World of Warcraft

Nov 14, 2018

I think the game I'm looking forward to the most next year is Classic World of Warcraft. I spent a good chunk of my waking life playing WoW when it first came out. I even started a Monkey Island themed guild that sported over hundred members, most of which never got above level 12. But it was good times.

Here is the blog entry I write way back in 2005 on WoW

Brian Gilbert Nov 14, 2018
I was very confused about the blog entry you wrote way back in 2015. <grin> You may want to adjust that to 2005. It's interesting to me that you're looking forward to Classic WoW. I also have fond memories the old WoW experience (my personal heyday was in Wrath, but I go all the way back to vanilla), but what I found most addicting and engaging was the people I was playing with who no longer still play. As a game, I've never found WoW to be better than "fine" and there are so many alternatives competing for my attention these days that I can't imagine going back to Classic to re-experience what we've already done but without the people I used to play with.

That, and Witcher 3 is still calling for me to finish it. <Grin>

I hope you have a good time in Classic. I was at Blizzcon and sat in on the panel where they talked about re-creating Classic in modern times, and the decisions that had to be made about what to preserve. They're really going all-out to keep it as it was in every way that makes sense.

Bobe Nov 15, 2018
I played for months wondering if I was doing it correctly. It was my first MMORPG so I thought maybe I wasn't choosing the right quests, joining up with the right people, spending enough time in the game, etc. Nope, that's just WoW Classic. You can't tell if you're winning or losing the game. Reminds me of dead-end puzzles where there's no way to know that you can't progress because you destroyed an item early in the game. I need an indication that the game is in a unwinnable state. Also, in real life, I'm near the bottom of society. I work my butt off and seem to get nowhere. WoW Classic delivers that exact same feeling. You spend 200 hours in the game and meanwhile level 60 characters are running around you like a plebeian. I hate how stratified the in-game world is. I don't know if this is real or perceived, but it seems like a lot of success comes from knowing the right people. Getting into the right guilds, being gifted gold, etc. The game is too believable and depressing. I guess that's something.

Big Red Button Nov 18, 2018
Personally, I never played WoW. Of course, I understand why it has been so popular, as it is so extremely extensive that you easily can lose yourself in it. But exactly this complexity keeps me from playing an MMORPG, because I am afraid of spending too much time with it.
Prior to the release of WoW in 2004, I already had spent hundreds of hours with my friends at multi-player sessions and I was pretty much fed up with multi-player games back then. Also, how much you enjoy a multi-player game strongly depends on who you are playing it with.
I won't play WoW Classic either. There are so many point & click adventure games I would prefer to any RPG and which I hardly have time for.
Furthermore I think that Blizzard just wants to milk the cash cow with Classic anyway - similar to Nintendo's mini consoles. It's cheap and not very creative to reissue something popular after a lot of years.

Siddesh Nov 19, 2018
Brian?  Are you Ron's brother??  And I don't personally like MMORPGS though Witcher 3 is awesome!

Evan Nov 21, 2018
I gave WoW a good solid try back in 2006 when all my friends were playing but I couldn't get into it.  I loved the massive open world and just wanted to be able to explore it without having to quest or fight or anything.  I know, questing is the whole game...I guess I really wanted a MMOWS (Massive Multiplayer Online Walking Simulator)

joe Dec 01, 2018
played Witcher 3 or Warcraft exactly 5 minutes .. laughable .. I want action RPG MI world, thanks.

Brian Gilbert Dec 13, 2018
@Siddesh: no relation.

@Big Red Button: It's hard to imagine Blizzard is making Classic to "milk the cash cow" since it's just included with a standard subscription to modern WoW. I can't imagine that the number of people who subscribe to WoW to play Classic, but would never pay for modern WoW could come close to matching the money spent in restoring Classic.

lennon Dec 17, 2018
I have been hired to do an RPG, and didn't knew much about the genre, because I'm mostly interested in graphic adventures. to learn a bit I got "Divinity : Original Sins". I've been quite amazed with the genre ever since.
What amazed me is how narrative this genre could be, not only in the stories made by the devolpers but also in the type of solutions it admitted. I know consider that clasic point and click are maybe a little bit too restricted, although I'm still more intrested in some more narrative version of rpgs.
Doing a game of this sort is quite a challenge because it really has anything you'd have in most other games: a trading system, a dialogue system, and inventory with combination and such, a combat system (to me the most boring part of current rpgs), a stealth mode system, you name it.
I really think that people that play advenutre graphics should really try this game. Specially the people designing them. After playing some RPGs, I  really think the graphic adventure genre should be redisign. There are certain aspects of RPG, the game Last Express, and perhaps the memory system of Resonance, that should be taken into account.

@Evan I thought that's what Second Life was for.

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