View out my window

Jul 17, 2020

The view out my window.

David Fox Jul 18, 2020
That's kind of like the view in my Oculus Quest... super realistic screen-door effect there.

Ron Gilbert Jul 18, 2020
It's all done with shaders.

Steve Brown Jul 18, 2020
Looks peaceful.  It just reminded me how much time I spent by the firepit with a cigar and an audiobook at the last place I lived.  /forlorn-sigh

Gennady Birenberg Jul 18, 2020
Pixels! Pixels everywhere!

grostonton Jul 18, 2020
It looks nice, perhaps the grass needs some more water ^^

Ping Jul 18, 2020
It looks very peaceful and cozy

Ron Gilbert Jul 18, 2020
No one here water their grass.  Waste of water. Seattle is not in  a drought, but if everyone watered their grass, we would be.

grostonton Jul 18, 2020
Sure, I totally agree with that. We have the same problem here in the South of France, but There are many ground cover plants, such as lippia which is easy to grow and which is also bee-friendly

Ron Gilbert Jul 18, 2020
In Seattle it is only a problem for a few months, the rest of the year it rains and the grass is nice and lush.  It's probably coming across worse in the picture.  In real life, it's not bad at all.  Mostly green with a few brown spots.

grostonton Jul 18, 2020
Sorry, it's a professional deformation (I'm Gardener), of course the photography must deformed the reality a little. The most is to have a nice outside place during the shiny days ^^.

Jarek Jul 18, 2020

Evan Jul 19, 2020
And here I thought you could actually see the space needle from your window.

Tim Jul 19, 2020
So this is the pay off for Thimbleweed... 😀

Ger Jul 20, 2020
Nice dithering :)

Iron Curtain Jul 25, 2020
Nice Rattan Chairs.

Alessander Botti Benevides Jul 25, 2020
Green enough to make it a beautiful view!
Regarding VR, I'm unfortunately quite disappointed... bad image quality and immersion-breaking teleportation-based locomotion. Psychophysical discomfort is a major problem.

Brian Aug 12, 2020
Somehow I imagined it would be more... piratey.