I Was A Teengage Lobot

Jan 09, 2015

This was the first design document I worked on while at Lucasfilm Games. It was just after Koronis Rift finished and I was really hoping I wouldn't get laid off. When I first joined Lucasfilm, I was a contractor, not an employee. I don't remember why that was, but I wanted to get hired on full time. I guess I figured I'd show how indispensable I was by helping to churn out game design gold like this.

This is probably one of the first appearances of "Chuck", who would go on to "Chuck the Plant" fame.

You'll also notice the abundance of TM's all over the doc. That joke never gets old. Right?

Many thanks to Aric Wilmunder for saving this document.

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Elizabeth Jan 04, 2018
In the not-too-distant future?
2 years before MST3K debuted on KTMA, *and* the game *un*produced, so... gotta ask:
*is* there a connection with Joel Hodgson?  
Which came first:  the Lobots or the Joel-bots???
Possible connections are mind-blowing, perhaps more so that it could all be coincidence.  So cool.  Thanks for sharing!

Luke May 21, 2018
Has anybody though about trying to actually make this game using the resources we have at our disposal now? I'd be tempted myself if I had the experience.

FeRDNYC Mar 20, 2019
@Elizabeth: Anything is possible, I suppose, but I don't really see anything there. "In the not too distant future" is the first line of the MST3K theme specifically because it's a well-known cliche, and as a sci-fi setting it's a trope that goes back quite a few decades. "Lobot", on the other hand, is a character name from The Empire Strikes Back (he's Lando's aide/#2 at Cloud City). Riffing on that sounds like it could be where Ron first got the idea for the game.

On an unrelated note, this document was clearly typeset in LaTeX, and therefore makes me feel icky. I think I have some kind of typesetting-markup PTSD. Which I guess would be PLaTeXSD?

Johnny Walker Aug 05, 2020
Also have to remember that Mystery Science Theatre 3000 was also riffing on Silent Running -- a guy trapped on a spaceship with his robot companions.

How...? Jun 25, 2021
This is awesome! How was this never made into a game?!

kypello May 21, 2022
"For some reason or another you go to a small scummy bar"? Hmmm, that sounds oddly familiar...