Mar 27, 2018

Thimbleweed Park's one-year anniversary is this Friday, and to help commiserate (I mean celebrate) the game is going to be 50% off for one day on all platforms. If you're thinking of picking it up, you might want to hold off a few days.

This will be the deepest discount we've offered, after that, it's back to our normal price (but still less than the Guybrush approved price for a video game).

Mechner Mar 27, 2018
Can't believe it's been a year! Fair play to you and the team!

Espiox Mar 28, 2018
Will this include European stores (Switch/PSN)?

Zak Phoenix McKracken Mar 28, 2018
50% off !? It's a very generous offer!

Lexic Mar 28, 2018
I thought it came out in 1987? That would be 30 years. I'm not gonna pay more than 1$ for such an old game.

Paul Nicholas Mar 28, 2018
Thimbleweed Park's one-year anniversary is this Friday...
WOW, where did that year go?!
Many congrats Ron (& the rest of the team) 😀

Klaus Hauschild Mar 28, 2018
Happy birthday Thimblweed Park.
But the down side is that there will not many more then the short time travel back to 1987. Sad times for adventure games.
Great game, Ron.

Gffp Mar 28, 2018
Happy anniversary, Thimbleweed Park! I can't believe it... Ten bucks and the game is yours, in six languages, full fledged flavour, built-in hint line and absolutely bugs free (it's a year after release!) It's a golden opportunity!

Gffp Mar 28, 2018
And on mobile platforms is even less than ten bucks!
I played the game not only on computers, but also on an iPad, and the experience is great.  It brings the traditional point and click adventure game to a new dimension with features expertly crafted expressly for touch screens and it's awesome.
Oh, now I can take off my "Ask me about Thinmbleweed Park" badge.

Joe Allen Mar 28, 2018
great news. I will buy it again for ipad.
How do you feel right now about making more point n clicks Ron?

Fuz Mar 28, 2018
Thanks for Thimbleweed Park, Ron. It's truly amazing. Made me really happy playing a modern SCUMM game. It's just perfect.

Asterothe Mar 29, 2018
Happy anniversary!

Johan Windh Mar 29, 2018
Really loved TP. Great job.

Evmo Mar 29, 2018
To celebrate, you guys should do a post mortem podcast! I would love to hear what went right and what went wrong after launch as well as any thoughts you all have about moving forward with Terrible Toybox.

Required Name Mar 29, 2018
Ok, bought it on GOG together with the DLC. Thank you, Ron!
By the way, do you get any royalty from Monkey Island games? Cuz I just picked up those too. Again.

Akolade Mar 30, 2018
I just bought the iOS version, even though I already have the PC version, because I'm just that into it. Thanks guys! And I second the idea of a postmortem podcast. Your podcasts were one of my fav parts of the kickstarter (is that sad?).

Kyle Mar 30, 2018
Really hoping for a sequel

mcgrem Mar 31, 2018
Thanks for the great deal. Got it for my switch. Never knew I needed Adventure Games as a cozy bed time routine. Cheers!

Giorgio Novelli Apr 01, 2018
Happy anniversary!

Karl Zylinski Apr 04, 2018
Grats! I enjoyed the anniversary podcast episode.

A thing that I would enjoy reading is a look back at how using Squirrel went. Are you using it for the RPG-ish project?

Have a nice day!

Ray Apr 04, 2018
OH no I missed it.  Never tried your games, but for 50% off I would try something new.  Will this be offered again on the Nintendo switch?

Armand May 10, 2018
Well, Guybrush said never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game.

In 1990.

So, in 2018, never pay more than 38.19 $ for a computer game.

Jokerkuku Jun 09, 2018
Damn, I missed that game so much!

Patsy J. Moore Feb 11, 2019
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Grendel Jan 02, 2020
Usually I'm not a gamer. But Monkey Island was one of the best memories of my childhood. It was like a real pirate adventure, not like a game. When my father died I played again to remember those times and my adult mind saw the ending of the second part, it was like I said goodbye to my former child self, ending up in that circus.
Later I played Thimbleweed Park, most of the time with my girlfriend who thought about the puzzles with me. Now this is one of my best memories. Perfect mix of mysterious atmosphere and funny moments, unique world & story. Thanks!!! If I had a free wish there would be a second Thimbleweed Park game...