Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day


Feb 14, 2018
I love this picture. Is it from Mark Ferrari?


Feb 14, 2018
"As you wish." X-)


Feb 14, 2018
Nice! Miss those two. When do you get to take control of the IP on this?

Peter L

Feb 14, 2018
So much better looking than the special edition!

Big Red Button

Feb 14, 2018
Gzurl wrote: I love this picture. Is it from Mark Ferrari?
Mark Ferrari was involved in the 16-color version of MI only, which was the first version of this game. The screenshot above seems to be from the 256-color enhanced version, though.

Zak Phoenix McKracken

Feb 14, 2018
I wonder what happened immediately after this scene...
Guybrush: "I love you Elaine."
Elaine: "Do you prefer near the pier or in the woods?"

Mitchell Rysavy

Feb 14, 2018
"Never pay more than $20 for an adventure game."

Ron Gilbert

Feb 14, 2018
The close-ups were done by Mike Ebert or Steve Purcell. I don't remember who did the 16 color version of this one. Given this is from the 256 color version, it would have been Mike Ebert.


Feb 15, 2018
Lovely image. My wife's and my wedding bands say "Plunderbunny" and "Sugarboots" respectively.


Feb 17, 2018
Is Guybrush a French name? No, actually it's a fictional name. Hopefully we'll get too see the mightiest pirate of them all again. I miss them so much.

Fernando S

Feb 25, 2018
I´ve been playing MI1 on that day!  Elaine looks gorgeous.  BTW I´m 38 and single.  
Greetings from Argentina.


Mar 03, 2018
Dear Mr. Gilbert

My name is Hamid and I am 30. All off my childhood was covered with Monkey island series and I have played them more than 5 times!!! Is there any chance for monkey island 6 in 2018 or later?!! Thimbelweed park is nice but monkey island is something else!!!
I there a new monkey island???
Pretty please :D


Mar 07, 2018
The governor and her new beau, Fuygrab DimTreed!


Mar 07, 2018
The governor and her new beau, Fuygrab DimTreed!


Jun 21, 2018
So... Moonstruck Island? https://twitter.com/TheRealPatete/status/1009510596738461697
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