Today's Sudoku

Mar 11, 2021

LucaCorr94 Mar 12, 2021
What about the Lego Colosseum, Ron?

Ron Gilbert Mar 12, 2021
When I'm done with this Sudoku.

Zak Phoenix McKracken Mar 12, 2021
The puzzles for your upcoming game are getting tougher and tougher...

Lautaro Mar 12, 2021
Quite irrational if you ask me.

Kary Mullis Mar 12, 2021
This made me, go to the toilet, eat some chocolate and watch a walkthrough.

Steve Mar 12, 2021

Henry Mar 12, 2021
The answer is easy:


Deckard Mar 13, 2021
Am I the only one who actually clicked on this sudoku to start playing it?

DieSkaarj Mar 14, 2021
Presentation is key.

Carlo Mar 14, 2021
Deckard, we are at least two.

Ingo Rogerson Mar 15, 2021
Junior Murvin - Police and Thieves.

Fred Berry Mar 15, 2021
Hey! A new game by Ron Gilbert! Wohoo.

Yakov Mar 17, 2021
Ron, what  happened to the RSS feed? It's not updating.

The Hungry Simpleton Mar 18, 2021

Aaron Mar 20, 2021
(The feedly url at the top of the pages doesn't work. I managed to use your RSS link though.)

some dude Mar 22, 2021
That's a weird tic-tac-toe you're playing there.

Rafael Mar 25, 2021
Man, I have to tell you this: Monkey Island 3 MORALLY belongs to you. You HAVE to do it, despite of the legal aftermath. If you were sued (and you will be) we'll pay you the fine through kickstarter or whatever. Thanks a lot.

Ron Gilbert Mar 25, 2021
It's more than being sued.  Who would pay for the game?  I couldn't do crowd funding because that would get shut down.  I'm not wealthy enough to fund it myself.  I'd have a hard time finding good people due to a fear of being associated with a "illegal" game.  It's all very complex... so I focus on making other games.

Ron Gilbert Mar 25, 2021
Not to mention it would have to be distributed on the "dark web" since Steam and others stores would never accept it.  Trust me, I've thought about all this before.

FL Mar 25, 2021
Ron, David is involved in your new project? Hope so.

Chris Mar 26, 2021
Undoubtedly you have envisioned other game settings, pithy characters, good puzzles, etc that have a similar feel and gameplay. How different does such a game have to be to avoid trouble?  Just avoid the obvious tie-ins. Obviously you lose brand recognition in that scenario. Bad. Im thinking about TP ... it feels significantly different than MI and I would think you could do something closer and super fun without risk.

SHiFT Mar 26, 2021
To me another MI game isn't this important. Why isn't it good enough to create a good new adventure? Of course the label MI is likely to generate more splashes and money but then again you're kind of famous already, have a solid track record and stuff: Ron Gilbert, creator of MI, MM, The Cave, etc. There is a certain basis.

As for funding: You could collect money for an adventure with specific virtues and make whatever you want or go for a new pirate like, MIish, game too. Why is it so hard, to come up with something new?

Rafael Mar 26, 2021
Thanks a lot for everything. You'll never know how tough is getting shocked at 13 by MI2 ending, and be still waiting the sequel thirty years later. Man, what a game you did. What a wonderful piece of art. How much happinness and drama you brought to muy life!

Ron Gilbert Mar 26, 2021
Too much drama.

Jesper Mar 26, 2021
Hi Ron
Have you seen this one?

Made me laugh - and think of you (or Chris Jones)

Grumpycats Mar 28, 2021
Fully agree with Rafael,
Less with Ron :)

nowis Apr 01, 2021
Hi, just wanted to say that I think the rss feed is broken. The last post showing is Good riddance.

Gierazza Apr 02, 2021
And? you're missing 4 glyphs and the extra rules