What I did during the Pandemic

May 09, 2020

By Ron Gilbert

As I write this on the 9th day of May in the year of 2020 the Pandemic is far from over. Different people deal with isolation, fear, social distancing and hoarding toilet paper differently. I built a game. It helped keep me sane.

As I mentioned back in March, I began rewriting the Thimbleweed Park engine with no real goal in mind, it just seemed like something to do and I had a few ideas about UI I wanted to explore.

What began as a way to waste time, turned into a fun little game prototype. A little over a month ago David Fox came on, then Robert, Katerina, and Octavi jumped on to help. The game was built almost entirely from existing art, sounds and music from Thimbleweed Park, more of a remixing into a new game that can be seen as an addendum to Thimbleweed Park. It is not a sequel.

We hope you enjoy it, it's complete FREE on Steam and the Epic Store. A strange little game for the strange and stressful times we find ourselves in.

Did I mention it's FREE.

Stay safe and I hope this little game helps, even a little.

In the coming weeks I'll be posting more about the new engine and how it's different and hopefully better.

Zak Phoenix McKracken May 09, 2020
That's surely a positive effect of the quarantine ๐Ÿ˜€
Thanks for having released it even free, for all of us.

Ennius May 09, 2020
Hi! Here is Ennius, another Italy adventure-fan.
Happy to hear that!!
I feel like Franklin during this pandemic. At the beginning of all, I had a big 2do list with a lot of constructive and positive things... Among these, one was that to begin studying AGS engine and try something with it, after I left it almost 15 years ago.

At least I played a lot of Adventure Games of all times since now! XD



Mariano May 09, 2020
Thanks! ui is much more dynamic, excellent work!

Francesco Favia May 09, 2020
Already downloaded it, Ron you are silent on Fb and on Twitter, why?

Ryan May 09, 2020
Eager to hear more about the new engine!

Is there a Linux release on the horizon for this, perchance? (I recognize that we're an essentially-zero minority, so if it's no longer worthwhile for you to target Linux, thanks for all the releases that you did make available!)

Yehuda May 09, 2020

I'm really curious about engine rewrite. Is the new one also based on squirrel? What was the old one missing?

Gus May 09, 2020
Ron, just to make it clear,  is this FREE? Thanks.

Ron Gilbert May 09, 2020
Linux might show up.  It's a new engine and a completely new backend and there is only so much that I can do and I wanted to get the game out.

Eigendrea May 09, 2020
Looks like we need more pandemics.

Ariel Bosi May 09, 2020
Thank you. Thank you very, very much! To you, David, Robert, Katerina, and Octavi.

Nik May 09, 2020
Awesome, thank you Ron!

Any chance of a direct download for us casual adventurers without Steam accounts.

David Fox May 09, 2020
I loved working on this game! So happy you all can now enjoy it too. I do not want the pandemic to last any longer, but it's a great diversion while it does. Enjoy!

Chris Barnard May 09, 2020
Thanks so much Ron, this is the best news I could have wished for today! Hopefully the new engine will be used for another RG adventure game in the future!

Tommy Hand May 09, 2020
Will this be available on GoG? Small thing but that's where I own Thimbleweed Park and I like to keep things together

Gail P. Sherman May 09, 2020
Hmm... I don't have any sound.

Guywood Threepbrush May 09, 2020
Thank you, Ron!

Kolzig May 09, 2020
Oh wow! Thank you Ron, David & co.!

Thorw4ld May 09, 2020
WOW! This is amazing, thank you so much Ron!

Lasse May 09, 2020
Wow, thats excellent and completely unexpected news. Made my weekend. Thank you Mr Gilbert and rest of the team.

Romi May 09, 2020
The world is a shitty place, but it's a little bit better because Ron Gilbert lives on it.

NoTaMu May 09, 2020
I join Tommy Hand question. Could we get it on GoG?
Also, thank you so much for all your magnificent present and past artworks =)

Ron Gilbert May 09, 2020
Unlike Steam, GOG is "invite only".  It is up to them if they want the game.  Also, unlike Steam, the GOG store pages needs to be created by them, we only upload the game.

thomasmolby May 09, 2020
This is such a nice surprise. Thank you!

Aaron May 09, 2020
Lovely surprise. Cheers!

Christian Gilhuus May 09, 2020
Fantastic news!! Thank you so much for providing so many great adventuregaming moments throughout the years! Keep on pushing Disney for the rights to the Monkey Island IP - they HAVE to budge, at some point..!

Tommy Thorn May 09, 2020
Oh wow, the interface is much nicer and faster too.

Brian Ruff May 09, 2020
Thank you Ron and David and team!!!

huy May 09, 2020

JanW May 09, 2020
Wow!  You are simply the best! Thank you so much for this beautiful little gift!  All my best wishes to you and your team!

Lukas May 09, 2020
This is super super cool! Thank you for this. I'm a big fan of the classic SCUMM games and also played through Thimbleweed Park. I can do a Linux port for free if you want, also for ARM64. I just launched an open hardware laptop (MNT Reform) that runs only Linux and I would love to play this (and Thimbleweed Park) on it.

Iron Curtain May 09, 2020
I realize you couldn't do GOG because it's curated. However, you could do itch.io. Do you have any plans to upload your game to itch.io?

JB May 09, 2020
Steam says "you need at least windows 10 ". i initially thought that was another of Ron's jokes; but no. I can run thimbleweed park on my win 7 PC without any problem, but that one, I can't.
Any idea?

Peter Brodersen May 09, 2020
Lovely revisit! Happy birthday to your mom!

Ron Gilbert May 09, 2020
My new engine requires dx12, this game doesn't need it, but future games will and getting all that tech in place was part of what this prototype was for.  We tried to work around this, but it wasn't easy without a lot of rearchitecting code.

Eric May 09, 2020
What a surprise!! Thank you!! :o

Immediately installing ;)

Armand May 09, 2020
Great, instead of playing the actual game, like I should, I'm busy decoding the modem sounds at the end of the trailer.

Luca Ferrario May 09, 2020
Thanks Ron & David! The new interface is wonderfull! It will be fantastic to see another adventure with this interface!

Matthew May 09, 2020
Brilliant, a very pleasant surprise and a lovely ointment for every fans sanity!

Tom May 09, 2020
Haven't had time to check it out yet, but roughly looked at the pictures. As a big time fan of the verbs... are they gone in your new engine or will they return, or maybe even be optional? Happy to see you working on adventure games again and crossing fingers that there might be more. :)

Tom Bowman May 09, 2020
looks like I will be returning to Thimbleweed Park in the near future I already finished Thimbleweed Park but it will be awesome to come back to this universe

moe May 09, 2020
game doesnt run for me (probably because i am running win 10 demoversion) :( still big thanks for putting a new game out probalby gonna watch a yt video then, i am very hyped to see, what story u came up with this time.

Cheeseness May 09, 2020
Exciting times!
It looks like you've got people offering to help regarding Linux stuff, but I'd be happy to share my knowledge/experience as a porter if that's of value.
Congrats on shipping a new thing and making a new piece of tech!

Crichtob May 09, 2020
Please get in touch with GOG! That's where I bought Thimbleweed Park. I'm sure they will be more than pleased to have this one.

Samuel May 09, 2020
Thank you!

Helge Frisenette May 09, 2020
You guys are, and forever will be my heros, for all the great games you made.
You are equal to Lucas and Spielberg in importance.
The rest of the world just haven't totally caught up yet.
I hope you have the success you surely deserve.
Even if not, knowing you did what you did, and that the quality is acknowledged by so many so loyally, must be heartening.

Someone May 09, 2020
@Ron: Would it be possible to put the game on Itch.io or another DRM free download platform? I just don't want install Steam or the Epic Store just for that game. Or is it DRM free on Steam? So would it be possible to run the game without the Steam client?

Someone May 09, 2020
And of course: Thanks for the game! ๐Ÿ˜€

Ron Gilbert May 09, 2020
I looked into Itch.io a while back and you basically had to supply your own installer, I just don't have the time/brain-space for that.  I could have also been wrong or just upload a .zip.  Also, just setting up a store page is a lot of work.  We've all be swamped the past 5 weeks.  There is no DRM in the game.

Bokkie May 09, 2020
Won't Proton from Valve run the game? That would be easier than porting.

Ron Gilbert May 09, 2020
Based on people trying, Proton does not.  I think it claims to be win10 and isn't, or maybe the other way around.

Miguel Alves May 09, 2020
Any chance you will port this to touch platforms like iPad OS? Would the new UI work well?

Ron Gilbert May 09, 2020
The new UI was designed to work well with touch, but this game won't be ported to mobile or any other platforms.  It's basically a prototype.

Pavel May 09, 2020
Thanks :)

Miguel Alves May 09, 2020
Cool! Thanks for releasing the mini game :) I will try to get my hands on my old Mac as soon as the lockdown is over to play the game.

Petit Prince May 09, 2020
Ha, I was just using this hiatus to do my own translations of the old SCUMM games, and you release a new game, thanks ;)

Oh, and I wanted you to know that, if I could only have a tiny suitcase to pick the most meaningful things in my life, I think now I know which single book and which single album I'd take. As for the game, well it'd be one of yours, and that's something I knew immediately while I was wandering through the tunnels of Dinky Island as a child, 17 years ago. An emotion still bigger than me.

Thank you so much Ron, 'cause you're wonderful!

Anastasi May 09, 2020
Thank you Ron Gilbert, you just gave a little bit of sanity back to me.

Matthew May 10, 2020
I wrote to GOG to suggest they invite you to add it.

Eric May 10, 2020
Just played for over an hour! Thanks Ron, I really appreciate having a free game to play.

I suppose you're looking to test things out, see how it goes.... and well, I like the new interface however it felt like I was opening folders on my windows PC and right clicking for menu options a lot of time

In a way, it was more intuitive... it just makes sense to have the options on the item. In another way, I felt like it made things a little too easy at times and playing with a trackpad was more challenging.

With the old interface, I could click on the keyboard shortcuts to open a drawer and then pick up an item... and now, I have to double tap click on the trackpad. I assume this would be a non-issue with a mouse (the way it's probably intended to be played).

While the start seemed easy, I did really enjoy the ability to take a photograph of multiple items that don't do anything. In a way, it adds a level of difficulty without harming/killing the player.

Unfortunately, I think there might be a bug with saving the state of the game as after an hour of player, the game is saying I have 5 pictures but Natalie won't accept any. (She just says: "Yes", those are good. Let me remove the bad ones.) And since I can't submit the photographs, the game doesn't save. In other words, it feels like I have to restart the game after playing for an hour. (Not complaining, I understood there might be bugs / this was free / proceed at your own risk)

Overall, this is very pleasant. The ability to take photographs of nearly everything makes it much more challenging (in a good way) and the interaction is quite intuitive. You could put someone into the game without any instructions and they'd figure things out. For example, dragging items from the inventory works really well and is something that a new player would intuitively do.

I do kind of wish there could be a hybrid mode where you could still use classic keyboard shortcuts to do things like open drawers, look inside, pick things up AND/OR use the new interface.

The new interface works well (but I feel in some instances, it makes the game feel a little easier as it essentially gives you the second option without making you think about it).

Does the new interface make the game MORE fun to play? It's new, it's improved but I feel quite neutral about it. I think it opens up more options beyond just pick up... (you had 'move ladder right' / 'move ladder left') but then again, in the past, you could have used pull / push to accomplish the same thing.

However, I felt a bit less accomplishment as a player because I didn't have to specify pick up, pull, push, look at, talk to, etc.

Thanks for the free game, I really appreciate it and you've certainly made a lot of us happy. I'm definitely enjoying running around trying to solve the puzzles. You make great games and I hope this feedback is useful!

- Eric

Ron Gilbert May 10, 2020
The game doesn't really have a save game, it's only when you turn in 5 good photos (checking every off on your list) is the state saved.  Again, not something I'd do in a full game.

Brian May 10, 2020
Ron, you may have said it before, but what language do you do your coding in?

Ron Gilbert May 10, 2020
The engine is written in c++, but the game is in my new languages called Dinky.  I will be talking about it more over the next few weeks.

FrancescoF May 10, 2020
Ron's new language is called dinky.. like in his old Post he is not saying much at all about the new game.. mmm .. maybe Monkey island 3a is coming?

Sergio May 10, 2020
Just uploading a .zip to itch.io is perfectly acceptable. A lot of people just download and extract themselves manually. There's also a Steam-like itch app, but that also copes fine with just a .zip file.

Alien426 May 10, 2020
Thank you, Terrible Toybox.

Frank May 10, 2020
what's the secret of monkey island? ... and is that really your password?

Bill Gates May 10, 2020
"You need at least Windows 10". For what??

Ron, please!

Matt May 10, 2020
Great! Anyway, I'll have to wait for the linux version.

Wayne May 10, 2020
Thanks Ron. Can't wait to give his a run. From Australia.

PS Please do Monkey Island 3, even if it is illegal. We will bust you out of jail if it comes to that.

Stefan May 10, 2020
Thank you for all your work! But I will wait for a Linux version (Windows-free household here) and maybe it will even be available on GOG in the future, which would be nice.
Until then I will play Thimbleweed Park once more ;-) All the best for you and thank you again!

omniplay May 10, 2020
Wooooow! This is soooo cool. I am so grateful to get this. Would definitely pay for it ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheers!

Averell May 10, 2020
Thanks Ron, again a nice remain to our childhood. ๐Ÿ˜€

chuso May 10, 2020
Iยดve recent end Thimbleweed Park and i liked a lot! This things bring us light in the darkness! Youยดre great!

e May 10, 2020
Some quick thoughts from a user experience perspective... Not about the game as such, but the interface.

1) Overall โ€“ very nice. Getting rid of the verbs while cleverly keeping them should keep both ye olde verb-clickers and the contemporary "What are all these words doing on my screen?"-people more or less happy. Eating the cake and keeping it at the same time โ€“ while not confining oneself to a fixed set of verbs.

2)  Not having to read / hear a line like "That doesn't seem to work." hundreds of times during the course of a game is a big plus.

3) Pressing period to skip a line of dialogue strikes me as a weird remnant of some bygone interface that shouldn't be a thing in 2020.  What's wrong with (right) clicking to skip a line? I found myself keeping one finger constantly hovering  above the period key while playing the game. It's not intuitive, and that makes it feel like it's working against to the need to make a new interface in the first place.

How is this handled on a touch interface? By making line-skipping impossible or by introducing a new UI button during discussions?

4) Hiding alternate verbs in a popup menu has the disadvantage of making the player right-click anything and everything just in case, mostly to discover there's nothing new in the menu (at least in this game). This amounts to nothing but a lot of pointless clicking, and could end up being more annoying than "That doesn't seem to work." in the long run.

It would be great if the mouse pointer could visually indicate that there's more to the object being pointed at than left-clicking? A little plus sign or something?  This is harder to implement on a touch-based device, of course, but could something be done for the desktop users?

5) The slow non-pixel-perfect zoom at the beginning didn't look very good. Pixels and zooming don't go well together, in my opinion. But that's nitpicking at this point, I guess, as it has nothing to do with the interface...

The interface fells pretty good, overall. It's not exactly reinventing the wheel, as far as adventure game interfaces go, although I can't seem to remember games that would work exactly like this, for some reason... It does remind me of Kult (aka. Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess, for some reason...), one of my favourite old games. Clicking on things in Kult brings up a selection of verbs that are specific to that object. Many of the verbs are superfluous and only brings up different (and not necessarily useful) descriptions of the object or have no practical use at all, but it's a fun system. The results of clicking those verbs are perhaps closer to what would happen in an Infocom adventure, as most of it is text โ€“ there's no way anybody would have the time or the resources to animate all that extra stuff.

Check it out if you're interested. Exxos (later Cryo), France, 1989. fantastic pixel art (based on concept art by French comic book artist Philippe Caza), and in my opinion excellent sound design for the time. Flawed as an adventure game, but really good atmosphere and environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm2r5ZqZg6k

The new engine seems perfectly fine too. However one wouldn't know that this is a whole new engine unless told so. As others have said, it would be nice to hear in more detail what compelled you to make a new engine when you already had one that appeared to be very good?

I'm happy that you guys are still keeping at this. I hope this means we'll get a whole new adventure at some point!

dada May 10, 2020
Please Ron, for the love of god! i beseech Thee put it on GOG or Itch or someplace no account is needed and release it for Linux.

DanVzare May 10, 2020
Saw this, thought "Yay, new Thimbleweed Park content!" downloaded it, went to play it, couldn't because it requires Windows 10. :(

Any chance you could make it fallback on Direct X 11 if you're not on Windows 10, for all of us Windows 8 and 7 users?

DinkyBlacky May 10, 2020
No win10, I can't play that game (but finished the original, very good fun!), but just wanted to say thanks, Ron! (for this and for all the great moments with past games).

Shawn May 10, 2020
Loved all of this; the concept, the puzzles, the interface, everything. Only thing I would change would be right-click to skip text and that's a tiny quibble. Thanks for this awesome and free surprise!

Phil May 10, 2020
Thank you Ron! This might be the single best thing to come out of the pandemic yet. I'm really looking forward to play this.
Thimbleweed park has single-handedly rekindled my love for adventure games, so this totally made my day!

Bjรถrn Tantau May 10, 2020
Nice, thanks!

On the topic of engines, have you looked at engge? It's a new implementation of the TP engine.

Johnny Walker May 10, 2020
Fun little game!

Feedback on the interface:

1. I liked being able to click on something and for the default action to happen quickly and easily, but I ended up having to right-click on everything to see if there were any hidden options. It was a bit frustrating.

Possible suggestion: Left-click brings up options. Right-click does default. (This is because I was playing on a track pad and right-click was slightly more annoying than left.)

2. Dragging an object was annoying on a trackpad.

Suggestion: Left-click selects object (right-click releases it). Right-click while in inventory Looks At.

3. Traipsing around Thimbleweed Park isn't the most fun. A map to fast-travel to ANY visited location would have been great.

Thanks for this!

Paul Nicholas May 10, 2020
Hi Ron,
Just completed the new Delores mini-game.
LOVED it!  Was so good to be back in the town
(I'd forgotten how much I missed that music, art and atmosphere) โ˜บ

In case it's of any use - I've passed on some of my thoughts & observations while playing to David
(didn't wanna include the link here in public)

Overall, VERY impressed with it - it felt just like being back in the original (with some nice additions! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

I'm also excited to learn more about the engine - especially now that I've realised that you're blogging about it again (I might even try to nick a feature or two, should I ever get 'round to updating SCUMM-8 ever again! :skull: )

Anyway, hope it helps.
Stay safe, & all the best!  ๐Ÿ˜€

Johnny Walker May 10, 2020
Oh, and I agree that it feels odd not to be able to skip a line of dialogue by clicking somehow. (Although I appreciate the "." option from old LEC games being left in.)

Diduz May 10, 2020
This was such a nice surprise! I also liked the spooky trailer. Looking forward to your posts concerning the engine. ๐Ÿ˜€

Johnny Walker May 10, 2020
Oh, and one final thing... It's annoying to have to click the top left hand corner of the screen to close a close-up (eg. assignment list). Why not just let me click anywhere to close those rooms? :)

Bresus Cheezus May 10, 2020
Thank you for this! You mentioned that David, Robert, Katerina, and Octavi helped. By chance, did Jenn Sandercock help too? I know she was on the original team and I adored her edible games cookbook which she did afterwards. I really loved all her little touches to Thimbleweed (secret note!) and I hope we get more of them in another release of yours.

mafti May 10, 2020
Is it possible to pay for it (if i like it of course)

Ignacio May 10, 2020

Simplex May 10, 2020
Hi, it's awesome of you to give us a free game.
Unfortunately I have issues with shound - it stutters and distorts for a split second at random intervals, it's hard to describe but it's really annoying. Does anyone else have that problem?

Simplex May 10, 2020
I meant to say I have issues with sound, not shound. Should have written "audio" ;)

Evan May 10, 2020
Great news! I'll be sure to check this out when I finish Breath of the Wild. I'm a one game at a time kinda guy. Really glad to see more coming from Terrible Toy Box!

Hernsn May 10, 2020
WOW!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I played Maniac Mansion  and thimbleweed park all over againwith my girlfriend  during this quarantine !! This is such a great news!!!! Thank uuuu!!

Cheers from Argentina!!

Please keep making video games !!! <3 <3 <3

fuhgawz May 10, 2020

Markward May 10, 2020
Very much appreciated

Fuz May 10, 2020
Thank you so much, Ron!
As a long time fan and a backer of Thimbleweed Park I'm super happy to get "in there" again!
Cheers from Sardinia.

Johnny Walker May 10, 2020
That was fun! Thanks for that!

Panos May 10, 2020
Seems like I figured out the hidden story in the new thimbleweed park engine test. Delores is still at the machine and the ghost "sightings" are reality trying to sip in. Also the specks of dust are fleeting bytes of information.....

Christian May 10, 2020
Thanks so much for your great work. I'll enjoy this game.
Please fight for Monkey Island. One day they have to understand how much it means to you and us. We'll support you!
Best regards from germany

Alvaro May 10, 2020
Thanks for this to Ron and all the team!

Johnny Walker May 10, 2020
Hey Ron, I'd be really interested to learn how you approach writing your own scripting language. Any chance you could do a few technical posts, or maybe even a video, explaining your approach? Thanks!

Ron Gilbert May 10, 2020
@Johnny Walker: I plan on doing that.  Maybe next week when everything has calmed down with the Release.

Jeff May 11, 2020
Is there a way to get this without the DRM wrapper of Steam and Epic? Humblebundle? direct download?

Panos May 11, 2020
thank you for this. I really enjoyed playing through it and going back into the world. I wasn't quick enough to write your password but maybe next time...

Cathal May 11, 2020
Please release it at gog.com like the Game itself , I have all my Games there because I hate DRM

MoonKid May 11, 2020
Thanks a lot for investing your time and trying to release it "for free" for "everyone".
But it is not free - because I have to use Steam or Epic. Why the hack?

I am wondering why an old stager like you supporting structures like that. Why not just offering a download link?


beedaddy May 11, 2020
Great, thanks!
And +1 for a Linux version.

Pat May 11, 2020
Any chance seeing the game on the MS store? I played the original "anywhere" (PC/ Xbox console), liked the feature very much, but nevertheless, it's a pleasure hearing again from you.

Thanks a lot, greetings from Germany.

Playtron-3000 May 11, 2020
I was so excited about this, only to find out that there's no Linux-version. Bummer :o(

Michael May 11, 2020
Dear Ron, many thanks for your effort. Unfortunately I do not have (and want) Steam etc - so please release this gem on Gog, too. Btw: my C64 screams for a new adventure, too. It has many new features nowadays like RamExpansionUtility, damn fast loading times...also my Amiga is still running and waiting for input.

Rob May 11, 2020
Thanx for the fish, Ron. Great!

Daniel Wolf May 11, 2020
I'm really looking forward to learning more about Dinky! I'd love to hear what existing languages inspired you and where you chose to do your own thing.

Also, how does Dinky work under the hood? Parser generator or hand-rolled parser? Interpreter or bytecode?

Sjors May 11, 2020
Will this also come to the Nintendo Switch at some point in some way or form?

Dave May 11, 2020
It's just totally by accident I found myself checking up on how you're doing and this has made my week! Going to get it downloaded tonight. Cheers from Scotland!

Archillies May 11, 2020
Thanks for thinking of your fans while on stay-at-home. Also looking forward to more on Dinky! Stay Safe!

Alone May 11, 2020
Eres adorable, so sweetie ^^ Gracias!!

akoepfer May 11, 2020
Thanks for the game, but GOG would be great. Now I have a (useless) EPIC account and have to download a f*cking launcher., that I don't want, because there is no possibility to download only the game.

Chin May 11, 2020
Did you read the new post?

LowLevel May 11, 2020
Hello Ron, thanks for this nice little prototype.

I didn't expect to return to Thimbleweed Park, I've enjoyed the short drive!

I've noticed a BUG in the text, it seems a charset issue.
Here is a screenshot:  https://pasteboard.co/J7UqNDq.png


ZockerkingT May 11, 2020
Thank you so much! Please develop more games like Thimbleweed Park (maybe part 2 ). The world needs games like this.

Simon May 11, 2020
Besides all excitement about the engine, which I share:
I really enjoy the photojournalism puzzle. IMO that kind of puzzle is exactly what I am hoping for in adventure games. Not just simple "use X with Y" inventory driven puzzles, or "linear room unlocking", but puzzles which are truly interactive with the whole game world. (Now imaging also sound being involved, or more complex dialogues, switching between characters, etc).
Replay value is also very high - e.g., for each playthrough a slightly different subset of tasks could be presented. Please, keep on designing puzzles like this one!

Jonas May 11, 2020
Thank you for this! This world is so soothing and comfortable. I missed that sound track, the friendly and innocent jokes. This is great pandemic-a-reno stuff.

Rob May 11, 2020
Thank you so much; this exactly  what I needed !! Looking forward to a real sequel or new game, cannot wait to see what comes next.

If you want feedback on the new UI: I like how it makes things flow but I feel that causes me to read less and thus Perhaps I  miss details (that  make your games so adorable). I dislike the options of items being hidden behind a right-click; maybe a classic menu at the bottom could slide up on a hover or click of an item instead.

Anyway, I love what you do, stay healthy and keep on rocking!

Best regards from Germany,

Johnny Walker May 11, 2020
@RonGilbert Wonderful. Looking forward to it!

Iron Curtain May 11, 2020
Okay, I finished the prototype, and I watched the credits sequence, and couldn't stop laughing! Very well done, El Gilberto!

icarrera May 11, 2020
So, are you doing CI from day zero this time? /wink

Akomander May 11, 2020
Awesome! More Thimbleweed is always a good thing.

Hey Gilbert, the game in only in English. I could fix a quick translation to Spanish for free if you let me :)

OzzieMonkey May 12, 2020
You sir, are a God among men. We don't deserve to be spoiled so. It's truly amazing that in this time of crisis, you made a game for us, just for the pure love of the art. That's incredibly generous, thankyou Ron.

Saschas May 12, 2020
Hi Ron,

thanks a lot and I mean it! I loved Thimbleweed Park and I'm happy to see this little... spin-off? I grew up with all you other games and am happy to see that there's still new material coming out. Likewise with the C&C guys next month. Good old times, right?

I hope you've got a new project in line. Can't wait to play the next game made/produce/directed by you.

Have a nice day and stay healthy!

Funky Brewster May 13, 2020
+1 Linux

Roman May 13, 2020
Thanks for that little spin-off...really enjoyed it.

Am I the only one who gets the  little graphic bug from time to time where parts are flashing and showing different art?
For example if you meet Willie and he leaves the scene and you go further to the left. Then the violin repair shop flashes and shows a broken down house for a second before it restores to normal.

But anyway...loved playing it....and bad luck for you since I now know your password ;-)

OzzieMonkey May 13, 2020
@Roman I think that's intentional, it's meant to clue you in that things are different from when you were last in Thimbleweed Park ( to put it vaguely as to avoid spoilers for others)

Roman May 13, 2020
could be, if I'm not mistaken there was a different place (was it before the bank?) where it showed serveral character art overlapping for a flash of a second....Anyway....both didn't give me a clue....it was more like a glitch (in the matrix) .....but hey....it didn't stop me from playing ;-)

Emma May 13, 2020
Loved it! And I especially enjoyed the credits.

Delores (not that one) May 13, 2020
Installed it (on Steam), but can't start it; it gets stuck on installing a "Microsoft VC Redist Package".

I miss the days when games came on floppies and inserting a disk and running the game's executable (or boot from the floppy, especially for non-PC platforms) was all you needed to do to run it. Now it's all packages this and Internet that, but it's not gotten any easier.

Big Red Button May 13, 2020
I just read about it and immediately installed and started it. I'm looking forward to play it now.
Thank you very much, Ron!

Steve May 13, 2020
This should be a welcome respite from the soul-crushing drudgery of The Banner Saga, which I've been playing lately.  I actually took a break from it to do MI1-3, and I'm currently in 3.  That can probably wait while I play this new thing, though.  Thank you, sir!

Giovi May 15, 2020
What a great news!!!!
I was wondering if it's a way to download it as off-line package, to keep it safe on my HD instead of depending on internet connection and somebody other's computer, as I did with Thimbleweed Park...

Giovi May 15, 2020
Gosh, it requires Windows 10  :,-(

Ron Gilbert May 15, 2020
Technically, it requires dx12.  If you set checkOSVersion: 0 in Prefs.json it will skip the os check, but you still need dx12 and it might fail ungracfully (which is why we just made it a requirement).

Giovi May 15, 2020
Interesting. I got it from Epic Games (I later copied the whole folder to another place in my HD to see if it runs without to launch it as Epic Games app).

There's no Prefs.json; this is the Delores directory:


I tried to make a text file named Prefs.json with the given sentence, but it's ignored by the game.

Ron Gilbert May 15, 2020
The pref file is located at AppData\Roaming\Terrible Toybox\Delores\Prefs.json

Giovi May 15, 2020
Of course it doesn't go far... just to the next error box.
Ron, you have the power to do what nobody else does: to make me upgrade my PC to Windows 10, LOL
(ok, not on my main PC, I will do that on the backup one... there's a limit to everything ;-)

Steve May 17, 2020
Loved Delores......really enjoyed the credits.   But mine ran out just as you were about to say what the Secret to Monkey Island is......Oh and DT is still an id10t!

Steve May 17, 2020
Oh -- and thanks from the bottom of my heart for all of the hours of fun that you've provided.....

Nathan May 23, 2020
I Love your games and I just finished Thimbleweed Park for the second time. I'm on Linux and would like to play Delores too.

Blooby Jun 09, 2020
It's on Gog now.

Devs can upload a zip file to Itch .doesn't need to be an installer.

Dave Jun 18, 2020
Thx for a new adventure which is taking me back to the 90s. Still no news about the copyrights of Monkey Island??? Guybrush needs to be back on the screen and save the world of the covid pirates ;)
cheers Dave

Brian Goldberg Jun 19, 2020
Thank you Ron. And thanks for all the great memories of playing monkey island and other games during my childhood. Looking forward to the "REAL" Monkey Island 3.

Geoff Jul 04, 2020
Thanks Ron.   I'd love to read a blog update about your future project plans to help breath a little hope into this COVID funk I keep finding myself slipping into.
What about a Hamilton parody?  Perhaps a musical point and click?

Ron Gilbert Jul 04, 2020
Perhaps a musical point and click?

One of my first ideas for MI was that is was a musical.  That's where the SCUMM bar first appeared.

Cary GRONEVELDT Sep 02, 2020
**Will the "Ransome" and/or the "Delores" DLC ever come to the iOS/iPadOS version ...?
Thank you!**

Estranged Sep 25, 2020
I think it's worth mentioning that the Linux port covers less Steam players (0.9% for all linux versions) than the ones that are on Windows 7 (5.5%).

Estranged Sep 25, 2020
P.S. Actually I just saw that the Windows 7 players (5.5%) on Steam outnumber all of Linux and OSX players combined (4.2%). If I calculate correctly, 5.5% of Windows 7 Steam users are 4 950 000 of the 90 000 000 active Steam users.

I wonder how this looks from a developer perspective. Is not using DX12 more difficult than porting for Linux and OSX? Is DX12 needed for a 2D game or even a stylized 3D game? I don't want to sound entitled to anything, I have just always thought that the Pentium computers and what their descendants brought to us was a mistake.

Ron Gilbert Sep 25, 2020
One reason Linux was worth it is that I'm moving off the Mac and hopefully Linux will become my main dev platform. Supporting Linux is also about supporting the future.  

The other is that adding linux support to the existing DX12/MacOS/iOS/Android renderer was a much smaller task than an entirely new renderer built around DX11.

When my new game is finally released (could be 2 years from now), we will look at what else (realistically) needs to be support (win7).  

Hope that answers your question.

Estranged Sep 26, 2020
Thank you for clarifying! Good luck!

Beben Apr 05, 2022
Today I do understand better your last post ("When my new game is finally finished"). I admit i'm thrilled :)

k1 May 23, 2022
First time I've ever posted a comment online! Just to say how great it is you're making return to monkey Island. Artwork looks amazing from the brief trailer. Coincidentally just bought remastered versions of old games to replay with son and partner a week before I found out about this. Most memorable games I have played. Could not be more excited!