Nov 10, 2021

I've decided to go back on Twitter but with a few changes:

  1. I unfollowed everyone.
  2. I will only post once (or maybe twice) a week.
  3. I only check twitter once every 1 or 2 days.
  4. I will only post positive things and mostly about game dev.
  5. I will not add rubbish to the Twitter dumpster fire.

I used to follow 200+ people and now I follow 0. I apologize if I unfollowed you. It doesn't mean I love you any less. I might follow people at some point, but only friendly positive people.

I left Twitter because it was doing serious mental damage to me.

  1. Maybe, just maybe this will help make twitter a better place.

Garófalo Nov 10, 2021
Twitter is an insanely harmful forum. Even if you don't follow anyone, they will somehow manage to get you to see insulting, violent, or wicked comments. With any luck you will be able to waste the time of your life and nothing else. I am convinced that it is a wrong decision, but I hope I am wrong. Greetings.

grumpy fag Nov 10, 2021
What a fucking crybaby pussy.

Gene Nov 10, 2021
For those who have no plans to go go back to twitter: will you also post the "positive things and mostly about game dev" here?

Mindiell Nov 10, 2021
Did you even try mastodon ? It's like twitter but in the fediverse, making you more comfortable with what you see and who you follow.

Grumpy cats Nov 10, 2021
>second comment

Just reminded me why I avoid Twitter.

Paul Nicholas Nov 10, 2021

Pierre Nov 10, 2021
Glad to see you post here! Much like Gene mentioned above, I hope you'll post more here!

By the way... any update on your migration to Ubuntu Linux? :)

Azrapse Nov 10, 2021
Good decision,
I have never really experienced the "cesspool" part of Twitter, since I only follow artists I like and people that are nice.
If someone starts vomiting bullshit, I unfollow/block immediately without even bothering to reply to them.
It's just pointless to engage with the toxicity. You aren't going to change anyone's mind.
However, it still remains an excellent place where some excellent people say and share excellent thoughts, content, and jokes.
You just need to be a curator of the stuff that reaches you.

Olli Nov 10, 2021
Ron, I understand the urge to be in the circles, but don't do it. You gain nothing from it. Go outside, read a book. If you MUST read Twitter, do it without an account.

garystu Nov 10, 2021
I'm glad you're able to return with a healthy relationship to twitter.

I'm deep in that twitter addiction and trying to get out, and I admire+envy your outlook.

dada Nov 10, 2021
Come on Ron, I loved so much that you just posted on your own blog and despite the ‘horrendous obstacle' of having to follow your rss feed or just occasionally click on your link and despite the fact that you post infrequently, always plenty of people show up.

Just the fact that anyone who wants to express nuanced thought on twitter has to post it like an idiot in 10 consecutive, numbered tweets is a testament to the degree of determination of the corporation to make it a tool for constructive discussion and personal growth rather than the cesspool shaped by their whim that it is.

DieSkaarj Nov 10, 2021
"Be the change that you want to see. / Lead by example."

Twitter-- Twitter is a social media platform.  Yes. Or is it a spitting contest?

tapirus_indicus Nov 10, 2021
Would there be any effort at all in porting Thimbleweed Park to the Steam Deck?

Maroto Nov 10, 2021
For those of us who refuse to open a twitter account, please be aware that they are following some UX practices to induce you to create an account, even more when accesing from your mobile phone:

- You can't see replies on a thread
- You can't see full size images
- You can't click on usernames to check their profiles
- You can't see user's replies and mentions
- And probably a few more

So please, consider that people who do not want to be part of the game might lose the ability to do all these things if they do not have a twitter account as well.

Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook/Meta and others are pushing hard to make their content unavailable to people without an account so they can hoard more and more data.

Ron Gilbert Nov 10, 2021
I did try mastodon and quit when someone posted a rant at me for not using mastodon right.

Ron Gilbert Nov 10, 2021
Steam Deck is interesting.  Haven't gone deep on the docs, but I think we'd have to use the steam controller api.  No idea what that involves.  We're going to look into it.

Fred Berry Nov 10, 2021
I did the dame last year. Out Facebook, out Twitter. You are not alone.

Lucas Nov 10, 2021
I do follow a very curated list of accounts interesting to me, you are on that list. I did notice you twitting recently and felt funny about getting in this blog through twitter, when I regularly check in here. My recommendation is to follow a few accounts so that the feed takes a couple minutes to be up to date with all of them. I check every day once and stay up to date with the things that interests me and fits in a 5 minutes checking only. And man I do love twitter, but as everything needs to be used with some measure.

PeevishDave Nov 10, 2021
I feel the need to share thoughts and interact with others, but social media don't work well for me. For example, on Twitter it looks like you can translate almost every tweet into "I'm better than you", "I'm better than those people".
Also, I think the bird logo is emblematic. It reminds me of:

"Never play chess with a pigeon.
The pigeon just knocks all the pieces over.
Then shits all over the board.
Then struts around like it won."

The tragedy is that I periodically feel the need to use social again every now and then, but I only end up with my chessboard full of shit again xD

Ron Gilbert Nov 11, 2021
That is true.  My return to Twitter might be short lived.

Zak Phoenix McKracken Nov 11, 2021
Yes, I second this. I follow 7 friends on Twitter, and one hilarious account (a journalist who pretends to be God using Twitter).
That's enough to spend a few minutes of distraction, and to stay up-to-date with I'm interested with.

Crack Nov 11, 2021
Sounds like an addicted returns to his addiction.

Zak Phoenix McKracken Nov 11, 2021
Oh, I just checked my Twitter following list: 44 😱
I don't even remember when I added all of them!

Tiffany Nov 11, 2021
Good plan. I need to break away from Facebook soon.

Mighty Pirate Nov 11, 2021
Exited FB and Twitter over a year ago. Did not miss on anything. Whoever wants to read your content, Ron, can follow your RSS here.

FL Nov 12, 2021
Mmmm... Incoming news about the game you are working on?!?!

Brian Goldberg Nov 13, 2021
I find Twitter mostly useful for my local friend group. There are a bunch of us who use it as a messaging app, more or less. I don't much have any of the political stuff in my feed, and it's almost all light hearted and positive. Downside is that you do get people you are just "acquaintances with" DMing you sometimes to try and get closer, so it creates a vector for potentially unwanted attention. On the other hand, I've become friends with some ppl that way, so nothing ventured nothing gained.

Hans Nov 15, 2021
I quit Twitter some days ago because it just made me angry, made me loosing my faith in humanity (which includes good, objective discussions) and wasted my time. I started feeling sick when using it and kept thinking about Twitter discussions all day which is definitely unhealthy.

I hope you will keep posting here, it is always a pleasure for me to find an update here.

LeafNode Nov 15, 2021
Twitter is like Facebook - maybe they were once created with good intentions, but reading many threads there feels like sitting in a big barrel filled to the brim with shit standing on a flatbed truck, and the shit level is just below your mouth. It stinks, for sure, but you can still breathe. And then the trucks starts moving and the shit soup swashes back and forth and your head submerges in shit every few seconds, and you gasp for air, but there is just shit everywhere and shit fills your lungs and brain and eventually you become one with the shit!

That's how I feel on Twitter/FB sometimes (or most of the time really) - stay there for more than 5mins and you lose faith in humanity, theory of evolution and reason, because you can't believe there are so many obnoxious assholes out there. And the interesting tweets/posts/etc. drown in all the other garbage. :/

Pete Nov 22, 2021
I follow Double Fine on Twitter, as well as a cooking magazine. Both make me hungry.

PepeMusic Nov 24, 2021
Dear Maestro!

I just stumbled over this awesome blog. I can fully understand why you stopped using twitter in the way you used to. My experience with YouTube is very similar. The internet is full of weirdos. Creative minds are working their a$$ up to present something to the public for completely free - and then those people come out of their holes for insult only.

I'm going to check this site regularly now. The first two Monkey Island games are on the top of my Top-3-games list, the third one being MI3. Guess why our first daughter's name is Elaine! Your work at Lucasfilm Games/LucasArts has drastically influenced my life. Yeah, for the better, I think.

All the best from Germany

Johnny Walker Nov 30, 2021
You fool! Twitter is still a dumpster fire capable of serious mental damage. Ignore that horrible place (and come to MixNMojo instead).

Bob Dec 15, 2021

For what it's worth, nitter is an open-source Twitter frontend that is free from JavaScript and respects privacy.

nitter dot net

That's what I use to browse Twitter when I have to. No account needed.

Nor Treblig Dec 23, 2021
Thanks for sharing, nitter look interesting since I use RSS/Atom feeds a lot.

At beginning of 2021 I completely stopped using Twitter after my custom feed generator broke when Twitter changed something (and I was already using a fallback method after another breaking change in 2020).
Although I made some quick tests using their (unofficial) API I then just couldn't be bothered to put any time into it...

Captain Whale Jan 21, 2022
We are really happy to have you back on Twitter, Mr. Gilbert! You know any place can be both good or bad. It's our opportunity to make a place as we want it to be! You're the best, Mr. Gilbert

Heribert Raab Feb 13, 2022
on twitter since 2009, never had issues... i uses list for news stream and industry insight etc... you need follow social media rules. if talks bad -->block... somebody posts political stuff "unfollow" option or block --> happy live!

V for Vendetta Apr 06, 2022
Recommendation: MissKey or Pleroma instead of Twitter.