in its catalogue. I guess this also applies to great game designers.

Johny Jun 29, 2022
Another vote to have a native Linux version. Please support free (as freedom), open and privacy respecting (operating) systems. Thanks.

Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art Jun 29, 2022
"My employer would never understand the drop off in production for that afternoon!"

Adamlaurent, this is your boss. I am monitoring you. Get back to work.
Only I can watch the Monkey Island trailer during work hours.

Electrizzy Jun 29, 2022
It looks awesome. Love that it's coming to Switch as well!

Luca Jun 29, 2022
44yo here... THANKS Ron! I'm feeling excited exactly as I was in early 90s playing MI1 and MI2. No doubts it will be a great game. (Graphic is perfectly returning Monkey Island vibes, great job also on this aspect). THANKS again from Italy!

Martin Jun 29, 2022
+1 for a Linux version. I would definitely buy it.

GhostPirateLechuck Jun 29, 2022
Art: meh :/
Music & Voices: great!
Will I play the game after a 30 year wait?: 1000%!
Average: 3 thumbs up! :D
--> Thank you Ron!!!

automp Jun 29, 2022
Damn, i'm really hyped...

Sound and voices are amazing.
So are the graphics! They're already nice on the screenshots but in motion - WOW!
Animated the art style looks sooo great. Can't wait to play it.

Once more and again:
Thanks Ron!

Calculon Jun 29, 2022
Great work Ron, can't wait to play this. I'm liking the look of it has its own special charm. Thanks to you and the team on all the work you've been doing so far

Gaybrush Jun 29, 2022
Oh come on! Has everyone just had a look at the "Monkey Island Special Edition"? This remaster looked so beautiful! Had so high hopes that this new game will even do it better than this, like kinda physical lightning and such things nowadays engine could do with ease. And what do we get? Figures like drawn by a kid. Maaan, even those olf pixelart faces are able to do more charming expression than this... damned. Can't find any words for it, really.
Ron said himself that the old games weren't pixelart (like nowadays games often try to mimic the style). They we're instead games with state-of-the-art-top-notch graphics back then. So why don't we get this in 2022? Why do this game look like a cheap chinese television show? Oh man. Feels so unbelievable sad.

Tommy Jun 29, 2022
No dialogue/inventor/hub yet, we'll see. Not too excited about the art style. Wished Gary Winick was part of the team.

Let's hope for a good story!

Chrispy Jun 29, 2022
Wow the storybook style looks so wonderful! The colours are just eye-popping and I love everything about this. Can't wait. Thank you so much!

Adrian Jun 29, 2022
I'm loving the style, the soundtrack, the gameplay. I'm surely going to enjoy it and play it dozens of times like the previous ones.

But there's something that I didn't ever expect: that it was in MI where we could see how growing bitter would show in my generation.

How can some call themselves grown ups and still haven't understood that whatever you experience first will always leave you biased. In favor or against. As times change and tech and art expressions change with it, what will always matter is the essence, and this game has me excited because the essence is intact.

Of course, we've grown being told that we have to deal with everything ourselves because we can be anything and beat anything, that we are important. It was nice to grow like that, but it left a void difficult to fill now. The only cure is going back to the essence of things. Either you realize you now have limited time and responsibilities and made choices you can't change easily, and hop into a game that makes you be a wannabe-pirate for a while, and use the greatest and lately not so used ability to adapt that brought humans to this point in history which makes possible to give life to these stories in this amazing way... or be stuck wanting to have an endless loop of everything as you first experienced it being among the safety of the static never wanting to grow, never wanting to do something different because you're scared of opening yourself up and being hurt AGAIN by something being different that what you thought. Get effing over it already.

In the end, MI will always be MI despite of how it looks, and mostly because of how it feels. And in my opinion, it feels and looks amazing and can't wait to play it and fill my inner void with it. Again, thank you, Ron, for making this possible and riding the wave of ingrates. It's difficult to go through all the hardships of development having to read all of these unfounded comments, but I hope you can, with all the team and especially Rex as well, go on and give us the game you want to make as it happened before everyone got the chance to spout unfinished thoughts to the world.

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
@adrian ...of course you´re right but who cares for some folks who forget to be happy... 10 years ago I decided I will only applaud to the good guys for their good work.
Imagine people criticising a band playing music. Makes no sense. If you don´t like the music don´t go to the concert. If you don´t like the game don´t play it. Best thing might be for some people to don´t turn on their computer at all.

Actually I came back here today to express my excitement about the SWORDMASTER being back. Wow! I didn´t even recognize this yesterday being so excited.
There is something sexy about the swordmaster. Perhaps the swords?
Today I am still drowning in a sea of happiness... I am trying to work even faster today to be ready to play when the game releases.

Please don´t rush Ron, take your time. There is absolutely no need to release before november. Also it will be quite difficult for us gamers to play the game unspoilered. We all need time.

Yo! And you haters stop criticizing the sorcerer. Would you criticize Gandalf the grey or Gandalf the white? So pretty please stop criticizing Ron the red, cause he´s a sorcerer too you...

Fools of Tooks! This is a serious journey, not a point-and-click walking-party. Throw yourself in next time, and then you will be no further nuisance.

kaysayva Jun 29, 2022
so people who say "art style is bad" are parrots...
world needs less blue pills

Adrian Jun 29, 2022
@fancypants You're completely right. As a game developer I focus too much sometimes about this clear issue that a lot of users are going through, because we're, in the end, human and words can get to us when they are directed at us.

I was also excited to see her there. I love how she came to be a character as well. Just Clara from finance, haha. They are powerful thus sexy, I guess! And the creative team added her (and Marley) as strong characters not because of a governing rule to finally give space to women in important roles like it is now. Just because they took it as granted that they could be, as it should be. That speaks a lot about how all the content in the game was ahead of its time and influenced us so well taking into account how things were back then.

And the feeling that this might be the first of many has me over the moon. We have to realize this is Disney we're talking about. They love sequels but if fans love the franchise. So, I hope people could let it happen and stop being so hopeful that the art will change and that it needs to, because it DOESN'T.

Oh, no, I'm doing it again. Ha!

Monkey Island is coming back, and we'll finally know the secret and how Ron wanted the story to go on, as I completely agree on how big of a mistake marrying Guybrush and Elaine was. Why we discuss about art and not these things? Well, because we need not to discuss anymore... now we will know! :D

That'Sbecause Jun 29, 2022
Well, if I buy a Record of a Band getting popular with rockmusic, I would love to listen to wonderful guitar riffs in their new album. I don't wanna have kiddy popmusic than, even if the vocals are still good.
And that'S nothing like "get grownup, punk, time changes! Eat what we give 'ya and shut up!".
Remember the sonic movie? They did a pre-air, and everyone hates the style. Did they release the movie as it was? Now. Was it a brilliant decision? Yes.
So yes, asking the audience may help.

Ria Koob Cam Jun 29, 2022
I want the game as soon as possible!

Those who enjoy waiting, keep on doing your thing.

Minty Jun 29, 2022
@manny but you are doing the exact same thing as the people wanking over the "art style". Let's be real here it's clear some like it and some dont and that's opinion that's fully allowed in today's society stop saying people are robots for not liking it. At end of day people's expectations are different and sadly to many like myself they have been destroyed and to others they clearly aren't. Quite simply I don't like how it looks and I don't like how it's animated and it lacks soul and I can't unsee that guybrush now has a penis nose.

Stop kissing ass, stop harping on like you'll get an award for being the biggest Ron fan. Accept that I and others aren't happy and move on.

We are all entitled to a rant as much as people are entitled to express joy etc.

This is the way!

american gamer Jun 29, 2022
I dont care about the grafics, but if this game contains leftist BS, I will hate you for destroying MI till the day I die.

Adrian Jun 29, 2022
@That'Sbecause If you're going to compare, something that SUCKS doing, at least realize that what changed here is the stage, not the music style. The music style would be the storytelling, and the stage is the medium the story is put on.

So, most of you "art style" fans are just fans of how it looks, but not even take the real core of the game into account or put it in a second place.

And to top it, you are holding the devs hostage, so they change the style to the audience's pleasing, and not to their pleasing, the ones that make the game in the first place, rendering the creative process a "follow what the bosses (customers) say" converting one of the few professions that still has some soul in it into another cog in the machine job.

Maybe it's because you feel that way in your jobs and demand that everyone else fills the same role.

Or maybe it's because you can't adapt anymore to anything and want it EXACTLY as it was. Newsflash: life doesn't work that way and you better learn about it before your PH levels kill you.

GhostPirateLechuck Jun 29, 2022
@american gamer
"...leftist BS...": isn't that an oxymoron? :P

On a more serious (?) note: I am no expert on the matter, but I don't think Disney would be happy to endorse political bias one way or the other.

@Adrian Jun 29, 2022
Like I said, it the music pisses me off, I don't listen to it, even if the lyrics ("the story") are good.
And that's the same. I SEE the graphics, the look all the time. I should play one of the characters. That I just hate. That's waaaay before I even experience story.
So: Yes, I will never experience the story, because I hate how it looks, what I will SEE ALL the time.

Adrian Jun 29, 2022
@Minty And that's the cherry on top of the cake. Now arguing about what we see right and what we believe is the proper way of reacting to someone's creative process is just kissing ass.

I admire Ron, but I would have the same thoughts even if we were talking about Kojima or Carmack despite I have several things I don't like about them.

You're entitled, that is a given. But please, do it respectfully and thought out. Your comments are hurtful to the artists, contribute nothing and some of the comments here also seem like a boycott.

Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art Jun 29, 2022
Things are getting really hot in here and the conversation is really deep. I am all for different opinions. Life would be boring if we all agreed.

However ...

I remember when Monkey Island was about finding some breath mints because Otis had bad smelling breath. You know ... fun.

Anyway ... back to the deep stuff.

Adrian Jun 29, 2022
@That'Sbecause named @Adrian: Then why are you here? Because you want to be given what you want? Well, that's not how it works and it's horrible that people feel entitled to ask for that from the creators of anything like a game.

We've been given the opportunity to talk to devs, to let them read our thoughts and we all use it so horribly bad. I will stop now feeding this. I just came to congratulate Ron and not be a kiss ass, just someone that's happy which ultimately ends unhappy because of paying attention to the abundance of haters. Damn, I never learn that lesson.

Adrian Jun 29, 2022
@Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art: So true. I guess we're all victims of society! I'll keep on being eager to meet again all those characters which made me fall in love with this story. Thank you for the reminder!

MI fan Jun 29, 2022
Take it easy people. It's Ron's game so he can do whatever he wants. He did fine in the first two so I'm pretty sure it will be awesome. Stop the hate speech, Monkey Island is all about having fun.

@Adrian Jun 29, 2022
Why I am here? Because, like you, I have a voice and wanna tell the devs what I like - or dislike, when I dislike it. Is it only allowed to come here to cry out how godlike the decisions of the developers are? No! I tell them why I won't pay them any money. Because maybe they think it over the next time. Well, maybe I only one poor little customers whichs dreams has been kicked in the ass. Maybe I don't do any difference. Maybe this will be a million seller. But if the game fails at the box office, maybe the developers have heard voices which don't only say how hyped they are. Maybe this could change something.

kaysayva Jun 29, 2022
@MI fan
"Monkey Island is all about having fun" maybe criticizing is a part of this fun, isn't it?

Australian Cool Guy Jun 29, 2022
@german pointnclicker

Seems like you came here looking to be angry, so I'm glad you got what you wanted :)

Game looks great, can not wait!

Luis Jun 29, 2022
Expected better art work.

StanFan Jun 29, 2022
@Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art
Mhm, and how you got to Otis anyway? You saw screenshots in a magazine or saw the game at your friends home and thought "Wow, this looks so good! I wanna play this!"

Back to deep stuff.

Luke Jun 29, 2022
Lack of atmosphere with this. What happened to the cosey warm colours, the swirly clouds and detailed surroundings where you could find so many things to try and click.

Monkey Island artwork has always been memorable and atmospheric but this just looks like an Adobe Illustrator portfolio piece for a graphic designer on Behance.

Monkey island always had colours where you could feel the air of what it would be like standing there.

Braunt Jun 29, 2022
Awesome trailer.  Looking forward to the release!

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
I think that´s a very good point. Pixel art was state of the art in the 80ies.
Yo but did the art really matter that much back then? Not to me... Or the sound quality? Yes it was beautiful back then, but the most important things were EVERYTHING BESIDES THAT and UNDERNEATH the SURFACE was purely genius and revolutionary. The storytelling, the dialogs, the monologs, the musical composition and the gameplay. You want adlib sound and VGA Pixel Graphics back? You can´t be serious... People complaining about the characters eyes here in RTMI, but back in MI1 & MI2 Guybrush had just a black pixel as eyeballs... so exactly the same as today: Black eyes.

Perhaps some of you haters have no fantasy. C`mon the art style of the anniversary editions was boring as hell. Why do we have multicore cpus and several gigabytes of ram in our pcs... Not for pixel art or wacky old art style.

And at last: Respect the artist and his creative vision. A DJ is no jukebox and a game programmer is no jukebox designer! You get the point...

At least: Don´t you have no heart? If somebody is cooking something for you - a new dish - could you at least try it, before ripping out his heart telling him:

"You served the dish on the all so wrong plate! And what kind of food is this anyways? So exotic and foreign! What ugly gaudy colours in there? Couldn´t you´ve made grey meatlove with yellow fries like always?"

If you do this nobody is going to cook for you no more and will leave you...

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
Weak Pirate: "I can't unsee that guybrush now has a penis nose."

Guybrush: "Hah! Better than you turning your pants into a whose."

Ken Roberts Jun 29, 2022
Well done Ron, very excited to play this. 👌

Stanton Jun 29, 2022
Excited to finally discover the actual secret of Monkey Island

Pat Jun 29, 2022
@fancypants Thought about the same analogy, with the cooking

@fancypants Jun 29, 2022
That's the right spirit!
Go to you beloved restaurant which re-opens after corona.
Same cook. New interior. New Dishes.
Oh, the new stuff isn't tasty to you? Stop complaining. Just eat it!
At least, be gentle, because someone cooked something for you.
Oh, he wants to get paid for it? And I should eat something that I dislike?
Would you do that? Guess you won't.

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022
If you eat it, you buy it. If you don't like it and don't eat it, you don't.
Don't like the game? Don't buy it. It's as simple as that.

BillyBob Jun 29, 2022
Go to your favorite restaurant, see they changed the menu and then shit all over them on Yelp and never try the food. That is more like what is happening here.

@Billybob Jun 29, 2022
You know, there is the trailer? Do you taste food that smells ugly?
Of course you would. Stuff that smells ugly always tastes wonderful. Everybody knows that.
Tell the cook that it smells ugly?
No, just praise him what a wonderful cook he is.

Maxxtro Jun 29, 2022
I Love it!
The only question is when can I purchase this gem?

@ named @billybob and some others Jun 29, 2022
That´s not true. There is no restaurant in the world - where the guests tell the cook how to do his cooking. The cook makes a menue with all the dishes he uses and his recipe for. You can order what´s on the menue. Otherwise you have to eat at a different restaurant. Simple as that!

Actually Ron made a lot of games. There is something for everyone. If you don´t like RtMI why don´t you play another game he made?
-> The Cave was a great game or if u have a mobile phone you could play -> Scurvy Scallywags.

I am really sorry you don´t like the game before you even tried.
I don´t know how the trailer smells, but it looks really good.
Wonderful artwork. Great animation. Great music & sounddesign.
Should I buy you the game so you can give it a try at least? Just a bite?

Actually if I go to my favourite restaurant I always try a new dish. And also cooks seem to always cook a little bit different. There is a reason for that. I don´t know if your are cooking yourself now and then, but you know cooking is a lot of work. Especially if you are cooking for a living. It´s a creative process where you put your personal taste in it. There is no other way doing it. Telling the cook he has no taste is very rude and is at the same time telling him to stop cooking.

In this analogy would you rather have no monkey island game, go to bed without supper? If you really mean to, go ahead. But please don´t spoil everybody else the appetite and the fun. Like in a restaurant there is rules not to offend the etiquette. Also here there are rules for commenting. And even pirates have a codex. I tried to "parler" but I get the feeling you are not a real pirate after all.

Haha Jun 29, 2022
Well, you know what stars are? Fro restaurants?
For sure there are A LOT of people who tells cooks how they cook.
Here also will gametesters test this.
But yes, you are all allowed to praise it, but those who have criticism need to shut up. Thanks for that cancel culture.
Hopefully there won't be any sad faces at "terrible toybox" if they were only selling a few copies. And then they will ask: But why? On Our blog everbody was so in love?!

Adrian Jun 29, 2022
@Haha (you have to put your name there): MI1 was not good at sales but it was and is a great game. That doesn't measure how good a game is, but how well it sold. We're not talking about that.

Also, you are incorrectly thinking we want criticism to stop. I would like that, the destructive one to stop. Just wait until you can really try it as a whole to criticize it. But it's almost naive and comical that you think that they would change the graphical style at this point.

It's clear you don't like it, so you don't want to do constructive criticism, you just want to shit on it. If that's the case, please leave. If not, try to talk about what minor changes would make it more pleasant for you. All of you that criticize. Be constructive or GTFO. Imagine Ron, finishing a hard day's work and having to read us in all these sea of nonsense (I hope it's at the end of the day, because at the beginning this can make you want to take the day off), without a single valid point on the CURRENT and UNCHANGEABLE AT THIS POINT graphical style, which has been chosen by the creator of the game that we praise so much.

Respect the choices of the creators and suggest, don't impose. And whatever you suggest, has to be within reason. At least that, if you really care.

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
Wow what a controversy!
Which is not necessary a bad thing...
I still can´t believe another MI Game is coming!
Perhaps all this blog and me typing here is just a dream.

I hope the restaurant analogy makes any sense to anyone.
Artists need freedom. And please don´t be so rude it´s after all a very fun blog here. I go back watching "The Secrets of Monkey Island - An Evening With Ron Gilbert" on Youtube which is explaining the making of MI1 :D :) ;)

Constructive critique to those who are criticizing so un-constructive:
Did you guys ever think about designing and programming your own computer game.
I mean if you know so well what you want to see... why not realize it yourself.
I am honest and I am not joking. Its a big drive in art & music to do it better or different then your rolemodel. Because at one point you guys have to proof you can do better or just stop to criticize. Because art is making, rhetoric is talking. Yo and from talking there will not magically appear an artwork. As in artwork not arttalk. Please guys I want to see your adventure games. Looking forward to. Peace

kaysayva Jun 29, 2022
do you use arctic fox for the blue?

NanoNametoput Jun 29, 2022
Well, for sure they won't change the whole artstyle. But that's awkwardly is the exact thing what makes me sad. Guybrush Dicknose. The figures like paperpuppets, backgrounds with an terribly skewed design and totally overcrowded backgrounds that makes your eyes hurt.

At least, the minimum doable amount of designchange that I do have the possibility to like it, is a complete overhaul of guybrush. He looks like a midget in his physical dimensions from (not meant as an insult) and the nose! My God, the nose!

Nick Jun 29, 2022
Monkey Islance 2 was my first video game ever. I love this series to death.
This game looks like genuine Monkey Island stuff. The art style is off-putting though. It's a massive departure from the original games. Feels like a missed opportunity to me but I'll still play it.

@fancypants Jun 29, 2022
No valid point. If I don't like the design of car I don't need be a designer on my own beforehand to be allowed to do criticism.

If a meal doesn't taste good, I don't need to be a better cook.

Do you dislikes movies? How dare you can? Have you ever produced your own movie?
Got the point?

Marsup Jun 29, 2022
Hola RON! cuando sale?? cuando sale??!! ya estoy fascinado esperándolo que salga, mi primer vez que vi MK fue cuando tenia 11 años ahora tengo 35, jugué al MK2 primero luego me entere que ese era el MK2, y jugué al MK1, y bueno...después a los siguientes sin saber quien era el creador jeje, después me gusto tanto que empeze a ver quien era quien creo el juego y desde ahí eres mi ídolo ya que también jugué al MM.
Bueno sobre la continuación del MK2 esta excelente! tengo q volver a jugar los anteriores y refrescar la memoria, aunque soy muy fan de los bit, y no me gusta mucho como se ve o los dibujos de este regreso pero igualmente lo comprare y lo jugare ya sea por la historia por los chistes y sin duda tengo que jugarlo para ver realente la continuacion del Mk, GRACIAS RON POR TODO!!!

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
Ohh c´mon guys it breaks my heart ... after all it´s just a game. Get a bicycle and go for a ride or buy a swimsuit/ fishing rod and go bathing or fishing.

"Why don´t you start a funk band?"

Did you ever play a Sierra game back in the day... I guess not.
Dying at every wrong step with no savepoint.

What are you complaining about? Guybrushs nose? Really.
You can´t die in Return to Monkey Island™, that´s all the counts.

And why would someone play MI2 before MI1. Guys you fight like cows... I´m out. Peace

Elmer Jun 29, 2022
This truly looks great, I'm looking forward Ron!!!

Casual Jun 29, 2022
Yes! Making games as easy as possible is another thing in gamedesign that really puts me off. It is no challenge. Oh, I am stuck. Call the helpbot. Easypeasy. Moving on. Beating the game on one afternoon without thinking. Better solution: Watch a let's play. Then you don't even solve the quests by yourself. Even a better experience!
Or maybe not?
And hell yeah, I LOVED the sierra games.

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
@ unknown very weak pirate

No. I never hated a movie BEFORE I have seen it.
I never had and I never will. I build myself an opinion AFTER I tried something.

"Hah! So, uh, if you want to watch a particular television program, say All My Children or something, you could go to the charge nurse and tell her the day, the time the show you wanna see is on. But you have to tell her before the show is scheduled to be on. There is this guy, and he is always requesting shows that are already played. Yes. No. You have to tell her before. He couldn't quite grasp the idea that the charge nurse couldn't make it be yesterday. She couldn't turn back time, thank you Einstein! Now he, he was nuts! He was a fruitcake, Jim!"

Do you have a timemachine and have played the game already? I guess not. So stop judging before you have even play it.

Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art Jun 29, 2022


LucasFilm Games Hint Line. Chester speaking.

Hi, I'm stuck in the comments section on Grumpy Gamer. There are lots of angry people and I need to get out.

Have you tried closing your browser window?

I tried that but it didn't work. I think LeChuck has cast a spell on me.

Why don't you talk about the art style?

Can't we talk about something else ... like the Sword Master?

No, you can only discuss the art style in the comment section. Nothing else matters.

People are talking about cooking a lot. What does it all mean?

Figure it out knucklehead. It's not that difficult.

What is the secret of Monkey Island?

Sorry ... you're breaking up. Goodbye

Adrian Jun 29, 2022
@Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art: HAHAHAHA! This is exactly what is important about MI and I'm sure this kind of humor will still be there. And the Swordmaster, yeah!

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
@Stan's Previously Owned Pixel Art

Hilarious 😀 😀 😀

@fancypants Jun 29, 2022
Well, ok, you won. You are never in your life beforehand of something.
I understood. You just  quite love everything.
Married to an ugly wife? Gnaah! Never mind, if I wake up lots enough besides her, one day I will love her. For sure! Because she is a good story teller (and hopefully she can cook well).
What a wonderful life must that be. To absolutely find everything wonderful beforehand.

You ask me, what I dislike. I tell ya. You put ONE single aspect and ask: Rly?
That's huge!
Well, stay on in your bubble.

Jim Duggan Jun 29, 2022
Yeah, I have to agree with that.
I needed a new car.
There was one at the dealer.
It was totally ugly, the color was horrible.

But the salesman said, buy it! You can't tell if you like it until you've driven it. Because if it drives well, the appearance and the color doesn't matter at all. Yes, when you're sitting in it, you can't even see what the car looks like from the outside. And when you're standing in front of it, just close your eyes. The sound of the engine is so great! You'll love it once you pay for it.

And you know what? The salesman was a liar.

StereoRick Jun 29, 2022
I love the trailer and the art. But reading some of the comments, the real fan service seems to be, that it's tradition to upset people with a new Monkey Island game :)

kaysayva Jun 29, 2022
what a sad reality...
one can fool himself and feel good about it as much as he likes
but that's not gonna change the truth...
and we say ((truth)) because people (alot of them) are judging on basis and common sense, not just on a matter of taste. it is NOT a matter of TASTE. stop this nonsense please

Christian Biehl Jun 29, 2022
I quess, some people have a lack of empathy. They miss something, that makes them human. So they have no emorse to write such things. Haters gonna hate, Ron. This is todays reality.

Francesco Jun 29, 2022
I'm just writing my comment before comments section will be closed.

Ancom Murray Truther Jun 29, 2022
I hope this game is full of leftist BS. I hope they make Murray canonically an ancom.

Miguel Baptista Jun 29, 2022
I'm still selling these fine leather jackets.
Just FYI.

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022
@Jim Duggan

No one is trying to sell you RtMI. You don't feel like buying it, you don't.
Why would you follow the salesman to their house to keep repeating you don't wanna buy the car? You just don't and leave. So, er, bye.

kaysayva Jun 29, 2022
@Christian Biehl
i quess you gotta stop the kiss.
evidences are clear that this choice of artstyle for this game is terrible, be a chad. no one is criticizing the story nor the music nor the voice acting, guessed it! it is a graphical issue, people are judging the gfx, what does this have to do if the story is good or not?
best strawman I've seen in a while

Ohyes Jun 29, 2022
Ohyes! Praise the Lord! This will be the best game ever!
Everybody here loves it! No one is allowed to complain.
Silly thing is: You also haven't played it yet.
How can you love the game? You've also just came across these few screens.
How can you tell you love it? But others aren't allowed to say, they dislike it before trying? Hmm... Something doesn't match here, you agree?

Hans Jun 29, 2022
I like the trailer and the art style is consistent. If I had to complain about something it would be the animations, but I don't have to.

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022
Let me give another example: an athlete is running toward the finish line and he's struggling. Some spectators like his technique, some others don't.

Those who like it, are probably gonna try to cheer a lot to encourage him. That's normal and desirable.

Those who don't should just shut up, not boo-ing him or yelling insults at him. That's also desirable.

Why would you do the opposite? You either root for him or don't, no reason to "counter root". Got the point?

Moral: if you don't have anything nice to say, it's often better to shut up.

kaysayva Jun 29, 2022
@Rum Rogers
people are advising because they care, maybe? so a mistake doesn't happen again?
what are you on about? these examples are horrible, sorry.
when we are talking right and wrong, you gotta point the wrong out, doesn't matter where you are, or where you have reached...
because if you care, you wouldn't like to see it happen again.
and as i pointed up there, it is not a matter of taste, it is a matter of reality. dose up

Fundo Speckle Jun 29, 2022
Funnily enough all this discourse is making me more excited about the game and  getting me thinking about it more and more. This is probably all good for marketing even if there is a sour taste to it. Almost feels appropriate that a game which is basically a cultural landmark has initiated a cultural debate.

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022

I see what you mean but it's not gonna change things. This is the game, no matter how hard you complain. Totally pointless to spit out poison just for the sake of it.
This is the last Monkey Island (from Ron Gilbert for sure), so it's not gonna happen again anyway. Also, not sure what you're talking about: it IS a matter of taste, totally subjective. Saying it's not doesn't make it real.

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022

I see what you mean but it's not gonna change things. This is the game, no matter how hard you complain. Totally pointless to spit out poison just for the sake of it.
This is the last Monkey Island (from Ron Gilbert for sure), so it's not gonna happen again anyway. Also, not sure what you're talking about: it IS a matter of taste, totally subjective. Saying it's not doesn't make it real.

grumpycats Jun 29, 2022
too late to give Guybrush a bit a face redesign?
p.s. just a fan... will buy in any case 😀

kaysayva Jun 29, 2022
@Rum Rogers
i didn't claim that this is gonna change anything at all...
and it doesn't matter if this is the last monkey game, he might consider any other game. also another developers could benefit from the criticizing, not only ron and his team.
lastly, i say it is not a matter of taste because as i pointed up also: the judgment is based on evidences and rational comparisons, not based on just someone saying this is bad or good.

Tusumitup Jun 29, 2022
So, to sum it up, criticism is simply not allowed. No where.
Because people can find it toxic, at least the creator.
You are unsatisfied? Don't tell, just shut up.
Everywhere in life. This way nothing will ever change.
What is the result? A Settlers-Game which is not going to be released, because the community complained. It gets massively overhauled. It this good or bad.
What happens if a company doesn't gave a f**k. The result is Diablo Immortal.
Unsatisfied? Don't tell anyone. Just pay the lootboxes in the Star Wars Games.
Just be satisfied.
Easy life that is.
Be satisfied.

kaysayva Jun 29, 2022
too much arctic fox

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022
Guys, guys, all I'm saying is as adults your best form of criticism is not buying the game. It's a product made to sell, no matter how important the series has been to any of us or how romantically we depict Monkey Island in our minds.

Sales will establish if it was a good choice or not and you have the power to protest by not buying it. I certainly will buy multiple copies.

That's all, I won't keep this up, you have the right to say whatever you want as soon as it's not offensive and I won't argue with that.


Germane Parisian Jun 29, 2022
I'm not sure why immersive/realistic graphics are so important for many or why there are countless Youtube videos showing things like how to mods Skyrim so that the trees look 'better', even though it still all looks like a game at the end of the day.  I think people see the digital world (and their gaming nostalgia) as their escape haven and so when it jars with their expectations it feels like someone has come into their home with a feral raccoon.

Also the game does not look like a cheap Flash animation, there is a lot more detail and nuance going on. Besides if this game brings back nostalgia for a different era then that seems wholly appropriate.

Retro Fascist Guybrush Jun 29, 2022
So now you are stooping so low as to call us "retro fascists", just because some people who don't like the art are stating their opinion.

I was actually still thinking of buying this game, but that is now out of the question.

You are an abhorrent and miserable human being, Ron Gilbert. You should be ashamed of yourself. One can only hope that you retire from the industry and never return.

Rafael Jun 29, 2022
Toxic fan base, please just randomly attack something else. You wont ruin this no matter how hard you try. You have already lost. Its beautiful, thank you Ron, we are lucky to have you and your team.

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022
@Retro Fascist Guybrush

Sure, personal insults will obviously change things for the better. Some good, constructive criticism right here.
We'll buy one more copy to compensate yours. Bye.

Why Jun 29, 2022
Don't you dare to answer if its all so clear that this game is the best you ever wished for? Leave yourself. You are safe buyers. Ron owns you already.

Leandro Jun 29, 2022
I've never waited so eagerly for a game

Manny Jun 29, 2022
@Minty: If you look closely, Guybush's nose in Monkey 1 also looked like a penis.

Ken Williams Jun 29, 2022
Pleaseeee take my money!!!

Steven Jun 29, 2022
Impressive how many people will proudly pay for eye cancer these days.

Manny Jun 29, 2022
As someone on Twitter pointed out, Day of the Tentacle would have received the same comments, had there been social media.

Let's just wait and see what the finished game will actually be like. There's a saying in my country: "never let a fool look at unfinished labor".

I bought "The Cave" yesterday after hearing a new Ron Gilbert Monkey Island is finally happening. Loving that too. My GF and I played Thimbleweed Park 4 years ago and loved that too.

I'm trying to think, has Ron ever not delivered?

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
@Rum Rogers @Rafael @Germane Parisian

Thanks for the support! We will not let anybody ruin our new monkey island game. I just decided I will also buy multiple copies of the game when it comes out. Perhaps this christmas everyone gets a copy for christmas ;) It comes out sooner? Happy Thanks Giving!

"Hey I´m selling these fine personal computers. Return to Monkey Island™ is pre-installed already!"

Walter Jun 29, 2022
Thimbleweed Park was exactly as people wished it to be. And hell, it was an INSTANT buy for me as I saw it. No matter what. Ron. That gamedesign. Fantastic.

But now? Why for god's sake do they made these terrible design decisions? The teaser still looked nice, the trailer is a disaster. I can't understand it. I'm insanely disappointed.

Just A Fan of Pirates Jun 29, 2022
Clearly there is a lot of controversy around the art style, honestly i'm not a fan of it myself. I never really liked any of the monkey islands art past 2. It always felt "Off brand" to me, cheap imitations that didn't feel right. I know this is as "On Brand" as it gets with Ron at the helm, but with the years that have passed Ron is just clearly creatively separated from what he was back when he made the originals and it shows.
All that being said, I don't think this will be a bad game, I'm sure it will be clever and funny, I plan to buy it and have a good time with it. I just wish with how drastically he changed the art that Ron had just done a different pirate story game with all new original characters and left Monkey Island as its own thing. It is just cursed to feel like another Monkey Island fan game.

@fancypants Jun 29, 2022
I guess you don't need to buy any copy of it when you get already paid for commenting here ;)

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
You got to try Scurvy Scallywags by Ron for mobile.
Actually it´s FREE at the moment at least on appstore. Grab it!
"The crew would like to hear some reggae and hiphop records" Hilarious 😀

Jens Jun 29, 2022
What make people think it will be clever and funny?
Style changed. Maybe the fun also? Thought about this?
No, that's clear for everybody that they will laugh their ass off.
Hope ya guys don't get disappointed here. But if, tell yourself it's fine and hilarious :D Will help indeed :D

fancypants Jun 29, 2022
@ @fancypants 2m ago
I guess you don't need to buy any copy of it when you get already paid for commenting here ;)

Not true. I just hold my word ;-) See my post from 1st of April 2022 - 3 months ago:

fancypants Apr 01, 2022
AT LAST! I waited the whole day for this announcement ... liberation.

To play along nicely I`d like to know when does the kickstarter campaign start and could there be a tier which gives us the opportunity to get hold of the mousepad (or even better a key of the keyboard) you used during coding and programming.

Also I´d like to do PR and advertising work here in germany (even wearing a button daily "Ask me about Monkey 3!") without payment (or even paying to work for you) to support the new Monkey Island you are making.

[Is it even possible to pay to work for someone? I think it´s illegal. however!]

Jens Jun 29, 2022
Got it. Blind Fanboy-ism no matter what. For sure you can't accept other peoples thoughts.

fancypants Jun 29, 2022

Truth is the only disappointment are the self proclaimed "hardcore monkey island fans" like you and their hateful disgrace against it. Please leave or I will tell you again how happy I am another monkey island game is coming. This year. By Lucasarts. Of course it will cost more than 20 Bucks. But that´s fine I guess, because you didn´t spend money on any other monkey island games for a long time. Times change. Also graphics. I heard the best in life is to go with the flow. So bye bye you will soon be with the grabs.

Chris Jun 29, 2022
There is a right, but not an obligation, to express one's free opinion.

Jens Jun 29, 2022
I cross fingers that you will also get disappointed somewhere else where you have been so highly hyped as many fans and then gets something like this.
I truly wish it for you, als you wish it others to eat or die.

Juan Jun 29, 2022
I have watched it 100 times, and everytime I do I like it more  <3!!

fancypants Jun 29, 2022

I think the game will be funny and clever as any other game by Ron Gilbert was.
He is a brilliant story teller with a very unique and clever sense of humour and a very polite and nice guy I think, a genius actually. The grumpygamer blog gave us hope in the darkest hour. Thimbleweedpark literaly saved my sanity. With Ron Gilbert it´s like with any other brilliant writer: He feels like a friend who you spent time with and he gives you words in form of ideas and stories in which you can take comfort in. I don´t know if "fanboy-ism" is the right word for it, but love is blind for sure. Yo I just love his games man. Is it so hard to understand? Good games, music, books and movies are important to me. And I know when I see a good one 😀 Don´t be so bitter. Pour yourself a good long drink and laugh it all off...

Being a Pirate Jun 29, 2022
Being a Pirate is the solution. Pirating is in my blood.
So true on so many levels. I guess I will find the treasure in the pirate bay.

Spider Jun 29, 2022
@Retro Fascist Guybrush

This is quite possibly the most pathetic thing I've ever read, especially considering it was Dominic Armato who made the "retro-fascism" comment and not Gilbert at all.

BillyCheers Jun 29, 2022
Not here to argue, just to tell you this, Ron: "Return" looks utterly gorgeous so far. Whether it's the animations, the character design, the locations, or Guybrush's penis nose: I love everything about it so far! (No irony... the nose doesn't bother me at all.) You can simply tell how much work and attention to detail has been put into this. <3

So let's not let the few disrespectful (yes, they are), negative comments here get too loud and just look forward to an amazing game! :)

Switch Jun 29, 2022
Muhahahaha. Time-Exclusive on Switch? Yet another slap in the face of the fans.

Switch Jun 29, 2022
@fancypants. Seems you need to buy also a lot of switches instead of PCs to have christmas presents. Cheerio have fun!

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022

The time exclusive on Switch is FOR CONSOLES. PC version is regularly coming out. Gee so much noise for nothing.

Ger Jun 29, 2022
Though I'd prefer Mark Ferrari, Steve Purcell and Mark Ebert EGA graphics, I am fine with this. The Picasso and corporate style is surely another constraint they worked around finely like the EGA limitation. What I am afraid of is Disney "inclusive" policies.

Simon Jun 29, 2022
Replay value is IMO one of the most important properties of an adventure game.

Based on all the adventure games I (re)played, the best ones all have: a captivating story, manifold puzzles, interesting characters and character interaction, nonlinearity, and an interface which helps you blend into the game.

I have high hopes that - with Ron in the lead - his new game will tick those marks.
Interestingly, I find graphics do not affect replay value too much. Some games have extraordinary graphics but I never play them again. Yet I replay both games with beautiful graphics and games with graphics that I don't favour when the story and the gameplay is worth it.

The problem with trailers is that they showcase the graphics and the music, to some extent a tiny bit of the story, but usually they do not preview the gameplay, the puzzles, the UI, or the depth of the character interactions. Yet this is the meat of a game, and this is the stuff where Ron‘s games usually excel. (Playable demos were a good thing!)

I understand that not everyone likes what they saw in the trailer, yet I want to encourage everyone to rethink why you loved monkey island! Was it the graphics? Or was it the swordfighting, the story, the puzzles, how to find the sword master, the iconic characters, the humour?

FAB Jun 29, 2022
The art style is... well... ugly. objectively ugly.
Moreover, it seems to try its best to be ugly. Put some more ugliness here on this face, more so there on that background...
I see the art designers around a desk yelling "more uglier! more uglier!! more uglier!!!!".
It reprise the deformed style of DOTT but not for its funny, over the top, demential and crazy feel. But just to exalt the ugliness.
The look and feel is so remarkable ugly.. we could call this new ugly style MONKEY UGLY.
Now, why a so long desired mytic game chose deliberstely to adopt a MONKEY UGLY art style? This is a good question.

Dmnkly Jun 29, 2022
Hey, everybody! How's it goooo--

--ooooing to go clean the kitchen. See ya!

misanthrope by choice Jun 29, 2022
woah. if i were ron gilbert i would totally add a big red "wtf close comments" button to my blog. but i am not. oh well.

Picasso Jr. Jun 29, 2022
I would be interested in the thoughts behind why characters look the way they do.

For example for the jail scene which is shown on the website. What's the idea behibd the different faces, their clothes etc.

tmetic Jun 29, 2022
I hope all these comments are left for posterity, so that we can revisit them in 10 years when a new Monkey Island is announced and a vocal minority are complaining that it's not in Rex Crowle's art style.

While we all wait for the game, let's play my Choose Your Own Adventure story. You are MonkeyIslandFan001. Your quest is to become a pleasant, appreciative and downright well-mannered Monkey Island fan:

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022

There's absolutely nothing objective about your personal judgement of the art style.
You can repeat it's objectively ugly a billion times, and it will stay your subjective evaluation. Which you have every right to express, just don't sell it as "objective" and we're all happy.

Proud Retro Fascist Jun 29, 2022
You don't like my substandard product? You want an aesthetically appealing art style? You must be some sort of fascist! A RETRO FASCIST!!!<<

Nice attempt at silencing critics. The game will fail because it is objectively hideous and you will only have yourself to blame.

In the end all you will have achieved is killing off Monkey Island once more. This time permanently.

All you had to do was make a game with an art style that appeals to everyone, whatever it might be. Instead, you opted for the most repugnant, revolting and hideous TRASH art style that anybody has ever bared witness to in a video game. You must be out of your mind.

All said, try hiring good artists next time... if there is a next time, that is.


Henry Jun 29, 2022
I am thrilled! It is really daunting to continue the story of the epic MI 1+2 and I am curious what that could be..Really looking forward to it.

Haters gonna hate not matter what. Interestingly, a game is not mainly it's graphics but judging sth from the looks is the common approach but fails like judging a book by it cover. MI never won because of the graphics but because of story, wits, details etc.

Recognition Jun 29, 2022
I will say this. Having visited the website I think you get a better idea of how the game will actually feel in motion (the trailer doesn't give as good an impression in my opinion).

The returning characters are instantly recognisable and the art style is more reminiscent of the originals than it may first appear.

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022
@Proud Retro Fascist

There's nothing objective about your subjective personal opinion.
Bye now! I hope you'll enjoy not playing a new Monkey Island game as much as I'll enjoy playing it! 👋

Dan Jun 29, 2022
Congratulations Ron! Can't wait to immerse myself in your magic world again :)

Johnny Walker Jun 29, 2022
So sad that some angry people think it's OK to post such vitriol. Their whining is what gave us Rise of Skywalker. Thank f*** Ron made this game in secret so he couldn't be swayed by them.

Butters Jun 29, 2022
Couldn't they have designed a NEW Guybrush and LeChuck (Instead of rehashing LeChuck's Revenge Guybrush and LeChuck)?

I hope they do and that they just haven't revealed it yet.

ayc Jun 29, 2022
It is always a pleasure to see that some people are not able to deal with other people's opinions. Wait. That's the mentality that's messing up the world right now. Enjoy you safe spaces.

I am rubber, you are glue… Jun 29, 2022
Literally cannot wait to play this.  Couldn't care less if some people don't like it, the rest of us rational thinking adults will love it

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022

When someone's opinion is "the art style is objectively ugly", that's not an opinion. It's bullshit. "2+2=5" is not an opinion, it's bullshit. "I don't like it", "I hate it" are opinions. "You are a miserable human being" is not an opinion, it's an insult.
Got the point? Enjoy your angry spaces.

Less Rum, Roger Jun 29, 2022
Ahh we understand!
Is so amazingly beautiful = That is a legit opinion.
It is looking so ugly to me = Insult this as bullshit, because I am not allowed to find it ugly.
It is so a lovely and warm place here in the community of Monkeys.

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022
No no, I said that stating it's OBJECTIVELY ugly is bullshit. You can sugarcoat it as much as you like, it's still a stinking pile of bullshit. Saying "It's ugly TO ME" is perfectly legit, as is "I fucking hate it". Just don't talk about objectivity where there is NONE. It's SUBJECTIVE.

Vodka Rogers Jun 29, 2022
@Rum Rogers

Why do you think so many people say they hate the art style? Why do you think the trailers on youtube are being mass downvoted?

Because the art is objectively repulsive.

Rum Rogers Jun 29, 2022
It's subjective. Repeating it's objective doesn't mean it's objective. Sorry. Where's my Vodka now?

Robert Jun 29, 2022
This looks awesome! Can't wait to play it!

Tjoflöjt Jun 29, 2022
The room at 1:01 looks beautiful! Just look at those perfectly vertical and horizontal beams. One can immediately tell what is the floor and what are the walls. Man, if the whole game looked like that, I would buy it and play the heck out of it.

KestrelPi Jun 29, 2022
I basically disregard the opinion of anyone who thinks 1 and 2 have a similar art style. They're so very different to each other. Ignore the resolution and the 256 colour palette and actually look at it: Not only is one digital art and the other hand drawn with markers and scanned, but MI1 is somewhat straightforwardly drawn but with some exaggerated perspective, and MI2 is much more detailed, and features a lot more jaunty curves and angles - not quite to the extent of DOTT or CMI, but certainly closer to that.

We're just so used to them by now that we don't notice them very much. But if you look at MI1 and MI2's art and don't think they're rather different to each other, I don't think we're having a serious discussion.

Now, we can disagree on whether RMI's art is a good direction or not. Which, is, of COURSE extremely subjective, and anyone saying otherwise is arguing in bad faith.

But we ought to be able to agree that Monkey Island has tried new art styles from the very beginning, and that this is just the latest version of that, and that actually it's not the end of the world if you don't like it. You don't have to like everything they try.

I mean, I think it's a SHAME if you don't like it because I feel like you're missing out on how many cool details there are in this style, but I of course can't force you to. It being subjective and all.

Think what you will, but I beg at least attempt to have the discussion in good faith rather than slinging around blanket statements and superlatives.

And goodness me, just accept this is what the style is. They're not gonna change the face or whatever now. It's done. Play it or don't, it makes no difference to me.

Peter Jun 29, 2022
Why? Why? ... Whhhyyyyy???? The people who say: "I love the art style" would have loved literally every art style. So why didn't you make it the way you said in 2013 you'd make it? How could you forget all of the right stuff you wrote back then? I don't get it :'-(

ayc Jun 29, 2022
@Rum Rogers
Jesus. I'm not angry, but it seems that you're a little upset. Why don't you stay in your Mojo-One-Opinion-Castle if you're unable to deal with other people's opinions. It's not up to you, to tell others what to think and how to express their feelings.

Johnny Walker Jun 29, 2022
@ayc I think you've not seen all the hateful stuff above. RR wasn't picking those quotes out of thin air, they're real, and on this page.

Art is subjective Jun 29, 2022
Art is subjective

imar Jun 29, 2022
Please release a big box physical copy....PLEASE

Guythreep Brushwood Jun 29, 2022
for the love of god, pull a sonic

ayc Jun 29, 2022
@Johnny Walker
Nope. I did not read all the stuff written here, but a.o. I read that some people enjoy the graphics, others don't. Some express their feelings in polite, some in harsh ways. Some opinions seem to be more reasoned than others, but that's not a reason for a tiny gang swarming out, trying to patronize others. Maybe such people are too much invested and somehow underlie the illusion that their opinions weight more, are more valid, the only rights ones. ...

Btw. I like BT.

Cpt. Carlos Carnivales Jun 29, 2022
@Ron Gilbert - Oh, Mr. Gilbert! Mr. Gilbert, Sir!
Mr. Gilbert, will there be mini-maps?
Oh, and bumper-cars! Will there be bumper-cars?

Dani Jun 29, 2022
Legit the ugliest game I've ever seen. I'd be hard pressed to think of any other commercially produced game that looks this off-putting.
The characters barely register as human and the backgrounds are a mess of geometric shapes.
Not a buy.

Ron Gilbert Jun 29, 2022
I'm shutting down comments. People are just being mean and I'm having to delete personal attack comments. It's an amazing game and everyone on the team is very proud of it. Play it or don't play it but don't ruin it for everyone else. I won't be posting anymore about the game on my blog. The joy of sharing has been driven from me.

GrantYeager Jun 29, 2022
The game looks Rad af. Not going to waste time arguing about it lol.

Aged Guybrush with his 5'o'clock shadow looks amazing, for so many years growing a beard was a struggle for him now the struggle is keeping it shaved. I love that part of the new look.

At first I thought LeChucks lips were stitched shut shrunken head style but under further inspection I can see I was wrong there. I can't wait to hear more about where he is at in the story, the office like setting he is in is intriguing.

Last night my wife pointed out too me the part of the trailer where Wally spins the globe and then it cuts to scenes of the world shaking in multiple locations... It turns out Wally was not only the fearsome pirate stud he always claimed to be but possibly even the God of Maps! 😀 such power has surely driven the Cartographer mad 😉

I really dig the storybook look and the new renditions of familiar locals

Unless there are time shifty or flashbacks shenanigans going on as well I have to say Elaine has aged super gracefully compared to the rest of our cast. She is also way better prepared for adventure but I think that is the way it should be 😀

I am beyond excited 😊 this is going to be Goooooooooooooooooood 😀