Iron Curtain Sep 19, 2020
Not coincidentially, that's one of the two comics today on!

Johan Windh Sep 19, 2020
Aaargh back at ye, Ron.

fat cat Sep 20, 2020
That's a nice way, to announce your new Monkey Island.

What a ...

Steve Brown Sep 20, 2020
Adolescent me found WAY too many reason to use the phrase, "bucket of lymph' in my extemporaneous attempts at humor, and this comic is to blame.

W00t Sep 20, 2020
W00t W00t

David Sep 21, 2020
Congrats on the redesign, Ron!

Reznorix Sep 21, 2020
I thought for a second I was in the wrong blog. Nice design.

Nick Markus Sep 21, 2020
Well, the second Far Side strip on the same day also has a high symbolic value, given the current situation of Monkey Island's IP.

Miguel Alves Sep 21, 2020
Congrats on the new design. It's more pleasant on the eyes on dark environments. On thing I am not very fond of is the separators between news and comments. Makes it a bit moro cluttered. IMHO using space as separators is more clean and you can achieve almost the same thing. Sometimes less is more :)

dada Sep 21, 2020
This is nice! I can take my sun glasses off.

Lautaro Sep 22, 2020
I can check out grumpy gamer at night now! thanks Ron

Johan Windh Sep 22, 2020
Hi, great design, but it doesn't work in Brave at the moment.

All the best!


Ron Gilbert Sep 22, 2020
I use Brave all the time.  I did all of the development in Brave.  What exactly doesn't work?

Johan Windh Sep 22, 2020
Hi Ron. That's weird. It just looks like plain text, both on my Android and on my PC.

I hope it's ok to post a link to a screenshot:

Johan Windh Sep 22, 2020
And perhaps I should add, it does work, it just doesn't look right. At least not for me.

Johan Windh Sep 22, 2020
P.S. 2...

Fixed it... Had to deactivate the shield!

Now, I'M GOING TO TRUST YOU RON!! No sneaky stuff!

Ron Gilbert Sep 22, 2020
Based on your screenshot, it looks like it was not using the right .css file.  It might be caching the old .css?  I tried it was all shield settings and it looks fine. Odd.

Johan Windh Sep 22, 2020
Yep, some hickup there. Just cycling the shield off/on fixed it. Cheers.

Reznorix Sep 22, 2020
I use Brave in Android and works for me since yesterday, with and without the shield.

mosaic Sep 22, 2020
Works on Safari, looks wrong on Firefox and Gravatar is being blocked.

Miguel Alves Sep 22, 2020
I also had the same problem but it was because the CSS was cached. One easy way to solve it is opening the CSS file directly then refresh the page (CSS file). The issue should be fixed after that.

Stevo Sep 22, 2020
I miss the former cartoon banner....  😞

Shawn Sep 22, 2020
Good call Miguel. Your tip fixed it for me. Also reminds me I had the exact same problem with cached css on shared hosting. Had to do something with a varnish exclusion list.

INgo Rogers Sep 24, 2020
More piraty songs!

Pirates for Sail - The Derelict

Hrvoje Grahovac Sep 24, 2020
Ha! Good one!

Hrvoje Grahovac Sep 24, 2020
Ron, have you ever played the 1992 CD (PC, not the Sega one) version of Secret of Monkey Island?

grumpycats Sep 27, 2020
congrats to the new website.
no google in sight, for statistics, so far so good 😀
just out of curiosity... what is popper.min.js file loaded for? (it should do some tool-tip work on images etc.  but I dont see any here... do I miss some essential user experience on ;-)

blombo Sep 28, 2020
Alas, Ron, dark themes don't agree with my old eyes; would you consider adding a light theme option?

Fred Berry Sep 29, 2020
Grumpycats, popper.min.js is developed by this guy:

and it is used for interactive web positioning and React and bootstrap and new stuff about which I have no idea. Because it is relatively new. That's all the info I have.

Ingo Rogers Sep 29, 2020
So... Disney made up pirates:


Grumpycat Sep 30, 2020
>Fred Berry
thanks for the info

p.s. after blocking the script, the website still works fine 😀

p.s.2 (Sorry Mr. Gilbert for highjacking your post)

Ron Gilbert Sep 30, 2020
It was/is used for endless scrolling.

grumpycat Oct 01, 2020
does the endless scrolling
does nothing on
It is just a mystery to me why/where it is loaded... (as it not part of the index page)

Ron Gilbert Oct 04, 2020
I removed `popper.min.js`.  I must have added it for a use that never made it.  Let's see what breaks!

Anthony Cassidy Oct 05, 2020
I wonder if this vampire fan page took inspiration from the larson comic:

grumpycats Oct 08, 2020
works well without popper.min.js 😀

p.s. if you check on a mobile, you will find some posts with looooooooooooong  words/urls and the browser will show a horizontal scrolling bar.
I am experimenting with a html tag WBR in those looooong words (e.g. every 20 characters) characters to instruct the browser when to linebreak...

Don Oct 15, 2020
This new look is a serious a downgrade, old one was just plain classy, this looks like a school project.

Ping Oct 15, 2020
Happy anniversary for the secret of monkey island!

Chris1980 Oct 15, 2020
Happy 30th Birthday Secret of Monkey Island. I miss playing guybrush - one of my childhood heroes. Best wishes to you, Ron!