Jan 05, 2020

Wanted: writer

I think the Seattle Central College needs a better tagline writer. No tagline would have been better.

Monkey Island
One of the games released in 1990

Stores wouldn't have been able to keep it in stock.

Mike M. Garcia

Jan 06, 2020
It's post modern times, maybe it's questioning it's own existence.. as to not offend anyone

Zak Phoenix McKracken

Jan 06, 2020
(Please don't hate me)
(It's stronger than myself)


Jan 06, 2020
"No tagline would have been better." You're right. It's perfect as-is.


Jan 07, 2020
One of the social media portals sides


Jan 07, 2020
I think its just missing a "..YAY!" at the end.


Jan 08, 2020
Thankfully, this won out over the alternative: "A college in Seattle"


Jan 09, 2020
They missed pointing out that it may be centrally located.
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