Feb 18, 2021

Jason Snell is confusing pride with arrogance

I have largely given up on Apple. Once one of it's stanchest supporters I no longer "believe" (I'm also rewatching X-Files). Apple has a massive disrespect for its customers. They cram things down our throats and call it "security". P.S. I would use the word "control".

The App Store is a f-ing mess. Filled with scams and crap but Apple chooses to come after legit devs for... for... I don't know... but let's cancel their accounts with no warning or recourse. Is it so hard to send an email?

My $160 Apple Airpods stopped connecting to my Mac. The error: "Can't Connect". Ok, so why! How about a little information! It's due to arrogance. Apple products "just work" so there is no need for an error message.

For months now iPhotos won't download new photos from the Photosteam? Why? No error. No information. I used to be able to click a button and import photos directly from the phone... that is now gone? Why? Because Apple products "just work". Dear Apple: You suck at the cloud.

My next phone won't be a iPhone.

Apple has locked down the Mac is such hamfisted way that it's getting hard to be a developer (let alone a user) on the Mac. Admit that your heart was in the right place but you botched the implementation of the sandbox and come up with some that protects people and also respects us. Ben Franklin's quote works for operating systems just as well: "Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one."

I'm really getting tried of Apple apologists who are basically the MAGA/Fox News equivalents for Apple. Any criticism is quickly countered with praise or excuses. Any critique of Apple is followed with awe over some new product. Apple is never going to fix #1 if you keep praising #2. Why would they?

Please explain to me why the wealthiest company in the world still has the same open bugs year after year after year. Hire some more programmers... it's not rocket science.

My day-to-day home use as moved to Linux... but Linux is also a mess. Why isn't there a good high quality IDE for C++ on Linux? I've tried them all... WTF. Just be as good as Xcode or VS (it's not a high bar).

This might be good time to give up on computers. Cabin in the woods, scruffy beard, flannel shirt. Bonus points if my new best friend is a grizzly bear.

P.S. I promise my next post will be about Lego. That is assuming Lego doesn't add DRM... you know... for my protection