The Tale of the Scurvy Raider

Aug 04, 2009

Aye, arg, gar! Pull up a peg leg and have a seat, for me be tell'n the tale o' the Scurvy Raider, the finest pirate ship t' sail the sea. Lost one dark and stormy eve, near eighteen years ago, all her crew feared dead or worse. Arrr, but this tale be not ha'in' a sad endin', for the Scurvy Raider has returned t' port with a mighty tale t' tell. The tale o' a dark and stormy eve near eighteen years ago.

OK, you know what? Typing Pirate is hard.

Back when I was working at Lucasfilm, I used to have a giant Lego pirate ship. It sat across from my desk on this low end table and when the nights would grow long and the work day became tiring I would look over at the Scruvy Raider and it would remind me of what we were building; it would remind me of the soul of this game called Monkey Island.

When I left Lucasfilm the Lego pirate ship mysteriously disappeared. I remember cleaning out my office and saying my goodbyes then noticing the Lego pirate ship was gone. I asked around but no one knew what happened to it. It was simply gone, lost at sea, never to be seen again...


A few days ago when a giant package arrive at my door step. I carefully opened it to find this inside:

Attached to it was a note scribbled on LucasArts stationary that simply said "We found your pirate ship".

Thanks Guys!!!

The Scurvy Raider II has come home, sailing into port for a reunion that onlookers called teary-eyed and joyful. It will once again become a beacon of light into the soul of what we are making.