Jan 01, 2022

Well, it's 2022 and everything is turning out exactly as I predicted back when I was 7. Self-driving cars, space stations, the internet. Nailed it.

Favorite TV show of 2021 was Only Murders in the Building.

Favorite game of 2021 was Loop Heroes.

Favorite book of 2021 was Einstein's Fridge.

Favorite rediscovered joy of 2021 was reading physical books.

Favorite movie of 2021 was Dune.

Favorite time waster of 2021 was watching physics videos on YouTube.

Least favorite movie of 2021 was anything with f**king superheroes.

Favorite pandemic of 2021 was Covid-19 (three years running).

See you in an exciting 2022 where everyone will be nice and respectful and personal agendas are put aside for the greater good and we all come together and save the planet.

Either that or a horrific dystopian post-apocalyptic world where we hunt each other for food.

2022 could go either way.